How you do 1 thing is how you do everything…

How you do 1 thing is how you do everything…

Are you getting the results that you want in your life?  Are you hitting your big goals?

Are you financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally empowered & loving life?

Do you make your bed?

If you’re not hitting your big goals then you need to forget about big goals for a while and instead focus on the little goals.

It has been said many times before how you do one thing is how you do everything. I believe that this can be a very useful lens to assess your behaviour, and make decisions about how you want to choose to move forward in your life…

Quick Mindset Quiz.

  • Do you make excuses and blame others?
  • Do you often feel resentful and hard-done by?
  • Do you give up at the first sight of challenge and set-back?
  • Do you focus on all the ways things can go wrong, before you’ve even gotten started?
  • Do you feel like you are unworthy of your desires?
  • Do you fantasise about how life would be different if only….?


  • Do you take responsibility for yourself & your actions even in an accident or unfortunate situation?
  • Do you feel grateful for what you do have even as you strive for more?
  • Do you persist and find a steely determination to succeed when faced with a set-back?
  • Do you focus on the big picture and how great it will be when you’ve achieved your goal?
  • Do you see the innate special-ness and worth in every human being, even yourself?
  • Do you set targets that stretch you and that are achievable?

Of course we all have the capacity to answer yes to all of the questions, there are times when we have all blamed and felt like the victim, and there are times when we have persisted with determination and focussed on our goals.  We each have within us the seeds of great achievement, and blistering defeat. It depends on how you perceive yourself, and where your psychological default lies.


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What’s your default?

Do you DEFAULT or tend towards blaming, or taking responsibility? This is the crux of your power to change your life. You have within you a heartfelt message and special gifts and talents that only YOU can deliver to the world. Own it. Honour it. Live it. Sure there are plenty of people out there who may have already “done your idea” but no-one has done it in the way that you will do it. There are people who need what only you have to offer. Whether that message is on a large scale, through your career or business, or on a smaller scale in your family and community, makes it no more or less important. Raising a child consciously with love & compassion is one of the greatest gifts you can give the world.

The small choices matter.

Become aware of whether you honour or dismiss the power of the small choices in your daily life. Do you do the small things that require discipline each day? Do you wash up after dinner? Make the bed in the morning? Give the house a quick tidy before bed? Do you exercise regularly? Eat nourishing meals? Cook healthy food? A little bit of action each day creates a happy, healthy, prosperous life. The small things add up to big things.

Small, seemingly inconsequential actions like making your bed in the morning, can set off a positive chain reaction through your day.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project says, “Making your bed is a step that’s quick and easy, yet makes a big difference. Everything looks neater. Your bedroom is more peaceful. For most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.” Another reason to make your bed is that it promotes better sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). When you sleep better, you perform better. A made bed also helps in feeling productive and accomplished even before a cup of coffee; making your bed is a good habit to have.

By being disciplined in that one small thing, you set the tone for the day and will make other positive, disciplined choices through the day. There is lots of anecdotal evidence to support this, but why don’t you do it and test it out for yourself…

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