Learning how to trust LIFE

Learning how to trust LIFE

Happy NOW Year!!!

I just finished up a coaching session with one of my beautiful VIP clients, and it got me thinking about learning how we can learn to trust life again.

So often, that critical voice in our mind (our ego voice) tells us that we’re not good enough, or we have to work harder, or we have to look a certain way, or we have to have a certain amount of money in our bank in order for things to be okay. And that part of our mind, that ego part of our mind, loves to control things. It loves to try and make sure – with this kind of white-knuckle grip – that everything’s going to be okay and that you’re going to be safe.

The highest purpose of that part of you that’s trying to keep things under control, that’s trying to white-knuckle everything so that you have the right look, or the right money, or in the right relationship, or that people say the right things… That part of you that’s trying to control everything and that can’t let life be or that’s trying to stop you from feeling unsafe, or hurt, or disappointed, or sad, or like you’re not good enough,  all of those things… That part of you that’s trying to control life is trying to prevent you from feeling sad and all of those contractive feelings.

It’s your ego that wants to control things, that wants to put things into stories, that’s telling you stories all the time, making meanings about things that maybe don’t even need to mean that.

What I’d like you to invite you to do is that when you’re feeling overwhelmed with those stories, to start to drop into a deeper knowing, a deeper knowingness that goes beyond your ego’s voice, that goes beyond your mind and what your mind is telling you.

For those of you live and for those of you listening in on the replay, join along with me now.

Just think of a situation in your life that is currently NOT in its best expression, that’s currently causing you stress or upset or discomfort in some way.

Imagine just dropping into your body and being in that situation now, noticing the feelings, noticing the stories swirling around in your head, notice the things that you’re saying to yourself, notice what’s going on.

Now imagine stepping back out of that situation as if it were a reality TV show in front of you. And so, you can see that story playing out on that TV screen.

Just imagine that story, that drama playing out on that TV screen over there away from you, and notice how much space that starts to open up when you put those ego stories over there on the TV screen, on the drama of TV life just like it should be. And notice the space that you can create for your BEING that exists beyond those stories.

Notice the YOU that is being you that goes wayyyyy beyond all of those stories of limitations of “He said/she said” or “This needs to be a certain way” or “I’m not” or any of those stories.

So just step back into that beingness and notice those stories and that drama over there. And then drop down from your mind down into your heart, into that level of awareness of your heart’s knowing.

From this place, connect into your heart with what is truly important to you. What’s truly important to you in this moment now? Notice what’s important to you.

And then drop down into your gut, into that gut feeling, that part of you that has a deeper knowing that can give you a kick up the pants when you need to.

When you drop into that knowingness in your gut, what type of courageous action do you need to take now to help bring what is most important into reality, into this story? Notice that intuition coming in from your gut.

And now bringing that up to your heart, allowing it to be infused with the frequency of what is most important to you, coming back up into that place of beingness in your head, your knowing, your deeper knowing, and just watching that new frequency play out on that TV screen.

Noticing how you can choose differently, how you can behave differently, how you can speak and act and listen differently from this deeper place of knowing.

That’s more peaceful, isn’t it?

Because that ego mind likes to tell us that we’re separate and it likes to tell us that things can only be okay if they meet certain standards or meet a certain criteria.

But your deeper knowing that will allow you to trust life knows that just like the waves of the ocean going in and out…

Just like the breath that goes in and out of your body…

Just like the seasons that turn from winter into summer and autumn and spring that roll around as the earth rotates…

Notice that everything in life has a cycle. There’s a cycle of contraction and there’s a cycle of expansion.


There’s a cycle of contraction and there’s a cycle of expansion.

It’s easy to love yourself and it’s easy to trust life when you’re in a state of expansion, when things are going well, when life is all working out the way that you want it to. And it’s less easy to love yourself and love the situation and trust life when you’re in a state of contraction. But that state of contraction is just as important as the state of expansion.

We go through these cycles of expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction, so that we can grow, so that we can ascend. And without that contraction, you can’t shift into that next state of expansion.

Imagine now that you could step back from your entire life and see just like an eagle eye view over your life and see those states of contraction and expansion as they played out over your life.

Notice those times when you were in a contracted state, when you were feeling like you wanted to hide away from the world. And notice those times when you were out there and things were going well and life was working the way that you want into to, when you were meeting all of your expectations. Just notice how that flow goes in and out and in out throughout your life.

The next time that you drop into a drama or a state of contraction, know that it is temporary, that it is a part of the grand design of life, and that you can meet the next moment with grace when you have breath in your lungs and your feet on the ground.

Lots of love to you, guys! Happy Now Year!!! I’m excited to see what’s going to unfold this year for all of us.

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