Legacy Leaders NLP Certification

Join us on a radical life transformation journey…

You’re ambitious and driven. You know that you create your life through wise decisions and fast action.

You love helping people, have a big vision for your life and want to be the very best leader you can be, for yourself, in your home and with your team.

You’re a life-long learner. You know that mindset is the key to access behaviour change.

The only glass ceiling is inside your own mind…

When you have decided that it’s time to up-level your skills and become a true master of transformation, persuasion and leadership, NLP is an essential tool to unleash your potential.

NLP is a powerful methodology of communication excellence. Its power lies in the ability to tap into and transform the unconscious mind. When you leverage the power of your unconscious mind you can create change in yourself and others that seems like magic.

Sharpen the most important tool you have. Your mind.

3 reasons to learn NLP.

Here are 3 ways learning NLP will give you the skills to exponentially leverage your results as a master communicator, coach and influential leader.
  1. As you learn NLP, you clear your own stress and limiting beliefs. With a powerful success mindset you will become exponentially more productive, joyful, and healthy.
  2. Certifying as a Practitioner of NLP gives you the skill-set to confidently coach clients, employees and team members to overcome deeply unconscious self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours.
  3. As you master the Unconscious Mind you discover the power of framing and story to persuade and inspire.


When you have decided to learn NLP, it’s important to look for a teacher who has embodied the results that you aspire to. NLP has helped me to transform every area of my life, and I am committed to living this wisdom with integrity and excellence.


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Course Graduates Say…


“I have a new lease on life!”

12 months ago, I was a different woman… Whilst on the outside I appeared strong and successful, I had what I thought was my dream role as GM of HR at a Company I had always wanted to work with, internally I was battling with exhaustion, stressed, angry and quite frustrated, As a mum of 2 young kids, it wasn’t easy juggling

a full time role, my son starting kindy and a 2 year old building her
immune system in daycare!! As a result of not listening to body and
prioritising everyone but myself, I ended up in hospital and had a bit
of an extreme wake up call. My body was in a state of dis-ease, which didn’t surprise me at all.

Fast Forward 12 months and I have a new lease on life. Over the last 12 months, I completed my NLP Certification with My Mind Coach and it was hands down one of the best investments my husband and I made together. Not only do I have a new lease on life, my specialists were not able to give me a medical explanation for my improvement, but deep down, I knew it was a result of all the internal work I have done and changes I have made to my life. No longer is my body in a state of dis-ease.

Becoming an NLP Practitioner has truely given me the appreciation for the power of the mind, body connection. I will be eternally grateful for Kylie coming into my life and proud to be able to now call her a lifelong friend.

– Michelle Farrar Eagles, HR consultant, People Playground


Here are some specific outcomes that our past attendees & graduates have experienced as a result of the inner work and skill growth from our training:

  1. Self Mastery – What makes you tick? Understand how you process information in your own unique psychology in order to work to your strengths, and maximise efficiency, satisfaction and joy.
  2. Confidence – Unlock unshakeable confidence by clearing past limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
  3. Sales & Authentic Persuasion – Increase your sales authentically with integrity by understanding your client buying strategies.
  4. Leadership – Increase your EQ and understand others deeply in order to create rapport effortlessly with all types of people. Be able to diffuse conflict, and build strong teams and alliances.
  5. Productivity – Improve your power and productivity by utilising hidden strengths and unleashing your resourcefulness
  6. Stress Management – Master your thinking and reduce stress by eliminating negative, fearful thoughts and emotions.
  7. Health & Vitality – Increase your vital energy and improve health by mastering your mind, motivation and habits.
  8. Improve Relationships – Improve relationships at home and with family members, creating a happy work-life balance.
  9. New Income – 50% our graduates successfully begin a new coaching business. The other half integrate their skills into their current business to improve their value and income.

Create epic, effortless results by aligning your unconscious mind.

You already know mastering your mindset is critical to success. But did you know that you’re operating at less than 10% of your potential? And so are your clients and your team.

Creating sustainable change is very difficult for one reason. It mostly fails due to conflict at the unconscious level.

Your conscious mind only accounts for about 10% of your brain power, just like the tip of an iceberg. The vast majority of that power is beneath the surface being influenced by invisible currents. Sometimes these currents are in direct conflict with what you say you want.

The currents are created by your unconscious imprinting. Your mind is imprinted with its core beliefs between the ages of 0-7. What you learn in this period becomes your “normal”, which goes on to shape your decisions, values, beliefs and choices.

Your powerful unconscious mind is dictating the majority of your daily choices with 5 year old’s view of the world. Even when you consciously set goals and give directives, your unconscious holds the most power. The most common underlying cause to stuckness, sabotage and failure is a mis-alignment between a persons conscious and unconsicous mind.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ~ Albert Einstein

When you learn NLP you upgrade your inner maps, raise your level of consciousness and as a result you can make more empowered choices more effortlessly. This opens the opportunity and motivation to create vibrant health, success and inspiring leadership.

NLP is one of those skills that once you understand it, your eyes are opened to a whole new world of possibilities and you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Your NLP Coach Certification Course Includes…


The best way to experience the power of NLP Coaching is to be coached. Period. You will experience a Breakthrough Coaching Program with an MMC trained coach or myself help guide you through your journey to mastering NLP with us.

2.   ONLINE – NLP Theory Lessons

You will learn 90% of the theoretical course content with me before you ever walk into the room for your Practical Intensives. We will dive into the lessons of the coaching training in powerful lessons leading up to the Intensives. You will have a new lesson to practice and learn each week. Step by step, one new skill chunk at a time. You will have your NLP Manual in your hands, and activities each week to focus on to learn the material inside-out.  ($5000 Value)

3. LIVE – Practical NLP Intensives Part 1, & 2, 3

In this advanced 3 x 4 day hands-on coaching intensive, you will be practicing your new skills every day. You will coach and be coached using the methods you’ve learned before in this intensive immersion program. Come ready with a list of every block, obstacle and problem so we can work through them in real, live coaching sessions. Expect to gain a level of comfort & experience with coaching real problems and a huge freedom from having so much coaching personal development in three powerful immersions. Life changing!  These intensives will be held in Sydney in 3 x 4  day Monday to Thursday weeks to make travel and time away from business and kids manageable.  ($10,000 Value) After completing these practical intensives, passing the competence level and the written assessment, you will gain your NLP Practitioner qualification.


3. LIVE ONLINE – Supervision Training & Mentoring

I expect you to begin coaching your clients immediately post your second intensive, if not before,  as you will know more than enough to begin student-coaching your clients after just the first intensive. In between the trainings and afterwards you have supervision mentoring calls to help you work through the questions that will inevitably come up as you begin applying your new skills to your own health coaching practice.  ($5000 Value)

Throughout the entire course you have priority access to Kylie for supervision questions, in a private group.


4. ONLINE COURSE – Personal Development Bonus.

Prior to beginning the NLP training you will have bonus access to my life-changing personal development online coaching courses. You will begin to work through your own baggage and learn some of the key coaching lessons to apply in your own life. The Goddess Body Quest program has a $2000 value and is an incredible bonus personally and professionally, so you can see inside what it takes to create a leveraged, profitable, online coaching program  ($2000 Value)


5. Australian Board of NLP qualification standard


I am a certified trainer of NLP with the Australian Board of NLP and this course trains you well above the minimum competence standards required by the Board. After gaining your certification you will be able to join the ABNLP as an NLP Practitioner, and get the required Para-Psychology insurance you need to practice professionally as an NLP Coach.


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