Magic vs Modality

Magic vs Modality


It’s not your modality.

It’s the way you hold space.

It’s the way YOUR presence makes people feel at ease.

It’s your unique combination of characteristics.

We are living in a world where certifications, qualifications, degrees are prized.

I am a full advocate for learning, for training and for getting qualified in your areas of specialisation.

This is why I am an NLP Master Trainer and offer certifications in my own Supercoach Academy for people to study to become accredited NLP practitioners.

As anyone who knows me would well know, I’m also a total advocate for professional standards,

AND ALSO, there is another conversation to be had about these structures that allow you to master and offer your genius, talent, gifts and skills:


It’s YOU that creates the transformation.

It’s YOU that inspires your clients to take action.

And it’s them choosing to take up that inspiration and do the work.

Success is a CO-CREATION.

No qualification, certification or modality in the world can replace the power of human connection in the coaching process.

All of the skills are there to help reduce friction and create deeper intention in that co-creative process.

When you work with someone, there is a transmission that happens, that goes way beyond the modality, strategies or techniques themselves.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping coaches to TRANSFORM their Imposter Syndrome and OWN THEIR UNIQUE POWER and genius.

Because once you’ve completed all the qualifications, and certifications, which do give you confidence and skills (and are valuable)… you’ll realise.

The magic was always YOU.

Kylie x

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