My love letter to you…

My love letter to you…


My dearest strong, slim, sexy sister,

You are beautiful.

I want you to know that I love you unconditionally and think you are beautiful, exactly as you are.

Yes. Exactly. As. You. Are!!! You don’t need to have a bangin’ bikini bod’ in order to be beautiful, sexy, desirable and lovable. Yes you CAN have that, but it’s not a pre-requisite to be loved, and to be lovable. Remember all those times your partner has said he loves you just the way you are. Did you ever really listen? He loves you just the way you are.

You my dear lady, are an incredibly beautiful, wise, wonderful, caring, special and unique woman. I am so inspired by you, by your knowledge, by your caring, your persistence, by your grace and your deep love of your family and friends. I know you are always there for everyone else, that you are constantly helping, giving, giving, giving… Sometimes at your own expense, and always with a smile.

The tough times…

I witness your struggle and am SO inspired by you continuing to get back up and never let go of that dream. Sometimes you feel like your body has betrayed you or let you down. Sometimes your emotions take over and that tiredness, sadness and frustration make you wonder why even bother at all. You don’t know why you mindlessly eat sometimes. You wonder why it seems so hard for you when you see other people achieving results, and you compare yourself to those impossibly beautiful magazine models. I know other programs, diets and PT sessions have not created lasting change for you. The weight always seems to come back, and it’s hard to trust when you’ve been hurt and let down. It’s hard to even trust your own intuition when you have so much conflicting “expert” advice in your head.

You have sweated, you have pushed, you have dieted and you STILL don’t have the body you dream of. I want you to know that it is NOT you that have failed. It is the programs and diets that have failed YOU! That dream is not so far away… You can do it, and I know you’re here because deep down, there’s a voice, somewhere inside that says you can.

I want you to know that I will do everything I can to support you and empower you to reconnect with your body and learn to be completely comfortable inside your own skin. I guarantee that you will achieve results with me.  It probably won’t happen instantly. It will take dedication, but it can become a natural way of living. A way that becomes as natural as breathing. It’s my promise and I totally stand by it. So take the leap and uncover who you are without your past beliefs sabotaging you.



Imagine that sexy, bikini body, that shopping trip where you can try on whatever you want. Being able to open your closet and put on anything and know you’re going to look amazing. Those skinny jeans. Summer shorts. Even your beautiful wedding dress. It is possible. You can have all this. Imagine the freedom and space when you’re not constantly thinking about food and how you look. You CAN be comfortable in your skin. You can experience an abundance of energy, vitality, joy. You can move through the world gracefully empowered to really live the life you want.

I have created a unique program that works. You can achieve your results through nourishment without it being so damn hard. This is not some JFDI, or yoyo / get skinny quick program, pushing and forcing yourself to do things you hate so that you can get the body you think you should have. It is a truly transformational journey of uncovering your true self and allowing your true beauty to shine. It is tailor made and customized to you, to your experiences and challenges.

This is premium, it is systematic, and tailored to your experience and exactly what you need to get the results you need. Imagine a group of awesome, inspiring chicks who share your journey, amazing women who always have your back, who support you and hold you accountable to your best self.

Imagine a full transformation that goes so far beyond your health and ripples out into your life in amazing ways you might not even imagine yet!

One of my special feminine gifts is the piercing clarity to cut through the surface of the problem to identify what’s really going on. This clarity will unleash and nourish your soul, allowing your inner rockstar to come out and shine.

I’ve been there.

I too have struggled, I have walked in your shoes and I know the torture of feeling like the big girl, struggling to find something to wear. That constant tugging and re-adjusting all through the day. Avoiding photos and parties and the beach. Making excuses. Feeling like you’ll never reach that dream body and life that you secretly hope for. Feeling like your life is on hold until you reach that weight, that size, that number.

You totally can achieve that amazing, awesome life that you dream of. I have! I am most certainly not perfect, and neither are you. You don’t need to be perfect to get the results you want. You will have struggles along the way. You will stumble, and you will get back up. I can show you the way that has worked for me and has worked for hundreds of other ladies too. Ladies just like you, who didn’t believe that it could ever be possible for them.

You can have that calm, serenity, beauty and grace that you aspire to. You already have it, you just may not see it in the mirror yet.

It’s time to step up…

It’s time to step up. It’s time to put aside the comments and opinions of others (even sometimes those of your family) and listen to your quiet inner voice. It’s time to dig deep and find that fire inside that says “Damn it! I will not put up with mediocre any longer! I will not stuff myself down inside and ignore my thoughts and feelings. I will not hide my ideas and creativity that is clamouring to get out.” You can do it.

I want to show you a way that works. I want to be your cheerleader, your helping hand, your confidante, your inspiration. I want to hold you to that higher standard that you know you are capable of. I want to support and nourish you to find the courage and discipline to achieve your amazing, slim, sexy, strong, body and go on to achieve all of your other secret dreams and goals.

You can achieve this. I want you to know that believe in you. You are safe now, and you have more strength and wisdom within than you realize.

I will write for you and sing for you, I will utilize my gift of wisdom and knowledge to assist you to find your own inner wisdom. You will be more comfortable than you have ever been before. Finally comfortable in your own skin. Finally able to let your own unique artist, leader and entrepreneur out to play.

Your ideal body is inside you already, all you need is to allow her to come out and play. I see an incredible future for you just on the horizon.

You will get slim through self-love and courage, this is the missing link that will unleash your true self to shine. Even though we may not have met yet, I love you and believe in you. You can do this.

Kylie x


Let me help you.

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  1. so needed and love this……when in doubt hit this site……… so many wise words, thanks Kylie Ryan, x.

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