Relax & De-Stress with Therapeutic Bodywork

Relax & De-Stress with Therapeutic Bodywork

Relax! It doesn’t have to hurt.

Many years ago when I first got my licence, I had a really scary car accident.

I had my younger sister in the car with me and we were going out to buy snacks, as an excuse to go for a drive.

I was turning right, and the the arrow to turn went green and I began to turn… Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a car hurtling straight towards us, through their red light.

Straight for my sister.

I slammed on the brakes and the other car clipped the front of mine, spun us around and then they crashed head-on into a telegraph pole.

Two young men were in the car and I still remember shakily getting out of my car hugging my sister so tightly and seeing the other two men trapped in that car, their faces covered in blood and unconscious.

It was terrifying.

Luckily the ambulance & fire brigade came and cut the two men out of their car and they both survived.

Why am I telling you this?

I’ve had a niggle in my neck on the left side for as long as I can remember. Every now and then it locks up and I can’t turn my head.

…I can’t turn my head the way I turned it in the moment that time stopped and I thought my sister was going to die…

Have you got a sore neck, back or shoulders?

Do you feel like there’s tension and stress in your body?

Stress and tension is caused by trauma and significant events. It’s the result of events, emotions and beliefs that are held in the body. And it’s directly related to how we eat and how our body shows up for us.

The more tension we hold in our body the less energy can flow through…

Just think about it… If you’re stressed and tired, are you more likely or less likely to grab that coffee and sugary snack? More likely!

Today I’d like to share a video interview I did with my awesome massage / bodywork friend Bruce.

Bruce has helped me work out a few kinks in my body, including the one in my neck, when I had a spontaneous memory of my car accident resurface in our session. Through that state of deep relaxation, he has helped me to access some deep wisdom, I might not have otherwise found.

Bruce has some awesome simple tips that you can implement immediately to help you to relax. I love his idea that making change doesn’t have to hurt. If we relax into it and let go of tension, change can be dramatic and easy.


Find Bruce @ Coogee Massage Clinic Here.

If you can’t watch the whole video now…

The simple yoga exercise is Savasana.

The bit where you lie down and relaaaaax at the end of a yoga class… Otherwise known as corpse pose.

Some people jump up and run out the door, but this is my absolute favourite part of class. (I’m sometimes the one found asleep on my yoga mat)

Simply lying on the floor, allowing your body to be completely supported by the floor enables and encourages your body to switch off the areas that are holding tension, and begin to soften.

Even without doing a full yoga class, this posture is one of the most restorative and rejuvenating poses you can do. And it’s easy, free and doesn’t require any fancy equipment!

Go on… Do it now!  Enjoy!

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