Why your inner voice needs to be more like a GPS

Why your inner voice needs to be more like a GPS


Hey, team! I’m just meeting some friends at a place that I’ve never been before and I was kind of daydreaming while I was driving on the way there – and I’ve just stopped.

I was on the inside lane of a two-lane street and I was supposed to turn left and I was in the wrong lane. There was a big truck coming along and I kind of had a moment of going, “Uh, uh, uh, do I try and merge in?” and then I was like, “No, no, I’ve missed it. Too late.” And so I went, “Doesn’t matter, I’ll just keep going. I’ll drive on.”

Immediately, my GPS, which was guiding me so beautifully to the event, just rerouted. And it got me thinking, “Wow, when we make a wrong turn or we get a bit lost in daydreaming, how often do we berate ourselves and beat ourselves up and criticize ourselves and put ourselves down, like, ah, stupid, blah blah blah?”

How often do we do that?

Then it just causes stress and inflammation in the body and causes us to get all flustered and not get to where we want to go.

Imagine if your inner voice was more like a GPS where it just rerouted the minute that you made a wrong turn.

It’s like “Oh, okay, no worries” and it just finds a new pathway.

So in your journey to your destination, imagine if you could just instantly and instantaneously reroute yourself without beating yourself up, without being mean about the past choices that you’ve made or where you’ve messed up or where you’ve made mistakes.

The minute that you find a better path, just reroute.

When we can just immediately start to reroute ourselves without shaming or guilting or criticizing ourselves for the past, then we can use all of our energy in where we are now and move forward – and we get to where we want to go faster and we feel better along the way.

A lot of times, when we’re beating ourselves up, we’re criticizing and replaying that past event over and over in our minds, thinking of how we could have done it differently. That means that a good chunk of your energy is then wasted in projecting and replaying a movie of the past.

The past is gone.

It’s gone. That turn is gone. So if you then reroute instantly and go, “Okay, so this is where I am now, this is the present moment that I’m in. Where do I wanna get to? What’s the best way there? From where I am now, what’s the best way there?”

This can be used in any aspect of your life – your health, you’re relationship, your well-being, your driving.

Imagine if you could just take that little upgrade and go, “Okay, inner voice, instead of berating and criticizing, let’s just reroute. Spend all of our energy going, ‘Where are we now? Where do we wanna get to? What’s the fastest way there?’”

And it just allows you to leave the past behind and move forward powerfully and joyfully as well.

I hope that’s served you. Big love. I’ll speak to you guys soon.

Kylie x

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