Strategic Advice Falling Flat? The Little Known Ingredient to Success That Powers Every Strategy

Strategic Advice Falling Flat? The Little Known Ingredient to Success That Powers Every Strategy


So often coaches can get obsessed with following the strategies and doing the right thing and sometimes following the right path to get clients and grow the business don’t feel right for our body.

Sometimes those strategies don’t feel right and so we can end up in a conflict with ourselves. I want to get this result and I feel like this is the only way to get this result.

So I have to just force myself to do this thing that doesn’t feel right for me  in order to get this result.

What became really clear to me as I was sharing this is that the reason the strategies are even the strategies is because the first person that did them, and did them with conviction.

The first person that did that strategy is the reason that it is a celebrated strategy in the first place!

They did that with conviction and authenticity.

Then the people on the outside go oh that person did XYZ. 

So if I want to get that result I should do XYZ too but what we miss when we look at the external strategy is the alignment with our internal being. So we aren’t seeing that internal congruence, authenticity and conviction that person is doing the strategy with. 

What are their beliefs? 

What are they thinking? 

What are they feeling? 

What’s going on in their minds, in their hearts,  in bodies as they’re doing that  strategy. 

The inner state matters just as much if not more than doing the action.

So whether it is writing a landing page or having a sales call or having a chat conversation with a potential client. 

-It is NOT about the strategy.-

It is about your truth and your authenticity and  your congruence that makes that  strategy work.

It is not about some magic perfect strategy that everybody must  follow in order to get results. There’s thousands of different strategies and thousands of different strategies work because we’re all different.

The thing that powers every single strategy is that it is congruent with you.

It is  congruent with your truth,  your beliefs, your desires,  and what feels good in your body.

So it is you that powers the strategy. It is not the strategy that empowers you.

It is you! 

Your truth. Your congruence. Your authenticity that powers the strategy. 

Sometimes it means that we need to be willing to be brave and go, you know what? That’s not the right strategy for me.

Even though everybody else is doing it or my mentors are  telling me that’s the only way  to go. If it doesn’t feel right for me I need to be willing to listen to my own truth.

And here’s the paradox. It doesn’t  mean the strategy is wrong. It  doesn’t mean that you are  wrong. It just means that it’s  not a fit at that moment. 

So what are we to do there? That means that we need to do some reflection. Maybe I need to do some inner work on myself. Maybe there’s fear and frustrations coming up. Maybe there’s wealth blocks or limiting beliefs that I need to work through in order to be fully congruent with this strategy. Or maybe it’s not the right strategy for me. 

Even though it’s right for hundreds of other people. It might not be the right fit for my particular energy type.

Or my particular value system. 

Or the way that I want to do life. 

For me, I know that having hundreds of chats going each day is not the type of, it’s just not right by my value system. I don’t want to be on chats all day because then it means I’m not present with my kids, right? It might be the perfect strategy for somebody else and they might have the perfect way of really making it perfect and working for them and it’s amazing. 

So, it’s not that the strategy is wrong. It’s not that you are wrong. 

It’s about finding the right strategy that fits with your truth.

So, that you can be wholehearted and honest and show up in your congruence in how you’re bringing yourself into the world. How you’re meeting life. Right? 

So it’s not about the strategies or structures. It’s about you bringing your truth into that moment. And when you bring your truth, your congruence, your heart, your authenticity that is what sells.

That is what’s magnetic.

That is mission driven and that is masterful.

So the strategy, the ultimate strategy behind all of the tactics. All of the different things that people are talking about is being in your truth. 

If you are in your truth you can mess up the entire sales call and someone will still buy. If you are in your conviction. If you can just have a conversation with someone on the street. 

For example; I’ve signed up people when I was a passenger in their taxi before. When I was just in my truth and sharing from self expression. 

It’s not about doing the strategy perfectly. 

It’s just about being in your truth. 

So in any moment where we’re not in our truth that just requires some compassion, some reflection, some inquiry to come back into our truth and when we do there’s this weird thing that happens. It’s like we might circle back around and realise oh I can do that strategy now. 

Actually now that will work because I’ve worked out the little kinks inside my own consciousness that were in the way between my conscious desire telling me oh I should do this and my unconscious desire feeling blocked around it. 

So it happens when we get into alignment right?

When we’re going the same way with our conscious and our unconscious. We become unstoppable.

So I just wanted to share that energy with you.

You are the thing that powers the strategy. You, your conviction, your authenticity, your truth, your congruence.

If you want to learn more about how to just live in this energy and get supported to come back to this truth and come back to this authenticity every single week. 

Becoming a part of the SuperCoach Mastermind might be a good thing. It might be exactly what  you need. 

So let us know in the comments below. What was your biggest take away from this?

What was your aha moment? 

Write it down so that you can be a key to someone else receiving their insight too. 

Lots of love,


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