Why is there so much confusion around how to eat healthy?

Why is there so much confusion around how to eat healthy?


Today I want to talk to you about why there’s so much confusion these days about how to eat healthily. And as we make the transition from weight loss into weightlessness, I want to talk to you about the practicalities of how to actually shift your relationship with food.

So many people come and ask for my help and have this tumultuous relationship with their body. They’re up and down. They’re loving themselves when they’re slim and healthy, but hating themselves if they can’t fit into their jeans. And there’s so many issues that come with that. There’s a lack of self confidence, there’s boundary issues, putting everybody else’s needs first, having really sluggish energy, then feeling resentful that you can’t do what you want to do, and feeling like you’re really held back by your own body. And then of course, that leads to more poor eating choices that compounds the problem and make it a vicious cycle that just goes down and down and down.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve struggled with that myself and found the way out 13 years ago. And I’ve realized that there still needs to be more clarity around how to actually help you guys to get back to that intuitive eating that you used to do as a kid.

Why is there so much confusion around eating healthily?


You’ve been misled.

The core reason is because the diet industry and the marketing and weight loss industries have conditioned you to think that the power to change or the answer is outside of yourself. They’ve conditioned you to think that someone else knows your body better than you do, that some expert or guru or Michelle Bridges or Ashy Bines or Tiffany — whatever her name is — or whoever the latest person is, has a better solution for your body than you do.

For sure, education is really critical and to learn what are healthy foods is important. But come on, most of us know that real healthy food that’s grown in the ground or has been alive at some point is going to be a better food for you than some food that comes in a packet or a box or through a drive-through.

The core of healthy eating is really simple. It’s veggies, it’s fruits, it’s basic stuff, and water. Water and fruits and veggies — that’s the core of healthy eating, and that’s not rocket science. But what I’ve just told you in two sentences doesn’t sell magazines. It doesn’t sell diet books. It doesn’t sell programs. And so, the diet industry is really conditioning you to think that some miracle gimmick or some special program is going to help you to solve this problem with your body, when really, it’s not about learning some miracle food option or some fancy combination or food recipe that’s going to make the difference, or even any amazing training regime; it’s about learning how to connect with your own body.


The truth is – you have the power.

There are so many different diets in the world, and different people rave about those diets because we all have different genetics. We all have very different bodies and what works for one person is not going to be the right thing that works for another. The best, simplest, and fastest way to figure out what works for you is to really connect with your own inner wisdom.

So many people,  it’s like they’re cut off at the neck. We walk around like a whole bunch of thinking heads, and we’re not connected to the rest of our body. And so, a huge part of becoming weightless is about connecting in with the feelings that are going on in your body, about listening to your own intuition. INTUITION — your inner tuition, your inner guidance, and your inner knowledge that is going to give you the answer.

What you need to do in order to tap into that intuition is to connect in with the frequency of the food, of how you want to feel on a daily basis, and then what types of foods have that same frequency. You might think I’m talking woo-woo here, but really, everything is made up of energy. And that’s physics. It’s not any kind of psychospiritual term. We’re actually made up of atoms and neutrons and protons, all just whizzing around like energy. And so food actually has a frequency, and it has a sense of aliveness or deadness to it.

If you want to feel energy, if you want to feel aliveness, then you need to connect with and ingest food that is alive, food that has that aliveness to it. The food that has been through lots of different processes will have less aliveness to it, and so it will make you feel less alive.

The key is to really connect in with how that food makes you feel. Think to yourself and really connect in with your own intuition about how do you want to feel in that moment, and what type of food is going to help you to get that feeling by connecting on a frequency level. You need to have that conversation with your body, and you can’t listen to your body if you’re hating on yourself and thinking that your body is the enemy.


Your body is not the enemy.

Your body is your friend. It has been trying to serve you, keep you safe, and help you while you’ve been feeding it less than the ideal foods and not nourishing it with exercise and healthy movement. But you can become friends with your body! You can apologize for not being its friend beforehand, and you can start to connect in with your body now. You can make friends. You can reconnect. That’s really the core of becoming weightless: learning how to reconnect with your inner self.


Come on a journey with us.

So if you’d like some help, some assistance, some support, and some guidance to do this from people who have done it, myself and my co-creating buddy, Bianca, she and I are putting together a healthy eating motivation program called Back on Track in 30 Days. We’ve done these programs before, different programs where we have a really cool private Facebook group. And we’re connecting with you each day through short, sweet videos, so it’s nice and easy for you to access. There’s heaps of support, heaps of interaction, and lots of really great short, powerful, punchy insights that are going to really change the way that you feel, think, and relate to food and your body.

It’s a 4-week system over 30 days to help you to get the right mindset, to really create that powerful change, and really implement healthy, effective changes that last over time instead of it being some diet that you go on and then you go off again the minute that no one’s watching.

We’ve got a really great amazing deal of this first program that we’re putting together and we’re running, Bianca and I together, as a co-creating team. And Bianca herself is an incredible powerhouse. She’s been a personal trainer, she’s made huge health and well-being changes herself, and is an incredible insight and inspiration and can really help you.

I’m really excited to bring this program to you… Back on Track in 30 Days. It’s gonna include some of my hypnosis, videos, interaction, and support from Bianca and myself. It’s starting in September, at the first of September, so in a couple of weeks, we’re going to kick off, and we’ve got a really great early bird deal. If you’d like to check it out now, just click on the link below.

We would love to help you to make friends with your body again, and learn how to connect with your body and not have to ask outside of yourself for what to eat or what to do to really be able to listen to yourself and connect with yourself about what’s the right thing for your body, for your genetics, for your optimal health and well-being. And that is different for everybody.

What’s healthy for one person is not going to be healthy for another. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all guidance around this. But we can help you to connect with your body and have the support and the mindset shift to be able to figure that out for yourself. And it’s easier than you think! So please join us on the link below. There’s a super early bird deal. It’s really affordable. We’d love to see you inside our group. Hop on the link below, and I will see you there!


Check out the Back on Track in 30 Days program here.

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