Is your story holding you back?

Is your story holding you back?

The stories you tell yourself have amazing power in your life. They are how you identify and define yourself.

The only thing that stands in the way of your success is the bulls#it story you tell yourself why you can’t have it. – Jordan Belfort.


What I mean by stories are literally the stories you tell about your life, and the summary thoughts and ideas that replay in your head. What are the key memories, funny events, sad moments, inspiring moments and challenging moments that you remember, replay and retell? Are your stories based in the past? Or are they stories of the future? Are the stories of your life that you focus on tragedies, comedies or inspiration?


Struggle Stories

If you are struggling to achieve success (however you define it) in any areas of your life, take a good look at the stories you tell yourself about it. Are you running an “I’m not good enough” story, or an “I’ll never achieve it” story, or a “why bother” story? Or something similar? If you’re struggling, I guarantee you have a disempowering story or two running in your head.

Your stories are a way to tap into your unconscious mind, and also a way to shift your unconscious mind and how you identify yourself and your potential and possibilities.

Are you the hero in your stories? Or are you the victim? Do people do wrong by you, and cheat you? Is the world a fair place? Or is it dangerous and out to get you when you least expect it?

When you shift your stories from disempowering past based stories to empowering future based stories, then you open up your opportunities and possibilities.

The truth is that we all have “negative” stories or challenging moments in our lives, and we all have “positive” or empowering moments of success. In equal measure. Which stories you choose to focus on has a massive impact on your outlook.


Danger of living inside your stories.

Sometimes people get so attached to their stories, they forget to live in the present moment. Constantly replaying movies in your mind of past events, negative or positive, or even future dreams stops you living in the now. Your stories don’t exist except in your head. So notice when they are holding you back and actively re-write the stories, so that they support and empower you, then simply close the book and notice what’s going on right now in your world. What can you be grateful for NOW?

What can you feel, see, hear, taste, smell now?


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