The Paradox of Lasting Weight Loss.

The Paradox of Lasting Weight Loss.

There is an inherent paradox; chicken and egg situation with weight loss, not many people know about it.

There is a key ingredient to overcoming it. It is the critical ingredient in becoming slim and staying slim forever.

What is this magical ingredient?

It’s not acai, hoodia or xenical, that’s for sure. It’s self-love.

Self Love is the critical ingredient in lasting weight loss.

What’s the paradox?

Most people think that in order to be liked, loved or successful they must be slim. They will love themselves when they become slim. However this is the very problem that causes your weight gain; a lack of self-love. In order to become slim easily and stay that way, you must love yourself, starting TODAY. Exactly as you are! You will become slim when you love yourself.

It’s not… 1. Lose weight, 2. Become lovable and worthy, 3. Feel good about yourself.
It’s… 1. Realise you’re lovable and worthy now. 2. Feel good. 3. Make nourishing choices for yourself. 4. Lose weight and become slim.

It’s completely opposite to the way you think it is.

Image matters?

Let’s face it, we live in an image obsessed world. And it’s true that slim, good looking people seem to get better opportunities. (Studies have proven this to be true.) So it stands to reason that you would be liked better if you were slimmer. However this is the problem! Don’t buy into it! It causes you to judge yourself and others based on appearance alone, focussing in on one tiny part of a person and using that alone as the basis of their value. You are SO MUCH more than how you look, what you weigh, or what size you wear!

Temper the voice of judgement.

There is a voice of judgement inside your head. A voice that criticises you and puts you down. It also judges and criticises others. It’s ok, everyone has it. This voice needs to be tamed and tempered. It thinks that it’s helping you, motivating you and protecting you, however it is keeping you stuck.


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How do you start to love yourself?

First, you need to shift your thinking about your body from how it looks, to how it works for you. Focus on all the amazing things your body does for you every day. Here’s a list of some interesting human body facts to get you started . Focus on the good things, the amazing sensory experiences your body gives you. Smelling a flower, the touch or hug of a loved one, a kiss, seeing a smile. All these things you would never experience without your body!

  • Create a Self-Love book. Buy a beautiful book that you love the look and feel of, keep it by your bed, inside write the following lists…
  • Keep a gratitude list. How are you grateful for your body and your life today?
  • Keep an achievements list. Instead of focussing on all the things you have to do, focus on celebrating the things you’ve got done!
  • Keep  a beautiful list. Write down all the things you find beautiful about yourself, inside and out.
  • Keep a compliments list. Write down any compliments people have given you over the years.
  • Read your self-love diary and add to it each day.
  • Have a daily shower of love. As you wash yourself, imagine showering your body with love.
  • Give other people genuine compliments. As you look to find the beauty in others it will help you to feel good and find the kindness in yourself.
  • Create a mantra of self-love and repeat it all day long every day, for as long as it takes for you to believe it and tingle with it. Here’s an idea: “I am beautiful, healthy and well. I am loving, loved and lovable. Every day brings new possibilities for my growth and happiness.”

Love yourself. Feel good. Nourish yourself.

Here’s how it works. When you feel good about yourself you naturally listen to your inner wisdom, you make nourishing choices and are compassionate to yourself. You are relaxed and happy. You want to eat well and make activity a part of your life because it increases your joy, not as a punishment for being fat. Feel good. Love yourself. Nourish yourself. Get slim. Stay slim. It works!

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