My business mentor said “Mindset Coaching is a Con”

My business mentor said “Mindset Coaching is a Con”

I took a confidence hit the other day, when my friend and business mentor posted a video the other day saying that “Mindset Coaching is a Con”.

In his vid, he said it’s “mental masturbation” if it is not in a specific context and doesn’t create measurable results.

I at once totally agree, and also totally disagree.

Yes, mindset coaching without context and a clear outcome is pointless. Any Coach worth their salt knows that they must be clear on the clients’ Present State, Desired State in the first session, and all work must support the creation of the Desired State.

No, it’s not a con. Even if the results are as subtle as feeling better in the first instance. When you feel better, you can make better choices, leading to better results. For many people who’ve suffered with trauma, feeling better is a HUGE result in itself.

Yes, of course you need to take action and getting help with strategy from an expert consultant is a great idea. There is a need and a place for both.

To be honest, it got me down for a day or so to hear someone I admire so much, and who has such a powerful voice in the coaching industry put down this complex and deeply nuanced work that has helped me so profoundly and been a huge influence in my life.

To be clear, this mentor has helped me tremendously in business, he’s 100% entitled to his perspective, it wasn’t a personal criticism of me of my work and I still think he is a legend doing truly amazing work helping coaches leverage and build profitable businesses.


So I put my own skills into practice, shifted my focus and remembered all the amazing real-world results that my Transformational Coaching and NLP Training has contributed to.

Here’s just a few:

  • One lady lost over 70kgs, trained with me to become a coach and started her own coaching business helping obese people shed weight in a healthy way without dieting.
  • A couple of women who have worked with me have shed 30-40kgs, completely changed their lives, and their children’s lives by becoming an active healthy role model.
  • A few ladies have conceived children after many years of heart-breaking struggles with infertility. This is what we coached around their inner blocks to motherhood.
  • One fitness business owner received a 500K investment cheque for his business the day after doing some work around his money mindset.
  • One of my graduates left a toxic relationship, a corporate job she hated and over a year built a loyal tribe and successful 6 figure coaching business in psychic development.
  • One of my graduates went from being in tears with Post Natal Depression at the first event she attended, and now after a year and a half of coaching and training with me, she feels joy, purpose, has totally transformed her relationship to her child, is able to love her child deeply, and is consistently being offered leadership promotions in her job.
  • A few of my graduates have integrated Mindset Coaching work into their Marketing & Strategy Coaching businesses and can now immediately help clients work through the blocks to implementing the strategies, creating massive results.
  • Over 15 years, thousands of clients have healed inner trauma, up-levelled their self-belief, left toxic relationships, lost weight, made more money in their jobs and businesses, became happier, healthier, more confident, self-aware people as a result of my work.


The thing about Mindset Coaching that it is not easy to measure or claim instantly tangible results.

Deep transformational work in the Unconscious Mind often requires time to digest and integrate, and then for the person to take the action and create the result.

It is complex and profound.

Sometimes it’s instant. Some change seems like magic. If you have a lot of groundwork in place, a mindset & energy shift can lead to seemingly magical changes.

Sometimes it takes months.

The inner change is instantly seen, felt and measured, but the kind of change that other people see takes time.

It’s a completely different type of coaching to Business Strategy coaching – where you give a specific tactic, and it can be immediately implemented and get a clear, obvious result.

BUT even those tactics don’t always work…

If you’ve been finding that even after investing thousands and being taught all the right strategies from Business Coaches, you’re still struggling to implement, or you’ve been implementing like crazy, but you just can’t get the strategies to work…

I can 100% GUARANTEE that you have Unconscious Internal Obstacles to having that success.

I’m not interested in teaching strategies & tactics for business or weight loss. There are already thousands of business coaches & weight loss coaches, many copying each other, teaching much the same thing.

I am a Master at aligning your INNER WORLD, so you can perform in your OUTER WORLD. Yes, we have clear outcomes we work towards, but I won’t tell you what to do. 99% of the time you know what you need to do. I help you get out of your own way.

That’s why after years of working in health with consumers, now I’m turning my attention and focus to supporting Wellness Business Owners to make the massive internal transformations that I’m a specialist at creating. When I work with someone who is already in flow, already taking big action and who has a lot of groundwork in place, the results from the internal shifts are EPIC!!! Exponential growth that ripples out across the community.

Wellness businesses leaders are out there doing the grass roots work to help people in their fitness, nutrition, health, self-care. You’ve got the strategies to support your clients. But who is supporting YOU? Who is helping you to step into the Magnetic Leadership that you need to grow and lead your business? Who is helping you to up-skill your team and help them to help your clients better?


Where’s your Wendy?

I was listening to a podcast with an evolutionary philosopher Daniel Schmactenberger who said “Capitalism rewards sociopathic behaviours”. (Very much seen in the Netflix show Billions.) This win-lose, hierarchical, reductionist dynamic is built into the capitalist system, when the business owners’ goal is to make money at any cost.

But there are a growing number of business owners who aspire to the outcomes of Conscious Capitalism. They use their business to do good, and work to meeting a triple bottom line of positive outcomes for all stakeholders; people, planet, & profits. This is an easy leap forward in Service and Wellness Businesses, when the core product is human interaction and information. It is requires a lot more effort in businesses that sell tangible things. (by the production line nature of creating things en-masse at profit)

My own recently upgraded mission is to support the deep integration of Spirit into Business; unleashing more of these new wave of higher purpose business owners.

I’m a bridge-builder between the intangible & the tangible – unlocking hidden potential, energy and wisdom that lives inside you right now. If your Spirit & Purpose is NOT 100% integrated in your business then your success will only ever be capped, short-lived and quite likely, somewhat miserable.

That’s why I’m opening up a few 1:1 Coaching places for Wellness Business owners who have a team of 5+ full time staff. If all this resonates and you’re looking for help to align your inner world to perform better in your business we can schedule a call to see if and how I can help.

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