On Right/Wrong Judgement

On Right/Wrong Judgement

Be wary of the places where we are tempted to look at life only through the lens of right and wrong. Be wary of where we become tempted to judge others without all the information or context to understand.

Many wonderful people with great intentions and kind hearts can become stuck in the distortion of polarised thinking.

Polarised thinking leaves little room for nuance and compassion. It often continues to perpetuate the very problems it is trying to solve. Right / Wrong paradigms feed pendulums of emotion, stir up drama and distort Truth.

Whenever we make a judgement about who someone IS based on some behaviour they have chosen at one point in time we justify our own ideas, which can break down relationships and leave no space for ourselves or others to grow, change and evolve. I have come to learn in many years of coaching that there is always more to understand in ourselves and others, and always some kind of positive intention behind choices. When we find the positive intention and eliminate the shame, we can create the conditions for so much openness, softness, and willingness to change.

I have learned to be mindful of the places I want to defend, justify or demonise. Check in with your own knowing and heart before sending someone “to the pit” and making assumptions about who they are as a person. There is a world of difference between discernment and boundaries that are compassionate of self and others and support growth, and distortions of judgement that cause contraction and entropy.

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