Are you using your Manifesting Muscle?

Are you using your Manifesting Muscle?

Manifesting is a skill that is often talked about but not often understood deeply. The best way to understand manifesting is to begin a conscious Manifesting Practice.

In this article NLP Coach Cyndi shares her tips and strategies for consciously using your power as a Creator to manifest new things into your reality.

You are self-aware, you can take bad feedback, juggle conflicting priorities, turn life’s curve-balls and limes into lemonade.

You’re independent, resilient, a strategist, the patient architect of your reality. You’re a high achiever, from a childhood that was less loving than you know you deserved. You’re educated, with degrees in reality and a PhD in survival. I know you, you’re me. Some people judge you, some admire you, based on their values.. You already know this is just more feedback. What are your values? What is it that you truly desire?

To live with authenticity! In the NOW! Making the most of every moment as your every thought and action manifests the next! To live your passion, serving humanity as you shine like a diamond!

When I’m being truly honest with myself, I know that sometimes all I see is more proof that I’m off-purpose… as I discover the motivation, and learn the lessons for my next new beginning. Though at other times, I experience the truly aligned and deeply satisfying contentment of hearing my own life-truths singing praise for how completely on-purpose I am. Ever finding balance, ever on the hero’s journey.

My successes and perceived failures used to shape my body too, from 80 to 60 kgs then back again, I spent most of my life swinging in weight range as I searched for balance, and struggled with life’s curve balls. For years I was caught in this cycle, until I learned and put into practise a few tools that have changed my life-style, choices and emotional response matrix forever. If your weight has been an obstacle that has held you back on your road to authenticity, read on!

Here is the first wonderful, beautiful and easy new habit I’d like to share with you, right now, that will kick-start your desired quantum leap transformation today.

Quantum Leap Kick-Start Habit #1 – Manifestations Diary

This habit is fun, easy, and incredibly effective. Get yourself a blank notebook, with an inspiring cover, and keep it by your bed. At a time that feels auspicious (I like doing this at the start of my day), light a candle and give yourself a couple of minutes to write a few lines that start with…“I HAVE manifested”…. This is where you recognize the things in your life that you created because you passionately wanted them, visualized them, and recognize them as NOW MANIFEST! With everything you write down, you strengthen your manifestation muscle! You are a powerful co-creator of your reality, with the clarity and presence of mind to continue clearing and realizing that ALL is WELL and infinitely possible.

Then, with all the inspiration and joy you’ve created from charging up just how powerful you are, write a few lines that start with… “I NOW manifest”…. and be playful! You can test your skills by manifesting things large and small… Just remember that the Universe will always support you as you grow and learn to be who you were always meant to be, and this will always happen at the right time. You may see things manifest that you asked for 1 day ago, or 1 year ago. Just begin, and you’ll see just how easy it is to give yourself a boost, and track your heart’s desire at the same time!

You’ll have great fun and success with this practice, which also serves as a running commentary on your values, desires, and evolution! I’d love to hear how this works for you, and look forward to sharing another beautiful Quantum Leap Kick-Start Habit with you again soon. ENJOY!

Love, Cindy

Cyndi Tan – NLP Coach for Corporate Leaders

I am passionate about assisting corporate women to unleash more of their manifesting power through alignment with their soul purpose. I am available for private coaching session through My Mind Coach, to apply for a complimentary strategy session with me to see how coaching can help you with your life click here and request me.


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