Are you willing to lower your weight shield?

Are you willing to lower your weight shield?

Some people keep a shield of weight around themselves, a protection, physically and emotionally.

This shield of weight blocks your body, makes you invisible and hides your beauty and confidence.

This shield also fills up your mind with thoughts of food, diets, fatness and nasty comments of self-loathing and criticism, this is a protection too, because it clouds your thoughts and prevents you from thinking with clarity and passion about what you really want to do with your life.

Why would anyone do this? The answer of course is that you don’t consciously choose to do this. But your unconscious mind sometimes has a different agenda, an agenda of protection that has gotten off course and is actually harming you more than it is protecting you. It is possible to shift this pattern. To make slimness an easy way of living rather than a constant battle. I have done it myself and taught hundreds of women to do it too…

So here’s some questions for today to serve you… Really think about them, write out the answers and it will help to remind your unconscious mind what is really important to you.

  • What would you do with your life if you were a super-hero version of yourself?
  • When you finally have the easy-slimness that you dream of, what will be different?
  • How much more peace and clarity would you have if you weren’t thinking about food all the time?
  • What else could you do with this newly freed time, and energy?
  • What could you devote yourself to?
  • How important is it to you to commit to creating an amazing life for yourself?
  • Are you willing to endure discomfort to achieve it?
  • Are you willing to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone?
  • Are you willing to face your old and new fears and dig deeper into yourself than you ever have before?
  • How can you notice and access the infinite source of wisdom and support inside you always?
  • What would you accomplish if you could unleash yourself?
  • What are you willing to fight for?
  • What does your life stand for?
  • Are you willing to lower your weight shield and finally allow your true beauty to be seen?


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As I share the journey with the ladies on the current Goddess Body Quest I am constantly in awe of their courage and bravery to step up, to dig deep, to be compassionate with themselves, and to learn, to be more and do more, not out of a need to become perfect, but instead to simply allow their true glorious natures to finally be free.

My sincere wish is that I can inspire you to do that too.

Here’s just a couple of the posts from our private support group today I’d love to share with you…

“I first started this journey to lose weight and yes, so far, the number in the scale is still the same.  However consider this – my life is changing and I am evolving.  This morning I am very excited to say that I fit back into my size 12  business suit and all morning people have been giving me compliments about how great I look!! My confidence had increased and I just walked into a party and with confidence and a smile instead of the old anxiety. PLUS I feel like I deserve to wear this suit  because I am worthy  (huge shift for me) I share this with you because for the last 33 yrs of my life I have not felt worthy or deserving of having a life filled with everything I desire and doing Kylie’s program I am letting that go. So beautiful people – wherever you are at & whatever is going on for you – it is all part of the journey and you are making the changes for life and for YOU – it is not easy but it is worth it.  Please continue to shine – continue to make the time for you – you are worth it and you deserve it – we all do  Thank you Kylie Ryan – if it wasn’t for you; my life would be lovely – however it would not be this amazing; powerful; exciting journey!” – Selina

“We’re doing it! I’m telling you, those were the three most valuable days of my life. Thus far” – Madeleine

“Freakin’ hell yes!!!!!!! Of all of the personal development programs I have done – begin an ex Social Worker I have done a lot – this one TOPS them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  – Selina


I would love to serve you in the upcoming intake of the Quest… Keep your eyes peeled for a special message in a few weeks.

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