Nothing is ever lost.

Nothing is ever lost.

I was listening to John Demartini the other night. He was explaining a concept in wealth creation which made a lot of sense to me. He said that whenever we lose something, we will gain something of equal value. This makes sense to me because of the scientific fact that energy is never created or destroyed, only transformed. Nothing is ever lost without a gain of equal value.

He used the example of a lady who he consulted with who had lost millions of dollars in a risky investment. When she really thought about her situation and how it had changed since ‘losing’ that money, she realised that she had become much closer to her husband and children and she had been more focused on growing her business. When she estimated a dollar value on all of the positive changes that had taken place since the bad investment she realised where the energy of her money had gone. She was quite overwhelmed when she realised this and confessed that she had been thinking of leaving her husband because they were not getting on before. When the balance became clear to her she was astonished and realised that she was a lot better off than before. She then committed to re-grow her wealth and business, but not at the expense of her relationships with her family.


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So, if you have had a challenging situation lately and feel like you have lost something ask yourself:

  • What has happened since then?
  • What has improved or flourished?
  • What have I learnt from that situation?
  • How has that served me?

When you can see the value in what you have gained from a loss you will feel the balance and order in the universe, and be able to cope and flourish in any situation.

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