Time Line Therapy®

Release Emotions and Limiting Beliefs in just Minutes!

Time Line Therapy® is one of the fastest and easiest ways to release limiting beliefs and emotions. Created by Dr Tad James, Time Line Therapy® is a wonderful technique I have used for many years to get my clients amazing results with weight loss, confidence, financial blocks, gambling, relationships, releasing trauma, PTSD and Depression.

Time Line Therapy® is very relaxing and enjoyable. It helps you to easily and painlessly find the root cause of whatever block you may be struggling with and easily release the old belief or negative emotion and replace it with empowering wisdom from within.

You can release anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt, jealousy, disappointment, or any other emotion easily and effortlessly and without re-living painful memories or trauma.

Time Line Therapy® is a key technique that can help you get amazing and fast results with your weight loss.

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