NLP Mindset Mastery Mentoring

NLP Mindset Mastery Mentoring

Mindset Mastery Mentoring
& NLP Practitioner Certification

You are a coach, mentor, leader, parent or personal trainer and you adore what you do, and you’re looking for the next level in personal and professional development.

You’re a go-getter, and you know that you create your life, through good decisions and fast action.

You love helping your people, and want to be the very best coach & leader you can be.

You know that mindset is THE KEY to behaviour change.

You’re always up-skilling yourself; reading, watching videos, and doing courses because you love learning, and you know that every dollar or hour you invest in learning returns you ten-fold in your business and life.


This is your mission. Freedom. Abundance. Influence.

You love your business and your clients, and you’re hungry to create a life of real freedom and abundance for yourself and your family. You know it’s time for a change, you have heard about the life-changing skill of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and would like to ad it into your own skill-set for your personal and professional growth.

You know you’re a great leader, you have amazing advice and strategies that you teach your clients, but they often don’t follow through on what you tell them, and you don’t know what to do. You can get them good results. But you want to get them freaking-awesome results, all the time. No exceptions!  You want to stand out from all the other coaches & trainers, you want to make a real difference for yourself, your family and your clients.  You know that begins with you!

You’re an expert in your field… but you know you could be even better…

You’re proud of the work you do and really care about your clients, but you know there is always more you can learn, and you don’t know what you don’t know …until you know it!


It’s time to up-skill yourself, and take it to the next level.

If you want to take your business, your client results (and your own health & happiness) to the next level, you need to BE better.

And you can’t BE a better, more compassionate, inspiring leader for your clients until you up-skill yourself, and learn a new way of being, a new way of leading, and systematic transformational coaching skills.

You’ve built a successful business, but you know you can’t keep working those long hours forever either, it’s even starting to take a toll on your own health, and you have a few clients that you’d really love to help, but you just don’t know how, other than referring them to a counsellor or psychologist.

You need a new set of skills to deal with these deeper issues that create the real change. Solutions to the problems behind the problems.

You could ride the wave of one of the fastest growing, most profitable, and most fulfilling  professions in the world, coaching.

Coaching is the one of the fastest growing, most profitable and most fulfilling professions in the world.

There is a growing awareness in the marketplace that people need to change their minds to change their bodies and lives.

YOU are perfectly placed to be at the forefront of this revolution, and exponentially growing coaching industry, with your current expertise, your other qualifications, and your new NLP Coach Practitioner Certification. You could even transform your business and escape the physical stress of so many working hours with a fully rounded, leveraged  life coaching program too.

Learn from my 11 years of coaching experience…

In this certification mentoring program I will share with you my 11 years of coaching experience, informed by my own personal transformation, and the secrets to getting into the heart of your clients pain & problems and helping them move through it and past it for real life transformation.


Imagine knowing how to help them overcome their self-sabotage, their negative self-talk, the emotional baggage and past traumas that are causing them to struggle with their weight, business or relationships. Imagine truly getting past your own limiting beliefs & emotional baggage! You would be able to help all those clients that 99% of other coaches just cant help, and have the huge satisfaction of seeing your clients flourish at a whole new level.

Imagine truly getting past your own limiting beliefs & emotional baggage!

One whole year of ongoing mentoring & training, online and face to face.

In this 12 month mentoring program you will learn all the content, NLP theory and philosophy in weekly online training webinars, then we will come together for 3 Coaching Practical Intensives through the year.

Prior to the training intensive, and you will have access to my advanced mindset coaching program the Goddess Body Quest, for your own personal transformation even before we begin. You will also receive never-before-seen flowcharts and step-by-step client session coaching maps that I use in my own practice, which have allowed me to get exponential results with my coaching clients.

If you want to know the secrets to helping your clients transform their mindsets and lives and also transform your own, you need to apply for a place in this exclusive Mentoring program.

Don’t settle for some wishy-washy coaching course!

Get the systems, structure and live practice you need to be a world-class coach.

 The one problem with the coaching industry worldwide is that it is currently still unregulated. That means that there are lots of coaching courses out there,  of just 2, 5 or 7 days or even 100% online that have beautiful pictures and flowery feel-good marketing language… but very little substance when it comes to actually creating real-world coaching skills.

It’s lovely to be “heart-centred” and “soul-filled”, but you also need systems, structure, & theory that is grounded in real-world live coaching practice. Learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming gives you that structure you need to be a world-class coach, with word-for-word coaching pattern transformation scripts that you can use with your clients to transform beliefs and shift emotions, predictably, time after time, every time.

You absolutely cannot learn to be a world-class coach in a course that is only online.

You must have practice in the room coaching clients with your teacher!!

If you don’t have that live, in-person practice with your teacher watching you and giving feedback as you go, you will never learn all the subtle nuances that you must know to really help your client and be a world-class coach. Sure, there’s lots you can learn online, via video and in group calls, and you will do lots of online training in this course to maximise our time together, but you MUST have face-to-face time learning and practicing in the room with your teachers to be a confident coach.


Your NLP Coach Certification Course Includes…

1. LIVE ONLINE – NLP Theory Lessons & Online Supervision

Unlike every other NLP Practitioner Training available you will learn 90% of the course content live with me before you ever walk into the room for your Practical Intensives. We will dive into and discuss the lessons of the coaching training weekly leading up to the Intensives. You will have a new lesson to practice and learn each week. Step by step, one new skill chunk at a time. You will have your NLP Manual in your hands, and activities each week to focus on to learn the material inside-out.  ($5000 Value) All these webinar lessons will be recorded if you miss it and for review.



2. LIVE – Practical NLP Intensive Part 1, 2 & 3

In this advanced 2 x 4 day hands-on coaching intensive, you will be practicing your new skills every day. You will coach and be coached using the methods you’ve learned before in this intensive immersion program. Come ready with a list of every block, obstacle and problem so we can work through them in real, live coaching sessions. Expect to gain a level of comfort & experience with coaching real problems and a huge freedom from having so much coaching personal development in two easy long-weekend immersions. Life changing!  These intensives will be held in Sydney in 2 x 4 day weekend chunks to make travel and time away from business and kids manageable.  ($10,000 Value) After completing these practical intensives, passing the competence level and the written assessment, you will gain your NLP Practitioner qualification.

After you have completed the NLP qualification, we will get together for one last weekend, to coach and be coached by each other to solidify skills, learning and development. ($3000 value)



3. LIVE ONLINE – Supervision Training & Mentoring

I expect you to begin coaching your clients immediately post your second intensive, if not before,  as you will know more than enough to begin student-coaching your clients after just the first intensive. In between the trainings and afterwards you have supervision mentoring calls to help you work through the questions that will inevitably come up as you begin applying your new skills to your own health coaching practice.  ($5000 Value)

Throughout the entire course you have priority access to Kylie for supervision questions, call or email as you need.


4. ONLINE – GBQ Personal Development Bonus.

Prior to beginning the NLP training you will have bonus access to my life-changing personal development online coaching course. You will begin to work through your own baggage and learn some of the key coaching lessons to apply in your own life. The Goddess Body Quest program has a $2000 value and is an incredible bonus personally and professionally, so you can see inside what it takes to create a leveraged, profitable, online coaching program  ($2000 Value)


5. Australian Board of NLP qualification standard


This course trains you well above the minimum competence standards required by the Australian Board of NLP, and after your certification you will be able to join the ABNLP as an NLP Practitioner, and get the required Para-psychology insurance you need to practice professionally as an NLP Coach.


Course Pre-requisites.

Course enrolment is by application only. You need to have a history of commitment to your personal development and willingness to learn. You do not need to aspire to become a professional coach, however there will be lots of bonus material that I can offer those in Health Coaching or Personal Training  who do wish to become professional coaches.

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