No failure, only feedback

No failure, only feedback

The best and most useful belief you could ever adopt.

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite NLP presuppositions. “What is a presupposition?” you might ask. Well, presupposition is an assumption that we make about something, and it’s kind of like a convenient belief that we can live by if we choose to.

There’s a whole list of amazing presuppositions that can really transform your mindset. And, as you know, I’m an NLP trainer or neuro-linguistic programming trainer. This is one that I have completely internalized, and it has transformed my life. It goes like this: There is no failure, only feedback. I absolutely love this idea, because it frees you up to do anything. You can try out things, you can make mistakes, you can fail abominably, you can give it a shot, because it doesn’t matter. If it works or if it doesn’t, who cares? All you’re going to get is feedback about whether it worked or not.


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The key thing about this presupposition and why it is so powerful is because it separates out your behavior from your person – what you do from who you are. It doesn’t matter if I make a mistake, if I mess it up, if I fail abominably, because I’m still worthy and useful and valuable and lovable as a person. Separating out the behavior and the person is going to transform how you think about yourself and allow you to transform your weight loss journey too. Imagine if you looked at the scales as just feedback, it’s just feedback of how you’ve gone that week or that month. It doesn’t mean you’re unlovable. It doesn’t mean you’re a big fat cow. It doesn’t mean that you’re hopeless or a failure, anything like that. It’s just a number. It’s just feedback.

I’d love you to take on this belief, take on this idea that there is no failure, only feedback, and really think about it and repeat it to yourself. If you feel like you’ve messed up something, just repeat: There’s no failure, only feedback. What’s the feedback that I’m getting from this event or this result? And how can I transform it for next time?

No failure, only feedback. It will transform your life. I hope that you can take it on board and utilize it, because I know it’s transformed mine.

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