I don’t have time for exercise!

I don’t have time for exercise!

We’ve all said it at one stage or another, I don’t have time for that! If only I had more time I would…. (Insert productivity dream here)

However the simple truth is…  as boring as it sounds we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and our choices are never really about time, but instead about values.

Our choices are never really about time, but about VALUES!
What is most important to you?

As I considered deeply after posting about my schedule why I have always had the time for exercise – yes even when my bub was little – it’s because it’s important to me! Ever since I lost that 30kgs 11 years ago, I know that in order to be my best, I need to do some exercise 3 times a week. So as soon as I was able to, (and probably a bit too soon in retrospect) I was back out running, taking my little baby Ruby to the park with a TRX suspension trainer (they are fancy ropes), hanging it from a tree while she slept and doing a workout because I didn’t want to put her in a Creche yet and I wasn’t going to give up working out.  Notice how I said that? I wasn’t going to GIVE IT UP.


Exercise makes me a nicer person.

I remember clearly making a pact with my husband when we married that he would always support my time to go to the gym and exercise, and I would always support him to go surfing. Getting out by yourself to exercise is critical not just for your physical health but most importantly your mental health. I know when I miss a workout for a week or so, my body gets achy and I become cranky, irritable, and short tempered. I am not fun to be around. I owe it to myself and those I love to be in my best state…. And that requires me to have 3 hours a week to exercise however I choose. It’s really not too much to ask!

I see so many women give up this commitment to themselves (or never make it in the first place) and then exhibit the same cranky, victim, short tempered mindset that a simple walk in the fresh air would fix! It becomes a downward spiral of awfulness!

It’s a catch 22 right? Because you’re cranky and bad tempered, you don’t allow or enlist anyone to help you, and you prioritize things like cleaning the house or washing over your own mental dirty washing.

Just yesterday I left the house like a complete BOMB had hit it, imagine cheerios on the floor, socks on the table. Clothes & toys everywhere. Laundry in piles. You get the picture…


I just walked out the door and went to a yoga class.

Why? Because I felt a million times better, and instead of grumpily staying home and RESENTING the clean house, I just did it later that afternoon, super fast, with my favourite music on in a happy mood.

Exercise is doing the laundry for your mind.

You will only “find” the time to exercise when you decide that it is a must.

Even if you’re really busy, have lots of kids and a growing business or a job it can be done if you value it enough. Obama exercises daily. If he can find the time, you can too.

The other important thing about exercise is that it makes you more productive at the rest of your life.

Guess what I’m doing while I write this post? Pumping it out on the spin bike at the gym. You’d never guess right! 12 minutes typing on my phone sitting up straight, and I’m done! Then I email it to my amazing VA, and edit and post it later today. Productivity! Imagine what you could get done if you were full of energy and pumping productivity?? Tell me below…

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  1. Worth to read Kylie !!!. Such a great post! My most clients underestimated the power of exercises in the weight loss program. I used to think that you will get a good result if you spent your half an hour in exercise.

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