How to find balance between the dreamer and the do-er.

How to find balance between the dreamer and the do-er.

The Dreamer and the Do-er.

The Natural Strength Bias Trap


Do you feel like you’re a drone? Stuck in the endless tasks of your life?

Or perhaps you’re a procrastinating dreamer? Full of beautiful ideas that never get past your vision board and into the world?

Or maybe you’re both. A drone in your work, doing things you hate, dreaming of a different life?
Many people have an unconscious separation between Being & Doing. Preferring one mode of operation over another in certain contexts of their life.
Inside your unique Meta-Program map there is an unconscious bias to one side over the other. You might take heaps of action on your house because it feels safe to do so… But, you fail to take action on your deepest dreams because it’s scary as hell! The Dreamer prefers to receive information. They live in the receptive, feminine energy of dreaming, and visioning the big picture. Dreamers also have a tendency to be vague, abstract and hard to pin down specifics.
On the opposite side is the Masculine doing energy. That is the energy of doing, performance, strategising, testing, details and thinking. The Active Masculine side finds the dreamer vague and a bit pointless. And this has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. We each have both energies within us.
If you are a Dreamer you might find the Doers rigid, unfeeling people who have lost sight of the big picture.

The middle path… 

Each person who sits at the extreme ends is missing the greatest opportunity. The middle path is where the flow is. The dreamers need to bring their dreams into action. And the doers need to find more meaning in their tasks. Each side needs to value the opposite side. Many Dreamers will baulk at “meaningless detail”, “boring busy work”, and “soulless action”. It’s this discounting that prevents them from fulfilling their potential. It is only through actioning the dreams that we can manifest our potential, and create our life’s work.
It is the side that feels the most foreign to you that holds your greatest opportunities.
We all have a strength that favours one side over the other, and this is the trap. You may want to work to the side that feels most natural, or the easiest. But your most powerful growth is in stretching to the side that weaker.
Remember this is context dependant, so you might be strong in different sides depending where you are.

How do I find flow?

Stretching into your undeveloped side will balance the natural bias and help you to find the true FLOW of a self-actualising soul. This will always be a dance, as you zig-zag your way into your flow zone. You know you’ve hit it, when you are taking action and that action is effortless. The energy flows and you lose track of time. You are so in the moment, so present in your body because the action is so meaningful to you.
Those blissful moments of FLOW are your signposts that you are on the right track. Take note of these and make time and space to do these things more. You can move into flow when you are unbalanced by focusing on the opposite side, so that your meaning & action balance. In this way you can create flow in all areas of your life.

JOY & FLOW are your signs that you’re on the right path.


For dreamers…
  • What action could I take to bring this idea to life?
  • What date would I like to live this in reality?
  • What milestones need to be achieved along the way?
  • Who can I call on to support this?
  • What daily task would move this forward for me?
  • How can I lean more into the detail and move the energy forward?
For Doers…
  • How does this task contribute to what is most important to me?
  • How is this helping me to live my most meaningful life?
  • If I am unhappy here, I wonder what else is possible for me?
  • Could I give myself permission to dream of my happiest outcome?
  • Could I give myself permission to stop and rest?
  • How can I allow this outcome to come to me instead of chasing it?

When you can add meaning to tasks you dislike you can create flow, ease and joy in tasks that used to be tedious.

If your dreams feel impossible, you must start taking action on them. Every time you take action you learn. Even every failure is a step closer to your ultimate dream life. It teaches you what doesn’t work and you are one step closer to knowing what will work.
Take the first imperfect step, even if it is scary! Then watch the path begin to unfold before you and synchronicities line up to help you on your way.
It is up to you to create your heaven inside this Earth, and not simply escape to a dream in your head.
Original Model Reference: Dr.L Michael Hall Ph.D- Self-Actualisation Psychology, 2008.

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