Life Coaching Wild West

Life Coaching Wild West

We are in crazy times in the coaching industry.

So many newbie coaches & practitioners feeling like frauds and running the wounded healer archetype!

It’s time to level up, bring in some systems, call in the support, mentorship and ongoing training to help you to step into your Magnetic Leadership… I’ve got something to help!



Hey there!

If you are a coach, life coach, a health coach, a consultant, a practitioner of Spiral or NLP
or any other modality, that means that you are in the business of helping people – but you are not a psychologist or counselor or social worker – this is for you.

We’re like in the Wild West of our industry at the moment.

There are all sorts of different modalities. And, even within modalities, people arguing over who’s more professional.

Professional psychologists dissing seven-day courses, which on one hand I get and on the other hand I don’t.

It’s interesting because when we’re working with clients around their mindset, it is highly likely that we are going to come up against their stuff, their beliefs, their trauma, their unconsciousness.

And when you are handling that in a way and you are unskilled, you can potentially create problems or bring up stuff that doesn’t serve the client.

You need to be skilled.

At the same time, there are a lot of life coaches that can do a lot of good.

I fall into the category of the not psychologist life coaches, and so I feel like I can be a champion for people out there that have intuitive awareness, who have any kind of intuitive coaching skill and who are willing and wanting to put in the work and grow their professional awareness but wanting to help people at the level that they’re at at the same time.

I think there’s an interesting piece around scope of practice that is not often talked about in life coaching or health coaching. And it’s something that if you’re not within a field of study where you have supervision, and there’s scope of practice, and there’s ongoing support, then it’s going to be tricky for you to even know when those issues come up.

There’s this space of people being wounded healers where you usually get into the personal development field because you’ve got your own stuff to deal with.

And so, as you deal with your own stuff, you’re like, “Oh my god! I’m healed!. I’m moving forward. I’m making big changes.”

And as you move forward, and as you make big changes, then you want to share that with the world and maybe you do like an NLP practitioner course, or a Spiral practitioner course, or Reiki Level 1, or whatever it is.

Any of those courses that are really introductory courses that introduce you to the concepts and give you a basic grounding in it but are not advanced skills trainings, they’re the starting point.

And, usually, when you go through those the first time, it is a huge personal growth awakening. It’s like you’re learning the skills in order to receive them yourself more than as a practitioner.

For those who are working and charging people money as coaches…

My firm belief as a professional within this field who is not a psychologist but comes under that banner of life coach, mindset coach, but I am committed to my professional growth, is that there is ongoing development that you need to do in skill development, that is more than just reading a book or more than just going to a weekend course.

And that is an ongoing journey of growth.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help people at the place that you’re at.

I’ve been really feeling called over the last few weeks to put together a space for people who don’t fall under any one banner, or who do lots of different modalities, or who are committed to creating transformational change but are not working as psychologists or trained as psychologists, to get that professional development support and supervision so that they can shift from this wounded healer struggling with a fraud factor into a magnetic leader and a healer that can actually help people, an empowered sovereign being that is helping other people to become sovereign and remember their power.

We are in a huge change that is happening across the earth at the moment.

And as we go through this huge change, we need leaders at the front line who are helping people to wake up, who are helping people to move through their stuff and who are helping them to remember their power.

Life coaches are like the PT’s of the mindset/psychology industry. It’s like we’re on the ground floor.

But it’s important to know and notice when you’re out of scope and when you need to refer on and when certain issues come up in your practice, how to deal with them.

And if you don’t have that kind of professional support because you’re not a part of a professional field, then you don’t have that support.

That’s what I’m creating at the moment – a professional field for people that work under a whole bunch of different modalities, who work as life coaches, to get that professional growth support.

Who do you get support from?

Who do you go to when you have a client problem? Or when you have a client question and you’re not currently a part of any particular training, who do you get support from?

In my 15 years of coaching, I’ve been really lucky to be apprentice to some amazing coaches and work within their businesses, work literally as their apprentice for years at a time when I was first starting out.

I’ve realized that the time has come for me to step into the mentor’s shoes at this point and help other people who are coming up through the ranks and support them and answer their questions.

After 15 years in coaching and continual development and professional growth, there’s a lot of patterns that I can see in coaching client interactions that when you’re first starting out you just don’t see it because you don’t have the same level of experience.

I’m really excited to start to bring that to the world.

I’m putting the finishing touches on it at the moment and I will be launching it within the next week.

If you’d like to get involved,if it would serve you to have someone that you could ask when you get stuck with a client…

If it would serve you to have a mentor who can guide you and who you can check in with for professional growth questions like how to be a better coach, how to stand in your power, how to hold your space, how to work through coaching questions, how to know where to go, how to hold strong frames for your clients,how to help them transform and also know when it’s beyond your depth and when you need to refer out or when you need to refer to a colleague…

Then I’d love to support you.

I’d love to share and pass on some wisdom to you.

I want to do it at a low monthly rate so that it’s affordable for coaches when they’re starting out, as well as being more boutique for those that are further along in their practice.

If you’d like to be a part of it and you’d like to find out about it when it launches, then definitely register your details in the link that I’ll pop below, which is a Wounded Healer to Magnetic Leader opt-in.

And that will be the waitlist for my new offering, The Growth Collective, which is a professional development group for coaches, consultants, changemakers, practitioners who want to develop their professional skills in a supportive, non-judgmental, non-dogmatic space that encourages professional growth and learning from all sorts of different teachers, trainers and modalities to expand your professional mastery.

I’m excited to share this with you. This is like my fifth go at recording this video today. I had to do some self-clearing even just to get this on.

It’s great to talk to you guys.

I’m really excited to step into this space and be someone that you can ask when you get stuck around your coach-client stuff.

Speak to you soon.

Kylie x

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