Mike and Molly – What do you think of this representation of overweight on TV?

Mike and Molly – What do you think of this representation of overweight on TV?


I watched Mike and Molly for the first time last week. I have only seen one episode so I  cannot comment on the specifics of the show that much, but I was interested in how they portrayed the characters. While there were a few too many “fat jokes” for my personal taste, it does seem to be a show centered around the characters and their lives and stories rather than the “fatness”.

And it points to a trend in TV that is beginning to represent people of all shapes and sizes, and not just in weight loss competitions like Biggest Loser. Drop Dead Diva being the other sitcom type show that comes to mind.

The characters’ weight, overeating and emotions are mentioned in Mike & Molly, but it seems the romance between the two characters is the star, which certainly is a big step in the right direction and a difference from other shows like the weight loss competitions which seem to be about shaming people for being overweight and testing them without giving any real psychological support. (Which does nobody any good).

  • What do you think about this representation of overweight and obese characters on Television?
  • Can you identify with their characters?
  • Does it shift your perception of yourself at all if you identify with these characters and see them represented on TV as pretty, funny, loving and having normal lives?

I’d really love to hear your thoughts. Post a comment in the box below!

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  1. i like mike and molly, i don’t think u should judge ppl on their size or weight, mike and molly is about a couple much different than ourselves but some ppl can relate to. it shouldn’t be seen at two fat ppl trying to date, more like two ppl comfortable with there bodies to date.

    • Hey Raven, thanks for the comment.

      I agree that people shouldn’t be judged based on their size or weight at all. It is very detrimental to self esteem. I was not judging them at all.

      The show does seem to make a big deal about that they are overweight with the constant jokes etc. I am very glad there are shows like this on TV now, and I am very interested in the conversation, and what people think about this as one of the first representations of people who happen to be overweight in starring roles on a TV show.

  2. I like the premise to Mike and Molly and appreciate that they were trying to do something new, but I think it could have been so much better. Unfortunately they took the john candy, chris farley, ‘make fun of the fat guy’ approach far too often.
    Drop Dead Diva on the other hand, is great. Despite its completely silly premise it wins the viewer over with charm and the chemistry of its stars. I like that Jane has her ‘inner skinny girl’ so she behaves in ways other big girls in shows might not. Most functioning big girls I know have a lot of spunk and personality, just like Jane. Their weight does not define who they are.

    • thanks for your comment, this is the type of discussion I was after, strangely i turned on the tv last night and that first episode that I saw was on again, and watching it for the second time I was even more appalled at the amount of fat jokes crammed into the show.

      It highlights how dangerous this type of humour is when contrasted to the recent youtbube sensation aussie schoolboy who was boing taunted by other kids for being fat.
      If “fat jokes” become commonplace in shoes like this, how are kids to know that mercilessly teasing another kid about his weight is absolutely not on. Hmm, i think this needs another post…

  3. Perhaps I am just negative as I seem to be alone on this, but I have a real issue with the “fat people are funny” and “only fat people love fat people” portrayal I feel is in this show. I have spent years being the loud, funny, fat girl – and after losing weight, I feel that people take me more seriously and listen to me rather than before unless I was loud and funny – nobody ever heard me or wanted to listen to me when I was the thin person. I want to believe that a thin man or woman could love a big man or woman and still be as funny………

    • Hey Margaret, Thanks for your comment. They do seem to be just buying into some pretty old stereotypes like the beliefs that you stated. I’m a bit confused about what you’re saying now. Do you personally believe that you need to be fat to be funny? Or that people take you more or less seriously now that you’re slim?

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