Last week I found Kylie and “My Mind Coach” on the internet. Since then, Kylie’s programs have fueled the most amazing changes in mental strength for me. Kylie’s audio program, emailed publications and Kickstart workbook have allowed me to not only take full responsibility for my state of mental and physical health, but come to realise that if I do not start to make positive changes for me, then who else will? I have in the past felt selfish actioning steps towards my goals, making time for “me” the absolute last thing on my daily agenda. Now I realise, if I do not take the time to meditate with Kylie’s guidance, read her emails and work throughly through all necessary steps, then all I am doing is further holding myself back from REALLY deeply, being happy. As a result, I am also impacting the relationship of loved ones around me, because I know I can be happier, through reaching my goals.

I have also felt for sometime just how much my own actions have sabotaged my weight loss goals and progress, with Kylie’s insightful kindness, I have, for the first time in my entire life, realised that I am entitled to fulfill my goals. Divine happiness is not just for other people – but I am entitled to reach my goals as well – because, after all, if I don’t work towards them, who else will?

Kylie is the first person I have found to finally understand me and where I am coming from. I don’t feel like I have orders barked at me, I dont feel like I am being treated like a child for not always being able to maintain my perfect diet. I feel like Kylie’s guidance is perhaps, the perfect tool I have needed for a really long time, to finally allow myself to become alive!

My battles have been lingering for years and years. I wish I had been able to find Kylie sooner, though I am SO deeply blessed and grateful to have found Kylie now, not a moment later in time.

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