No Massive Resolutions. Take baby steps!!

No Massive Resolutions. Take baby steps!!

You may know that drastic change New Years Resolutions are a recipe for demoralisation. Don’t do it to yourself! Take baby steps.

By all means set massive goals, and intentions for yourself to stretch and grow and improve, however focus on making the change one little bit at a time.

Start with just one habit! Master that and then go for another. This way increases your motivation and actually gets you to your goals much faster. Trust me, it works.

If you’re keen to come to one of my events, make sure you pre-register your interest on the button below. My Massive Motivation 1 day event is $199, tickets will sell out, as I am limiting the room numbers so I can make sure that I am available to answer all your questions.



Dates for your diary…

  • 19 January 2013, Massive Motivation in Sydney.
  • 1, 2, 3 February 2013, Strong, Slim, Sexy Transformation Event in Sydney.

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