Private Coaching Terms

Hey!  We are so thrilled to welcome you as a private client.

You are about to embark on the most wonderful, heart-opening journey to meet yourself.

Here’s some of the usual results clients experience as a result of this work:

– more lightness, ease and flow.
– more joy and feeling of peace, even through turbulence.
– increasing sense of innate, centred power & magnetism.
– able to make decisions with more clarity and less reactivity.
– more present with loved ones and team.
– deeper intimacy and truth with self and others.
– more joyful and connected to what really matters.
– more productive and less distracted.
– more energy and joy.
– more open to receive support.

You will feel results like these from the very first session.

However this does not mean the process is always easy.

Great gains do not come without work.

This is not the outer work of pushing and hustling against the grain.

This is the inner work of courageously facing the parts of yourself that you have hidden from; emotions, un-resourceful patterns you learned somewhere along your life. Things that you do that you don’t like about yourself; these will be faced, owned, felt and emotions shifted along the way.

It’s also important to be aware that sometimes as a result there is a process of emotional deepening and shedding that can happen too. You are likely to experience big & small life changes as a result of this work.

You are likely to experience emotions and memories that you may have not faced before in your day to day life. You will learn how to move through these with grace. Change is not always totally comfortable, but you can be assured that any changes that happen as a result of this work are bringing you into closer alignment with your Souls Purpose and Mission.

Our agreements.

– Show up. Please arrive to our sessions on time, sober, ready and open for the inner work.

– Be honest. Please tell your coach if you are on any mind-altering medication. Be honest about what you are feeling. There is no truth that you need to hide from your coach or this process, the more you can be honest about the things you feel you need to hide in the outside world, the greater the peace you will feel.

– Be flexible & kind. You will experience huge emotional growth, this requires new thoughts and behaviours. Be kind to yourself.

– Be willing to change. If you aren’t willing to change, it might be worth having a chat with your coach first about if this is right for you now. If you are willing but unsure of how or feel a bit scared, that’s perfectly ok.

– Be vulnerable. The greatest courage is when you vulnerably lean into your emotions. You are safe.

– Compassion for life. We all have our own lives outside this work that sometimes throws a curveball or an emergency to deal with at short notice. Please let us know asap if you are unable to make an appointment for any reason, and we will too.

– Professional relationship boundaries with your coach while honouring and enjoying the natural deep connection that develops.

We’re so thrilled to be able to support you on this journey and that you have said yes to awakening your mind, heart, soul and levelling up how you serve the world and are served in return.

with gratitude,

Kylie, Mei & the Coaching Team

PS – here’s the legal details below. Please sign below so we’re clear on all our agreements.

Legal Coaching Agreement

This agreement is made between Coach; and Client, yourself, as named and signed below.

Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions will be conducted as agreed. Coaching sessions will be approximately 55 minutes in duration. In addition to the private sessions the client also receives access to any relevant personal development class or program offered by My Mind Coach during this time. Amount and program duration is as per discussion and invoicing details.


This agreement, will begin upon acceptance, and remittance of the first payment and will continue for a minimum of 3 months unless otherwise stated. Payment is non-refundable. The individual sessions will be scheduled as per agreement between the coach and client. After this agreement, client may continue sessions as required.

The services to be provided by the coach to the client are coaching as designed jointly with the client to assist the client to achieve the outcomes they desire. Coaching, which is not therapy or counselling, may address specific personal areas around relationships, money, health, career, self-worth, historical events, sex, spirituality and lifestyle design.


Please notify us with at least 24 hours if you are unable to make your appointed time, (ideally 48 hours) or the full coaching fee will be due. Exceptions will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Please treat your coaching session like any other very important appointment.

Occasionally, the Coach may need to make a change to the appointment for exceptional circumstances, sickness or when needed to care for a child. In this event, we will always endeavour to give as much notice as possible, and reschedule the session as soon as possible.


All information disclosed by the client during the session is held with the strictest confidentiality. The Coach may share non-specific information with Coaching Supervisors, with complete anonymity, and only for the purposes of Clinical Supervision, ensuring the clean coaching relationship, training and development.

Please note that there are two exceptions to the above confidentiality agreement:

1. When disclosure is required to prevent clear & imminent danger to yourself and others.
2. When legal requirements demand that confidentiality material be revealed.

Other Mental Health Care

The client agrees to inform the coach if they are under the care of any health care professional such as a therapist, psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist or related professional during the course of our coaching relationship. If the client is receiving this medical treatment, the duty of care remains with the prescribing medical professional always. The client must provide written permission from the medical practitioner stating their permission for the client to attend coaching sessions as a complimentary form of assistance. Client agrees to disclose to the Coach if they are receiving any prescribed drugs to assist with their mental health.

Coaching Relationship

Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The coach will offer a program of transformation sessions, using specific questioning techniques and processes that may include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Spiral, Kinesiology Muscle Testing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meta-Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Auric Clearing, Karmic Clearing & Morphogenetic DNA Activation, and Energy/ Quantum Healing, or Intuitive Guidance as the client requires.

The client is responsible for the specific outcome, which your coach will question and help you to get clarity on. Please come to your sessions with a note or two about anything that you would like to focus on. Be sure to also acknowledge and celebrate what is working and how you are growing instead of only focussing on solving problems. The client can count on the coach to offer processes for creating insight, observations, honest feedback, and teaching as it is relevant to the process.

The client enters into the coaching relationship knowing that he/she is 100% responsible for creating the desired life results. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate that idea frankly and together coach and client can take action to return the power to the coaching relationship. Also, the client will notify the coach if the coach ever communicates in a way that is upsetting. Honesty and trust are critical for the coaching relationship. Coaching is a special relationship and the conversations that are held in the coaching space are sacred, and will likely challenge the client in a way that they may never have been challenged before, this often facilitates massive growth and the discomfort of stretching the comfort zone will always be balanced with support.

Professional Boundaries

Coaching is a powerful and special relationship. You and your coach will very likely have a sense of closeness, and deep care. On rare occasions ‘transference’ can occur; which means that the feeling of being cared for emotionally by a professional coach can be misunderstood as something else, or other personal relationships can be overlayed as a lens that influences the perception of the relationship. If this happens it can be addressed within the coaching session, or with coaching supervision.

Relationship Commitments

Coach and client agree to:

  • Abide by the mutually agreed time frames to complete all coaching task commitments as agreed.
  • Ensure we keep coaching appointments.
  • Honour our commitments to each other.
  • Develop a coaching relationship that is fully open, honest, and trusting.

Constructive Feedback & Coach Supervision

If in the unlikely event that the Client is unhappy with the service, value, or any behaviour of the Coach, the Client agrees to discuss this feedback with the Coach directly, or if this is not convenient to contact the Director of My Mind Coach; Kylie Ryan personally on to resolve these issues as soon as they arise. My Mind Coach agrees to do everything reasonably possible to provide an excellent coaching service. Sometimes a Coach & Client are not the right fit, and if this is the case, My Mind Coach will do our best to find a suitable replacement coach or Supervise the Coach to improve our service. All MMC coaches have supervision to ensure their coaching is of the highest possible standard.

There are no refunds on Private Coaching Packages. If you wish to test out our relationship before signing up to a Transformation package, please book a single breakthrough session first. Once we begin a process we both commit fully to completing the process. The payment is a part of the sacred fair exchange that we commit to.

Testimonials & Referrals

My Mind Coach often provides results that leaves our Clients highly satisfied and happy to testify to their results and refer others who they feel would benefit from our services. We are always open to referrals from our happy clients.


I understand that I am working with a coach from the coaching team of My Mind Coach for professional Coaching at the agreed fee. Professional Coaching is distinctly different from counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of emotional problems. Since professional coaching does not constitute medical consultation or treatment, health insurance does not apply. My Mind Coach welcomes you as a client and we look forward to assisting you with your goals.

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