Philosophy, Mission and Call out!

Philosophy, Mission and Call out!

I believe that there is a much better way to become slim, sexy, happy, inspired and free…

There are two divergent philosophies within the weight loss and wellness industries. I believe the old way that has been dominating for the past 30 years is on the way out, and the new way is taking over… Hurrah!

The old way… diet and cardio yourself skinny.

In my opinion, the old way, and outside – in approach that has been dominating up until now is about shaming fat (TV shows like Biggest Loser) and trying to look like a magazine model, which creates secret self-loathing, super strict diets, beating yourself up when you can’t stick to the strict diet, trying to be more “motivated”, calorie counting, low fat, low carb, high protein, macro counting, synthetic vitamins, fat-burners, thermogenics, aspartame, fakety fake diet foods, being yelled at by your PT, endless, endless cardio… Forcing yourself to do it so that you can look the way you think you should.

The new way… slimness and health through self-love.

The new way is about inside- out. It’s about starting with self-love, eating nourishing, fresh whole foods, learning to cook delicious healthy meals, listening to your bodies’ hunger and fullness signals, self- awareness and noticing what foods agree with you and don’t agree with you, enjoying treats occasionally without guilt, inspiring yourself to strive for greater health, strength, flexibility and performance, fun group fitness events, enjoying the mental toughness that comes from a great workout, expanding your comfort zone, investing in specialised help from a  PT, nutritionist, mind coach to reach a goal or improve performance. Doing it forever because you love the way it makes you feel.


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My mission.

My mission is to assist women who are sick to death of the old way, to learn how to get slim through self-love, release their past and find their own inner strength and inspiration, so that they can finally get past the weight battle and go on to bring their own special gifts to the world.

I need your help!

In order to create the ultimate solution for you, delivered exactly as you want it, that helps you make this change and finally reach the slim, sexy body and freedom and happiness you deserve, I would like to interview you for about 20 mins over the phone.

If you are…

  • sick to death of the old way,
  • done with struggling with your weight and constantly thinking about food.
  • sick of dieting, and self-sabotage
  • tired of being really mean to yourself.

and you are happy for me to interview you briefly, can you please fill in your details here and I will call you over the next two weeks for a brief chat. Thank you so much!


…and I’ll give you a buzz. Thank you for helping me!!

Kylie x


P.S  – Of course there will be special thank you gifts for those who kindly donate their time to help! 😉

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  1. Hi Kylie. Wow! This sounds really interesting. I’d be happy to chat to you. I’m in Perth so I can be contacted after hours my time which should work out 3pm ish onwards for you. Oh, and thanks for your great kickstart program! Lisa. xoxo

    • thank you Lisa!! I’ll give you a call this week. x

    • Hey Elesha, there’s a link just above that say please fill in your contact details here… Click that and it will open a new window for your details. Or you can just email me your number and some good times / days to call at… Thanks Elesha. I look forward to speaking with you!! 🙂

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