The most embarrassing thing ever…

The most embarrassing thing ever…

One day nearly 3 years ago, I woke up and really felt like a run. I was desperate to get outside and feel the freedom of my legs on the path around the park, and the wind in my hair.

It had been quite a while since my last run and I thought maybe I should take it slow, but the gung-ho part of me wanted to just DO it!

So I went out, broke into a run and then the most embarrassing thing ever happened…

I totally wet my pants….

I’m not talking a bit of a leak, but fully toddler-style saturated my pants, socks, shoes.

Luckily I was wearing  black tights, and no one was around but the trees so I was not soo hideously embarrassed, so I grabbed a breastfeeding pad, shoved it in my underpants and kept going.

You see I was about 10 weeks post-partum, my little baby was home with my husband and I had cabin fever!!! I decided to jfdi.

Now, nearly three years later I’m 15 weeks post-partum of my second birth and I have just done a few short jogs on the treadmill at the gym, and am pleased to report that I have dry pants, hooray!

No accidents. My toddler would be proud of me.


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Getting the right help, helps.

This time I was much more sensible, instead of just waiting the minimum recommended time before exercising, and JFDI I booked in to see a physio who specializes in post pregnancy rehab.

So I have done the somewhat surreal pelvic floor squeezes with her giving me direct feedback on what and when to squeeze and let go. ( if you know what I mean)

After completing the pelvic floor exercises I have made remarkable improvement in my pelvic floor strength and endurance, and even reduced slightly the impact of my (ahem) bladder prolapse, an unfortunate after-effect of my sons super fast final stage of birth.

She has given me the ok for short jogs as long as I continue with my pelvic floor exercises and as long as I walk immediately when I feel my pelvic floor get fatigued.

Why am I telling you this?

I am not a fan of indiscriminate over-sharing but I know that if this is happening for me, when I’m fit and healthy, it’s probably happening for you too.

If you are suffering with sneeze-incontinence or belly weakness and separated abdominals post birth, go see a physio!! Get help and in many cases you can reduce or eliminate symptoms like I have.

Your body needs rehabilitation. Pregnancy is a marathon, birth is another marathon. Nobody would expect anyone to go through multiple marathons without help and rehab after, especially when you have injuries from it.

Your body is a miracle, give it a bit of support.

Your body is a miracle, and a lot does just happen naturally to heal over time. AND there’s a lot you can do to help yourself get back to a healthy functioning abdominal & pelvic floor so you can exercise, and cough, and run after your kids without worry.

Now I’m back to training, watch out for my next post in progress on getting my best body ever post 2 kids. Getting a Dexa Scan in a couple of weeks to kick it all off… Yay.

Tell me? Are you still suffering from your pregnancy & birth?

Are you not exercising to the intensity that you want, because you’re afraid you’ll wet your pants?

Tell me!! You’re not alone. Let’s break the taboo and get you and the other mumma’s some help.

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