Kerry Mc Coombe

Thank you so much Kylie for your gift of your time, energy and spirit.  I would not have thought that in such a short time such long held feelings of anger could dissolve.  I have noticed the differences.  I am not taking myself so seriously for a start!  I feel lighter and happier which in turn means my relationships are reflecting that as well. People really do respond in a more positive way when you are positive yourself.

You are professional in your approach however you are also genuinely compassionate and caring.  I have come away from my time with you with feelings of both lightness and enlightenment and greater self confidence.  I am looking at my whole life – both past and present – with a quite altered mindset.  Friends and work colleagues have even commented that I seem really happy. I was concerned beforehand that I would find the time with you to be too confrontational but you put me at ease and I felt so comfortable talking with you.  I had a feeling of being with someone I would greatly value as a friend. My heartfelt thanks to you Kylie for instigating such a turning point in my life. Many, many thanks!

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