Mind the Gap.

Mind the Gap.

If you could wave a magic wand and make your life exactly as you want it to be, what would it be like?

  • What would your health and body be like?
  • What would your bank balance be like?
  • What would your relationships be like?
  • What would you be doing every day?

Now, is there a GAP between how you WANT your life to be and how it IS now?

Goal setting helps you to define where you want to go. Action steps help you to get there. But sometimes you can’t even define where you want to go or how to get there.

Sometimes the gap is sooo huge you can’t even comprehend the possibility of making the other side. Sometimes you can’t even see the other side. Just a giant hole, or a precipice.

When that happens a part of you inside your head, protects you from this knowledge. It protects you by telling you you can’t do it. It protects you by telling you all of the excuses that you tell other people why you can’t do what you know is good for you.


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Sometimes that voice in your head that is SOO goddamn loud  telling you why you can’t do this or that that you can’t even hear the other voice that is telling you where you want to go.

Try this. Seriously, give it a go…

Say this to your negative voice in your head:

“Thank you for protecting me from the disappointment of failure. I am so grateful that you have stopped me from realising my own potential in order to stop me from the possibility of getting hurt.

I’m a grown up now and I have lived through all of those emotions, good and bad; I have survived them once so I know I can survive them…

and now I’d like you to help and protect me by talking to me in an encouraging, kind voice and helping me to go after the life that I really want. Thank you.”

Ok now you’ve read it, actually say it out loud to the voice in your head.

Then listen.

and now, begin to set some small goals for yourself to move yourself from where you are now, towards your magic wand life.

Take action today to take just one step towards it.

Wait, if you’ve done the part above, you’ve already taken one step. 🙂

So take two steps. You can do it! You are capable of amazing and wondrous things. You have talent, ability and power that goes beyond even your imagination. You are MORE than you think you are.

Get out there.

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  1. I read this out loud as I’m struggling to maintain my weight loss or to know what I can do career wise as my 2 children are now both at school full time. I cryed as I said it out loud, and I felt really sad for that scared little girl inside. I think I need to keep saying it over and over just to let her know I am grown up now and safe.

    As others have commented your work definately seems to come from a higher source, well done for being able to share it in a way that makes sense to us all.


    • Thanks for sharing Julie. It takes a lot of courage to look inside and comfort the little one inside. You are grown up now and you do have the strength and resources to go after whatever it is you really want. Even if that’s just finding some clarity right now. Read my post about accepting and feeling those emotions and that will help with the fear too. Often that same little voice inside does know what you really want, once you sit with the fear and keep reminding yourself that you are safe now. Best, K

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