Hypnotherapist Kylie Ryan hypnotises Sally Obermeder

Hypnotherapist Kylie Ryan hypnotises Sally Obermeder

Over 15 minutes, Kylie works her magic and convinces Sally that she loves and needs more exercise!

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Clinton:   Now, Sally is desperate to find the motivation to go to the gym. As we mentioned, we decided… Well, let’s cut to the chase. Let’s get hypnotized.

Sally:   Yeah. That’s right. I’ve tried to be self-motivated. I’ve tried to get somebody to talk me into going. I’ve tried to say, “Look, I’ll meet you at the gym.” And then I’ll go… What I’ll end up doing is saying, “Oh, so sorry, can’t come, I’m canceling.” So, this hopefully is going to work.

Clinton:   Kylie Ryan is a hypnotherapist and joins us in the studio today. Hello, Kylie.

Kylie:   Hello.

Clinton:   We often talk about people undergoing hypnosis to try other quit bad habits.

Kylie:  Yes.

Clinton:  Is that what most people come to see you for, are looking to do?

Kylie:   Well, it’s funny, actually, because most people come to see me for exactly what Sally is asking for.

Clinton:   To go to the gym?

Kylie:   Yeah, that’s my specialty. Helping women with emotional eating and the motivation to exercise, and really nourish their bodies with healthy food and activity.

Clinton:   Yeah, so in a moment we’re going to do it with Sally, and then when we come back from a break, we will have gone through the experience. Basically take me through the process though. You actually met up with Sally during the week?

The key with making a change from the unconscious mind, which is what hypnosis does, is that it creates a more lasting approach so that you don’t need to willpower yourself with your conscious mind.

Kylie:   We did, yes. We met up during through the week and we had a longer kind of preparation session. Because while what we’re doing today will be a bit of fun for the radio, I’m really concerned with more clinical change, really making a profound change for Sally’s life that she’s going to be able to experience ongoing forever. I’m all about creating lasting change. A lot of the issues with quick-fix type of things of like a rapid diet or just trying to willpower yourself to get to the gym is that it’s this kind of all-or-nothing approach, which we discussed with Sally. And the key with making a change from the unconscious mind, which is what hypnosis does, is that it creates a more lasting approach so that you don’t need to willpower yourself with your conscious mind, because it’s something that you naturally want to do.

Sally:   What I thought was really interesting when we got together during the week… We had like a little hypnosis session and I was awake, as in like, sometimes people will say, “Oh, you fall asleep and you wake up and you don’t know what happened.” But I was awake. I could hear Kylie, I could hear everything she was saying to me. And I actually worried. I thought, “Oh, I could hear her, so I don’t think this is working.” And as part of it she was sort of saying, “Your right arm is very heavy.”

And this was like maybe 10 or 15 minutes in, and I thought, “Oh, this isn’t working. This is not happening for me. I’m going to be able to move my arm. There’s no question I can move it. She was saying, “You’ll try to lift your arm. It won’t work. You’ll try to move it to the left, or the right, or up and down.” And I couldn’t move my arm. I tried so hard to move my arm. And that’s when I thought, “This is working, even though I’m awake and I can hear her.” Because I was under the impression you had to be out. You know?

Clinton:   The area of consciousness is such an intriguing area.

Kylie:   It’s amazing.

Clinton:   This isn’t hypnosis, but during the week, I’ve had a long history of sleep walking and sleep talking. I’m now into my 40s, and I must say, it doesn’t happen often anymore, but even into my 20s I was sleepwalking all the time. Anyway, during the week, it was about 1:00 in the morning, and I vividly remember it, I was on the floor, next to my bed, using my phone as a torch, looking for some sort of cable tie that I envisioned that had been on my bedside table. My wife woke up because I was causing all this commotion looking for this cable tie that does not exist. I tried to tell her, “No, Cass, I know what you’re thinking. No, no, I’m awake here, I’ve got to find your cable tie.” And I couldn’t actually talk to her.

Sally:   Wow.

Kylie:   Yes.

Clinton:   But it’s your subconscious just playing weird games. I vividly remember the whole experience, and I vividly remember thinking at the time, “No, this isn’t a dream, I’m awake here,” but I was looking for something that does not exist.

Sally:   What is happening in that situation?

Kylie:   Well, that’s your unconscious mind is in, usually… Well what it’s doing is it’s in that dreaming state, in the REM sleep, so your rapid eye movement sleep. Usually when you’re in that state, then your body goes into a cataleptic state. So, it’s like I did with Sally’s arm, where your body just kind of goes to sleep, and so you can’t move and act out those dreams. But what happens with sleep walk is that catalepsy doesn’t happen. Just in certain instances, maybe there’s something that’s happened through the day or something that’s going on for you, and so you start to act out that dream. And so what happens is you think that you’re awake, but your actually in that unconscious trance state.

The thing about trance is that you don’t need to be asleep, because we go in and out of trance all day long.

The thing about trance is that you don’t need to be asleep, because we go in and out of trance all day long. When you’re watching a good movie or when you’re driving somewhere on autopilot, that’s where your unconscious mind is taking over. Your unconscious mind is actually driving that car and getting to where you need to go. You don’t need to think, “Oh, I need to put it in first. Oh, I need to put my blinker on.” You’re thinking about a million other things. Your unconscious mind is driving the car, and that’s what happened then.

Clinton:   The fact that, when I woke later in the morning, in the day, I actually apologized to my wife.

Kylie:   Of course.

Clinton:   Because I knew what I was doing wasn’t right. I didn’t find that cable tie at all.

Kylie:   Yeah, mysterious, isn’t it?

Clinton:   Probably just not that important.

Sally:   Could Clinton be hypnotized out of that? Is that something that could happen?

Kylie:   Absolutely, hypnosis can be used for all sorts of different things and sleepwalking is one of those things. You can create a suggestion and it just kind of rewrites that, where it’s gone awry, basically, in the wiring, in the unconscious mind so that you can go cataleptic when you’re dreaming and just stay nice and peaceful in bed and totally relaxed.

Sally:   I’ll tell you one of the things that people have said to me during the week. I’ve mentioned it obviously to a few people, like, “Hey I’m doing this hypnosis. I’m going to be hypnotized so I can go to the gym.” And a few people have said, “Oh, I think it’s very dangerous. You just don’t want someone fiddling around with your unconscious mind.”  What do you say to that?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist is just giving a suggestion, but it’s up to the client to really choose to take that on board.

Kylie:   That’s a really common fear with hypnosis. That’s why I said to you at the start, when we had that meeting. You were like, “Should I lie down now?” I’m like, “No, no, let’s talk first.” That’s why I use a combination for neuro-linguistic programming coaching and hypnosis to create change, so that we’re working with the conscious and unconscious mind. And the important thing to know about hypnosis is your unconscious mind’s prime directive, its absolute number one command is to keep you safe. So it could never, ever, ever, like no one could ever make you do something that would put you at risk, or would be going against your morals or values, or things that are really important to you. You’re always in charge. And really, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist is just giving a suggestion, but it’s up to the client to really choose to take that on board.

Clinton:   We’re with hypnotherapist Kylie Ryan this afternoon. So, Kylie, tell me what’s about to happen.

Kylie:   Well, what we’re going to do in the break with Sally… We can’t hypnotize people on air, just in case someone’s driving and listening in and getting relaxed, so we can’t do that. But what we’re going to do is a rapid hand drop induction. Sally’s already experienced the benefits and the peaceful relaxation of going into trance, and so what we’re going to do is just a really quick rapid induction, so that she can rapidly get into that really relaxed state, and we’re going to create a positive suggestion so that we can have some fun here on the radio.

Clinton:   So then when she comes back from the break, Sally will be hypnotized, and we will be able to communicate with Sally still?

Kylie:   Yep, absolutely, yep. She’ll still be able to speak on the radio, but that suggestion will be in place, obviously if Sally chooses to accept the suggestion.

Clinton:   Okay, cool. Stay listening. Well be back in a moment with Sally Obermeder hypnotized.


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Clinton:   This is Better Living with Sally Obermeder and Clinton Maynard. We are joined today in studio by Kylie Ryan. Now, during the break, Kylie, tell me what you’ve done with Sally.

Kylie:   Well, we just did a really rapid induction process there. A hand pressing down which is a stage hypnosis technique, so the Sally could experience the drop of a really deep hypnosis very quickly. It was just in a couple of minutes of the break, and we created… She’s very relaxed now.

Sally:   Very relaxed.

Kylie:   But we created a positive suggestion that’s going to help her whenever she feels a little bit sleepy or a little bit relaxed and a certain word is said…

Clinton:   So, Sally is hypnotized at the moment?

Kylie:   Yeah, that’s right. We’ve just gone through the hypnosis. She’s awake and obviously speaking and all of those things.

Sally:   I can still speak.

Kylie:   She knows, she’s totally conscious.

Clinton:   Do you know who I am?

Sally:   Yes, Clinton. Of course.

Kylie:   She still got all of her faculties.

Clinton:   Do you know where you are?

Sally:   Yes, I’m on a radio show.

Kylie:   We’ve just created a positive suggestion that’s going to create a positive change in Sally’s life.

Clinton:   And what was that suggestion, Sally?

Sally:   I think it’s, “I love exercise.”

Clinton:   You like exercise do you?

Sally:   I think I love exercise.

Clinton:   You’ve always told me how busy you are and you’ve got no time to exercise.

Sally:   I have no time to exercise, but I do, I love exercise.

Kylie:   Yeah, feels good, doesn’t it?

Sally:   Yeah, I think I love exercise. I don’t have enough time, I’ve never had enough time, but I think I love exercise.

Kylie:   And so, you could make time to exercise if you love it, couldn’t you?

Sally:   Yeah, I could. Hmm.

Kylie:   And what if you get tired?

Sally:   I love exercise! I love exercise.

Kylie:   So, tired is our keyword.

Sally:   I love exercise.

Kylie:   You sure you’re not feeling tired?

Sally:   I love exercise! I love exercise.

Clinton:   Hey, Sally…

Sally:   Yes.

Clinton:   You’re going on holidays to Byron Bay.

Sally:   Yes. I’m looking forward to it. I’m so looking forward to it.

Clinton:   Now when you go on holidays, you love to relax, don’t you?

Sally:   Oh, I just want to do nothing.

Clinton:   Do you like to exercise when you’re on holidays?

Sally:   Not usually, but I think I will this time.

Clinton:   So, you’ll go to Byron Bay and you’ll go to the gym?

Kylie:   Yeah, I think I will. Yeah, I’m going to go to the gym. Yeah.

Clinton:   Wow, Kylie.

Kylie:   Yeah.

Clinton:   This is amazing.

Kylie:   Yeah, I’m going to go to the gym, on my holiday. I’m going to go to the gym on my holiday. I’m going to go to the gym on my holiday.

Clinton:   You’re going to take Marcus with you?

Kylie:   Well, he’s not hypnotized. It’d be cool. I don’t know if he’ll come, but I’m going to go to the gym. Yeah.

Clinton:   Will this have a lasting effect on Sally?

Kylie:   Yeah, absolutely. This suggestion that we’ve done now is a bit of fun, but what we’re going to do afterwards in the next break is to create a more holistic suggestion so that anytime that Sally feels tired —

Sally:   I love exercise!

Clinton:   That really great, Sally. I’m really happy that you like exercise now.

Sally:   I love exercise.

Clinton:   This is going to be really good for you. Could you find the time now to exercise?

Sally:   I think I will.

Clinton:   What sort of exercise do you want to do?

Sally:   I think I’ll probably just go to the gym. Maybe I’ll go for a run with the girls. Maybe I’ll take them to the park. Annabel loves running, so I’ll probably take her to the park. Have a bit of a run around with her. Maybe I’ll go to spin.

Clinton:   Wow.

Kylie:   Spin.

Clinton:   You’ve had an effect. I’ll tell you what. We’ll go to another break, we’ll come to another break, and in a moment we’ll come back with the previous Sally Obermeder, and we’ll see if Sally still wants to exercise. This is Better Living.


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Clinton:   Thanks for your company on a Saturday afternoon. This is the Better Living program with a difference this afternoon. We are joined in studio today by Kylie Ryan, who’s a hypnotherapist. As you’ve just heard, Sally Obermeder, our host today, has been hypnotized. But during the last break, she’s been brought out of hypnosis.

Kylie:   That’s right.

Sally:   It’s unbelievable. I feel actually quite well rested. Which is quite weird. I feel like I’ve had a nap.

Clinton:   So do you remember what happened in the past five minutes?

Sally:    Yes, I remember we talked about me going away on holidays, and was I going to exercise during my holiday, and I said, “Yes I would.” And you asked me what I was going to do, and I said, “I’m going to go to spin the maybe have a run with the girls.”

Clinton:   Do you recall jumping out of your chair on three separate occasions and almost yelling, “I love exercise!”?

Sally:   Yes.

Clinton:   It’s quite… To be sitting on the other side of the table is a bit scary.

Sally:   I do remember but I feel like… In a way, I feel like that wasn’t me. As in I remember but I feel like it was an uncontrollable… Yeah, it was almost like I had springs under my feet and I just shot up.

Clinton:   You did have springs under your feet. I thought you were going to hit the ceiling there at one point. You’re going away to Byron Bay, as we just said before. What actually do you think this effect will be? Do you think you will actually will want to go to the gym?

Sally:   Yeah, I think I will. I mean, I noticed something very interesting this morning. I went to get a coffee at the same place where I always go, and they also have these stack of brochures for… which I think is why I said spin. They have this stack of brochures for spin class, and I see that brochure every day when I go to get my coffee. And today was the first day that I’d been there since I had my session with Kylie on Thursday. And today, I picked up the brochure and was like, “Oh, great, yeah, these classes look good,” and I put it in my bag. Now I’ve seen that brochure for six months, have never picked it up, and today I did. I sort of thought, “Wow, I wonder if it’s starting to work.”

Clinton:   Now, why it was important that Kylie put Sally under hypnosis during the break, this is actually quite a serious mental activity that you’re talking here. This isn’t something that people should mess around with at home.

Kylie:   No, it’s not. It’s not for messing around with. At the same time, it is totally safe.

Clinton:   With professionals.

The important thing to understand is the unconscious mind really does accept those suggestions when it’s right for you. It’s something that you need to definitely work with a trained professional on and not just mess about with.

Kylie:   It is totally safe with professionals, yeah. Absolutely. You saw how profound those suggestions can be. You saw how powerful they are and Sally felt the effect of it, that energy zinging up through her feet, which was a suggestion that we created inside that hypnosis. And the important thing to understand is the unconscious mind really does accept those suggestions when it’s right for you. It’s something that you need to definitely work with a trained professional on and not just mess about with.

Sally:   It worked because I wanted it to, right?

Kylie:   Yes.

Sally:   Let me make sure that I’m clear. For example, you had done a hypnosis that was like, “Sally, you should take up smoking.” But that is not something that I want. It wouldn’t have worked.

Kylie:   That’s right, because you’re always in control, and it’s up to you whether you choose to accept those suggestions.

Clinton:   So just flipping that example around, because many people would use hypnosis to cure this problem.

Kylie:   That’s right.

Clinton:   If you knew you needed to quit smoking, but you didn’t really want to, and so say, your partner tells you to go on hypnosis and do it. Is it not going to work because you really don’t want to do it deep down?

Kylie:   Yeah, that’s a great question, and that’s why we do other work as well. A lot of people experience this internal conflict. Maybe a part of them wants to do it, but another part of them doesn’t. So there’s this internal conflict in your mind of like, “Yeah, I kind of want to give up smoking,” or “People say it’s good for me,” or “I kind of want to exercise, but the other part of me just can’t be bothered, I’m a bit tired.” So, when that happens, then you need to work through that internal conflict first before you can create that cohesive suggestion to create the change. That’s why we need to deal with the conflict first, and then you can create the change.

Clinton:   Sally will go away now for a couple of weeks. We’ll hear whether you have gone to the gym in a few weeks time. Should you have multiple sessions with a hypnotherapist? Should there be a follow up process?

I’ve got some recorded meditative audios that she can just listen to when she gets up in the morning, or when she is in her lunch break, or when she’s going to sleep at night. 

Kylie:   Yeah, what I’ve done with Sally is I’ve emailed her across a series of hypnosis audios that I’ve got. So I’ve got some recorded meditative audios that she can just listen to when she gets up in the morning, or when she is in her lunch break, or when she’s going to sleep at night. She can listen to those to continue to just create those positive suggestions. The suggestions we’ve done already are in there. They’re in there for her unconscious mind, and just like seeds, are going to grow into the beautiful change that she wants to create, but she’s always in control. And so she can choose to put herself back into that really relaxed state by listening to those audios.

Sally:   It was interesting. Last week, we had Virginia write in to say that she was hypnotized by you, Kylie, to stop eating chocolate, and she said after four years it still held. That has still had an effect, which I really was quite surprised by it. Because I always presumed it will have a natural wear-off stage. Like after six months it just doesn’t work anymore. But it’s not the case.

Kylie:   And that is the inner conflict question. If we created a suggestion for Virginia and she kind of didn’t want to, like there was some inner conflict, then the hypnosis could create the suggestion to override that inner conflict. But ultimately, her own inner conflict would have won out. And that’s what happens when hypnosis “wears off” — in inverted commas — after time, is that they’re not congruently committed to that change. Whereas, if we deal with the inner conflict first and then create the suggestion, then the suggestion will last as long as the person chooses it to.

Sally:   Amazing.

Clinton:   Let me tell you, sitting on the other side of the desk, Sally, it’s extraordinary to witness. You jumped out of that chair, and I thought you’re going to bump your head on the ceiling. You had springs in your feet. Thanks so much, Kylie, for coming in and working with Sally.

Sally:   Thank you.

Kylie:   It’s an absolutely pleasure. I’d love to share the same audio with the audience, if you’re happy to.

Clinton:   Absolutely.

Kylie:   I’ve got an audio, the same audio that I’ve given Sally. You can find it at mymindcoach.com.au and you too can get the audio that I’m giving to Sally today.

Clinton:   mymindcoach.com.au. Kylie Ryan. Thank you, Kylie.

Kylie:   Thanks so much!

Clinton:   This is Better Living.

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