I went for a run – for fun!

I went for a run – for fun!

This afternoon I went for a run for fun!

Just because I wanted to and I LOVED IT.

In the Body Goddess Quest, one of the tasks is to create a vision board of what we see success as. Images and words of what success looks like at the end of the quest, and the end of the journey.

I have had huge problems trying to get a single image or moment down in this task, but there are consistent themes in what appeals to me.

  • Images of women who are both successful and mothers
  • Images of creating
  • The images of me standing on top of a mountain.
  • The image of someone skiing with ease
  • The image of someone running through a beautiful woodland trail
  • A tranquil yoga pose

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This afternoon was unseasonably warm of the time of year.  And it was a beautiful, sunny day, and at around 2pm I decided to go for a run.

Just to go.  Not to think.  Just to go now.  While it was beautiful.

AND instead of just heading out the door and running along the streets, I jumped (literally!) on my bike, cycled 2.5km to the local woods and ran along the beautiful wooded trail for 3km before cycling home.  I was out for less than an hour.

As I was running, I had a sudden revelation.  I was enjoying it.  More than that. I was loving it.  And then it hit me.


Today my reality is my vision board.

OK so I’m not a size 10 in my running kit.  But I am running through beautiful woods.  Now.  Today.  Not tomorrow.

I am also skiing.  I am also a successful working mum.  In many ways I am already honouring my desires.

But today I did better than that.  I stayed in my kit to pick up the kids and I took them running in the park after school.  The three of us jogging around a large circuit together like a team.  It was joy.  Bliss.  We connected through sport.  They were laughing and sweating and so was I.

This was special.

Perhaps the end of the quest isn’t as far away as it sometimes feels?

The food is still the big issue, a massive issue, but I’m getting clarity on that.  By working on these other areas, things are seeming more and more possible.

This is so liberating and exciting.


Codename:  Goddess.  Signing off.

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