Is Your Mirror Lying To You?

Is Your Mirror Lying To You?

Mirror mirror on the wall… who’s the… fattest? fairest? slimmest? leanest? of them all…

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning? Does what you see in the mirror match up with the you in your head?

Often when you have struggled with your weight the self-image in your head will be distorted and may not match what you actually see. Sometimes you will feel thin and be shocked when you see a photo of yourself looking fat.

Though sometimes if you have been overweight, (particularly if you can’t remember ever being slim) and you do lose weight; you may still see the fat person in the mirror. Or as you slim down overall, you focus on the little leftover pockets of fat and grab, pinch and squeeze them.

If your body is getting slimmer but you still feel heavy, like you’re a fraud and you’re going to wake up back in your fat body, you need to work on releasing the emotional weight that is attached to the fat person in your head. (You need to do this anyway so even if you haven’t started exercising and looking after yourself, this will still work…)

Often the mental and emotional change is neglected in the quest for slimness and this is a mistake. You do need to actively work on changing your mind and emotions to fit with the new person you are becoming, it doesn’t just spontaneously happen. You can do this through reflecting, reading personal development books, meditating, reading this blog, doing my Kickstart Motivation Program, or by getting private coaching.

To begin aligning your mental image of yourself with your body (or the body you want) reflect and journal on these questions:

  • Do you have permission to be slim, trim, strong and beautiful?
  • What would happen if you did?
  • Can you imagine/visualise yourself looking trim, toned, and gorgeous?
  • Do you believe you are worthy of being slim?
  • What would you have to face or let go of in order to fully embrace the slim you inside?
  • Is your emotional and mental “fatness” blocking protecting or shielding you from something?
  • What is the purpose of not letting go of the fat person inside?
  • What is the purpose of that?
  • And the purpose of that? (Keep going till you get to a positive outcome, it may take a while…)
  • What is the absolute highest purpose for perceiving yourself like this?
  • Is seeing yourself in this way actually fulfilling that highest purpose?
  • Could you fulfill that highest purpose by perceiving yourself as  becoming or being slim, trim, and beautiful?
  • Do you like that?
  • What ritual or habit could you commit to doing each day to train and grow your mental and emotional fitness so that it grows with the change in your body?

Let me know how your mental image matches up to your mirror’s image. If you need help with this, post a question or comment below.

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  1. Wow, powerful again. I like how to take us through those steps in having to confront ourself until we get to the core. Amazing results. Thank you again!

    • Thanks Rita! What did you experience after going through the questions?

  2. I certainly have permission to be slim, trim, strong and beautiful but you are right about looking in the mirror in the morning – for me it’s like I’m checking that the weight I’ve lost is still lost and hasn’t returned overnight – and that that wouldn’t surprise me and I sometimes deserve it.
    When can the slim person just accept that you’re slim and not a fat person trying to make a comeback? Likewise that your clothes are now size 10 and not to be surprised every time you zip up your jeans that they still fit (albeit that your also pleased and it reinforces that your daily practices are working)?

    • Hey Heather, it’s quite a mental shift isn’t it, even after you’ve achieved the results!
      Give this affirmation a go: This is my body. I choose to eat healthily and exercise and I can easily maintain my slim, healthy body forever. This is me and I deserve it!

      btw, one or two nights of having a blowout do not mean you deserve your old body back!

  3. I have always been a heavier girl, being about 83 kilos working EXTREMELY HARD to get down to the 63 I am today. I do want to lose more though. I dont think I am fat but then I do have fat days but can NEVER get below 63kg even though I have a bit more weight to go. I dont know what it is. But I always tend to beat myself up over the SMALLEST thing and get guilty very easily. I need to learn though that I should be proud of my achievements so far and I can easily get down to 60kilos. Easy!!!

    • Thats right Peta! You have come SO far!! Instead of focussing on decreasing the “fatness”, focus your mind on increasing the fitness. Let go of how you body looks and instead be kind to it in every way. Nourish yourself with kind, positive thoughts, delicious healthy food and daily, joyful movement! p.s You are gorgeous as you are right now.

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