What’s the one thing every successful coach has?

What’s the one thing every successful coach has?



What is the one thing that every successful coach has that nobody talks about?

You might say clients.

Well, obviously. But there’s more to that.

When you think about all of the rockstar coaches that work in our field, they all have a kind of something about them. Right? They have this kind of quality that makes them attractive and magnetic.

Every single successful coach that makes it online and serves their clients in a one-to-many format has this star quality, this X factor, this something.

What is that something?

I believe that it is your personal magnetism.

We all know that for clients to work with us, they need to know us, they need to like us, they need to trust us before they will consider buying from us and working with us.

And so what is it that goes into the personal magnetism of being believable, of being trustworthy, of having integrity, and allowing that to shine through in a way that allows people to believe in you, to believe in what you stand for?

Whether we like it or not, running a successful coaching business these days is a lot about marketing – and it’s a lot about social media and how you can show up on social media, how well you can deliver and convey your message through video to the person that’s watching right now.

It’s not some kind of mystery thing that can’t be recreated, that can’t be broken down into skills and qualities and frequencies that can be replicated.

Now, obviously, if you have a more symmetrical face, or you have some nice hair or something, that might be a quality that can make things a bit easier or have an advantage.

But, ultimately, it’s down to your personal integrity that’s shining through and your gratitude, your appreciation, the frequency that you’re living with every day that allows that quality to shine through in your message, in your marketing, in your events, that allows you to convey that sense of integrity of what you stand for, of what your cause is, of what your mission is and what you’re really trying to make a difference to.

Transformational coaches, I believe, don’t do this as well as they could.

When you stand for transformation in someone and you serve your clients with transformation, there is an incredible amount of skill that’s involved in doing that kind of work – and there’s an incredible amount of heart and care that comes from the coach in order to create that kind of result.

Hardly any transformational coaches that I know are really successfully conveying their personal magnetism, or the capacity, or amplifying their personal magnetism in the way that they could.

Because I’ve pretty much built my business on personal magnetism. Let’s face it.

When I think about it, I’ve barely ever successfully to the point followed a marketing strategy exactly the way it was supposed to be done.

I have built my business and sustained my business over many years on the base of my personal magnetism, my kind of bubbly personality, and showing up and talking about the things that I give a damn about, talking about the things that I’m passionate about.

And I’ve always just had clients come to me and want to work with me.

Obviously, when you want to scale beyond a kind of mid six-figure business then you need to put those strategies in place.

But I’ve been able to kind of cruise on my personal magnetism for a long time – and I think that’s largely to do with the fact that I used to be a performer, I used to be a singer, and so I’m used to being on stage, I’m used to conveying with my voice, in my energy, in my face, what I care about and doing that in a way that is magnetic and that people want to listen or pay attention to.

I’ve had the ability to transfer a set of skills across – but not many other people have that
same background and that same history.

And so, I am unpacking what it takes for a transformational coach to become a magnetic leader.

That’s what I’m really passionate about now, is really shifting the quality of the coaching industry so that the spiritual coaches and the intuitive coaches have more craft and cause and build greater communities because of their personal magnetism – and that they’re standing for something and they’re speaking about it.

And that the super high-level business coaches that are out there teaching amazing strategies and structures, and tactics, and helping businesses grow, that they are integrating their spirit and their higher frequencies of service into everything that they’re doing.

I’m really excited to start to be working with some super high-level business coaches to support them to do that for their own kind of personal integrity and building out this Evolutionary Coach Alliance for intuitive coaches, healers, transformational coaches, to start to build their confidence, their personal magnetism, their skillset, their craft, honing what they’re really excited about and what they stand for so that they can speak to that powerfully, with passion, with presence, and in a way that’s joyful and pleasurable for both the coach and the client.

So I’m really excited to start sharing this work because I really feel that it bridges this gap between transformational work and strategic work, and business coaching and life transformational coaching.

I believe that there is a bridge that can be made – and I stand for that bridge because it’s really important that transformational coaches and healers and intuitives are setting in place the business skills that they need to grow so that they can serve more clients, and bring more money home to their families, and get paid for the care that they put into their clients.

And I believe that it’s super important that business coaches and strategic coaches have full frequency alignment with their highest potential and what they stand for and what is most meaningful to them so that they can filter that down through their whole organization.

I’m excited to share that with you guys.

Ignite Your Evolution

I have my first event coming up to teach and share this model with you. And then there will be some more events like January-February next year as well to start to share this and open up the Evolutionary Coach Alliance, which is professional development, skill development to become a better coach, to become a more precise and transformational coach, and mastermind.

So this is not about certifying in one particular modality. It is about an ongoing commitment to skill development.

And because it is an ongoing commitment to skill development, I will obviously be hosting it – but I will not be the only trainer.

I’m really excited to bring in guest trainers and teachers, business coaches, other NLP trainers, other healers from various modalities, to bring in and teach you a skill that you can then master and take back into your practice.

I believe that there is a huge space for this.

It’s really missing in the transformational coach space, is an ongoing community where people help each other, where people support each other.

I’m super inspired by my friend and business mentor, Taki Moore of Million Dollar Coach and Black Belt, who works with coaches and teaches them business strategies.

But what I love about his model is that it is ongoing and everybody in that mastermind is super generous, super collaborative. They’re sharing strategies, they’re helping each other every single event, they’re getting together, building community, they’re talking in private Facebook groups, sharing and and supporting each other.

And that is 100% missing from the transformational coach industry.

And that’s because we run on a certification model.

Our community can be greater than any one teacher, than any one trainer, than any one method, than any one modality

I’m going off onto a completely different topic now. Maybe I should save this for another video.

But, anyway, this start-stop model stops us from building community.

Unless you’re really affiliated with a particular school and you keep going back to that particular school over and over again, it stops us from building community.

And I believe that every trainer has wonderful skills and things that they can share. And that our community can be greater than any one teacher, than any one trainer, than any one method, than any one modality.

We are all committed to growth. We’re all committed to transforming. We’re all committed to supporting the benefit and the betterment of our planet and other people that we live with, and play with, and love with.

And I’m excited to start to create a space for us to share in a collaborative way using this similar kind of model where we can start to really build a community around this cause.

So if you’d like to find out more, then come along on the 21st of December or one of the other events that I’ll be running early next year.

Awesome to speak with you and I will catch you soon.

Lots of love.

Kylie x

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