Private Coaching Program for Apex Entrepreneurs

This program is for high achievers
who know they were born to make a difference.

When you have already achieved what most barely dream of and realise there’s still something missing, we can help.

So often high achievers are great at getting help with tasks, but struggle to reveal their own inner fears and vulnerabilities. It’s ok. You’re 100% safe with me.

We can help you to clear your mind, align with your truth and eliminate  internal obstacles that are causing friction and stress. Some of my clients call me Brain-Draino.

You know that even though others look up to you as a massive success, you have barely scratched the surface of what you’re capable of.

If you’re experiencing any of these we might be a fit to work together:

  • Anxiety, reactivity and emotional stress.
  • Drama managing your team.
  • Invisible ceiling on your revenue & profit.
  • Personal relationship stress with your partner or family.
  • Over or underactive sex drive.
  • Nagging feeling that it should be easier.
  • Feeling like you are growing faster than anyone else you know.
  • Wondering if you should sell your business and start-over.
  • Childhood wounding or limitations that you know needs healing.
  • Deep desire to connect into your Higher Self.
  • Commitment to being your best self and making a difference.

Some entrepreneurs tell me that “there aren’t really many ‘problems’ in my life, I’m very lucky and grateful, but I know that I open up more of my potential and power when I speak to you”. This work isn’t just about healing the past or solving problems. It’s also about opening you up to your own Spiritual Connection, Higher Self and Soul Gifts, so you understand yourself more deeply than ever before,  and as a result have more conviction and confidence in who you are and what you are here to do and be in this world.

When you change from the inside, the change filters out into every area of your life.

You already know that when you’re stressed and reactive, you make poor decisions that cost you money and damage relationships.
Conversely, when you’re being your most powerful confident self, you glide through life in flow and opportunities abound.

So when you want to make a shift to how you show up to lead, we can help.

The 3 month transformational coaching process my team and I take entrepreneurs through is a profound change journey that systematically clears out  baggage and bocks that is held unconsciously in the mind, body, spirit & energy field, opening you up to your full power, conviction and authentic self.

This process facilitates healing and exponential growth by helping you to return to your authentic truth. Together we clear the influence of any past emotional wounding, limiting belief imprints or old conditioning that is not serving you. When you can return to the experience of your deepest self, anxiety disappears and you have a pathway to access your Infinite Wisdom and creativity.

What I have found working with many Apex Entrepreneurs is that an exceptional level of success often hides a core wound, or deeply hidden need. The success is can be a way of scaffolding a need for validation, approval, worthiness etc, so sometimes success is driven by an unconscious sense of lack.

I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs heal that core wound, so that your business and life can be an expression of your joy and truth and expand out to shift the world. When people heal in this way, the feeling of their business shifts completely, and new opportunities open up in synchronistic and surprising ways.

What is it?

Transformational Coaching (including Spiral) synthesises many ancient & modern wisdom systems into one powerful experience of change. The wisdom that we draw on includes:

  • The Chakra System from Ayurveda for embodied change.
  • Spiral Dynamics tracking the evolution of human consciousness,
  • David Hawkin’s Levels of Consciousness.
  • Yin/Yang & 5 Elements Theory from Chinese Medicine.
  • Muscle Testing & Meridian Based Energetic Clearing from Kinesiology
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming & Gestalt Therapy
  • Epi-genetics to understand your neuro-transmitter strengths.
  • Gene Keys and Human Design Profiling systems for deeply personal guidance.

We use Systemic Coaching and Kinesiology Muscle Testing to track and access deeply held Unconscious belief systems, and help you to shift the somatic (body) imprints. 

You might think this is like therapy. It is, and it isn’t. It’s more like the equivalent of years of therapy in a weekly bootcamp session.  It is rigorous emotional and mental flexibility training, alongside deeply compassionate healing for any vulnerable parts of you that need deep support. Often in a single session we can create shifts that you may have never been able to achieve with other methods.

In the Spiralling Process we systematically clear out core beliefs and emotional patterning in each energy centre. This is your operating system reboot. As you go through life and experience successes and challenges, significant events and traumas, these can create belief imprints and emotional blocks, that can create blind-spots and unhealthy repeating patterns.

If you never heal these emotional & energetic blockages they can end up becoming denser and denser in the body and show up as business problems, revenue ceilings, client issues, relationship strain, and may even eventually manifest as physical illnesses & chronic sickness, sabotaging behaviour patterns, or unexplained accidents.

As we go through this process step by step we can find and eliminate hidden issues that you might never think to bring into a coaching session, but can be affecting you deeply at an unconscious level, pulling the strings of your reactive behaviours, sabotage, and triggers.

How does it work?

This is a structured journey of weekly 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months. Sessions are conducted on zoom and take between 60-90 minutes.

We begin the process with an outcome session to get clear on your intention for the entire process, what you want to experience differently in how you show up in the world, your behaviours, and the results you experience.

Then we move into the Spiral sessions of system clean up! Think of it like a complete Software upgrade for your mind-body-spirit.

Each Level corresponds to a chakra (energy centre) and also a values meme in Spiral Dynamics, and has an energetic, physical, and values system component activation. I’ve listed the core emotions that we work through as we rise up the spiral from the base of your spine at Chakra/ Level 1 to the Crown and your embodiment of your Higher Self and Spirit.

As we clear each level it opens up a greater flow of energy through that centre and can activate hidden issues that have been playing out unconsciously in order that they get cleaned up by the process.

Level 1:  Base, Muladhara, Root, Survival
In this level we connect to a deeper sense of groundedness, presence and deserving. We work with the emotions of Shame, Guilt, and Dogma, which can interfere with your experience of feeling safe, “at home” on Earth and connected to life itself.

Level 2: Sacral, Svadhistana, Emotions, Tribe, Belonging
In this level we address your emotional body and any distortions or blocks around family, tribe, or connection to your lineage.  This level is related to your sex organs and govern our experience of pleasure, fair exchange, give and take and creative power. The emotions that we address at this level are Fear, Grief and Paralysed Will.

Level 3:  Solar Plexus, Manipura,  Power, Will, Goals
In this level we connect with your desires and will, this is the part of you that wants, sets goals and likes achievement and recognition. Your passion and energy for life lives at this level. We address the emotions of  Pride, Anger and Desire so your individual ego is in alignment with your Higher Self.

Level 4: Heart, Anahata, Love, Systems, Organisation.
At this level we connect to the heart and the systems that support you in your life, health, love and business. The connection here between the heart chakra and the blue level in Spiral Dynamics points to a deeper truth of the Order of Love. In this level we work with how the reasoning mind can override the truth and wisdom of the heart, and support deeper opening to receive and accept the support to fulfil your life mission. The emotions at this level are Reason, Acceptance and Love.

Level 5: Throat, Vishuddha, Expression, Expansion, Pragmatism.
At this level we connect your voice and speaking your truth with your entrepreneurial desires to grow. Your business success is very much dependant on your ability to listen and communicate clearly and in a way that inspires the culture of your organisation. The emotions that can block your ability to express your truth unapologetically are Anxiety, Confidence and Low Self-Esteem, which we investigate and clear to empower greater truth, self-expression and the expansion of entrepreneurial confidence.

Level 6: Third Eye, Ajna, Vision, Intuition, Community, Sensitivity.
At the third eye we support the integration of your logical mind and intuitive guidance. This is where your greatest vision can be opened up, and you can see beyond your previous limitations to your greatest potential. We also begin to connect into the deeper web of humanity and can begin to see ourselves in others. At this level the emotions are Truth, Trust and Receptivity which serves to help you open up to the Divine Truth, and be ever more receptive and trusting of  your own inner knowing.

Level 7: Crown, Sahasrara, Purpose, Spiritual Connection, Integral.
At this level we begin to glimpse and feel into the larger holistic interconnectedness of all things. This is the level of your crown, your connection to Spirit, God, the Quantum Field or Akasha. At this level we work with the emotions of  Peace, Joy, Enlightenment and Purpose. This opens up your energy centre for open connection and communication with your Higher Spirit.

As we work our way through these levels of power we also address any other specific personal, relational or business issues or obstacles that show up along the way.

We also integrate relevant insights from your personal Gene Keys, Human Design to help you understand exactly who you are and what you’re here to do and be.  These are quite different than a Kolbe, DISC, MBTI type assessment, because it is based on your unique Soul imprints. For integration of the work we use a Manifestation process of calling in your ideal future self, or an archetype of success that you want to step into and become. This manifestation of a new identity allows you to show up in the world in a more integrated way and the actions you need to do, become intrinsically motivated so success becomes inevitable!

What happens in a session?

We will get together on a zoom call online, I will ask for your permission to connect with your field of consciousness energetically, and muscle test on your behalf.  I will ask you questions or to repeat certain statements to test whether your nervous system supports them as “truth” or not. When there are obstacles around an idea, we can very quickly and accurately pin-point the cause in the deep unconscious and shift it in seconds. 

This process creates change not just through visualisation or talk therapy that helps you to think about things differently, but  also clearing blockages energetically and emotionally  through the meridian system. I will guide you to give a light self-massage to specific areas of your body in relation to the issues/organs/meridians that come up to help your nervous system recalibrate to homeostasis.

We may invite you to shake, dance, stretch, yawn, yell, and hold compassionate space when tears fall. All emotions are ok. Allowing the emotions to gently move through the body with movement is a key part of the process of unlocking them and letting them go. I may offer guidance in the form of reframes, stories or questions to think about certain things in a new way as you are integrating the changes.

This may feel like we’re just having a chat, and that is the art-form of skilled Transformational coaching. You can rest assured that every word I say or ask in a session is powerfully intentional and guided both by my experience and intuitive knowing with your highest good in mind.

I have found this method to be very powerful, very fast and effective. Much more so than my previous talk-based coaching methods alone.

With nearly 20 years experience in coaching and training Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Matrix Therapies, Meta-Coaching, Auric Clearing, DNA Activation, and Epigenetic Health Coaching, I can and will incorporate any part of my expertise that you need in a session to support you to break-through what is showing up as a blockage to your true self and ideal results.

The Results

Michelle Coyle – BGSD Strategies
Phil Graham – Fitness Entrepreneur

The investment.

The 3 month program is a sequence of 12 private zoom calls of 60-90 mins and private voxer access for integration & energetic remote healing support in between our weekly sessions. In these sessions you will experience dramatic energetic and emotional shifts,  that will create very fast changes in your life and business.

Due to the very deep and radically transformational nature of the work, it is both expensive and priceless. I personally take on only a few clients at a time, and also have a team of coaches that I have trained in this method, who are able to offer this same program at a lower investment for you or your team. We can discuss your needs and the options on the initial call.

A word of caution.

Be aware that this is a deeply transformational process.  It is not like any other coaching method I have come across, because together we align your body, mind, spirit, energy and emotions. Most other therapies work only at 1 or 2 levels. While this work may seem unorthodox, it is the most effective method of creating complete systemic change fast.

That means things in your life will change.

As people go through this process they do sometimes notice that in the time between the sessions emotions and situations will arise that calls you to embody the changes that we are initiating through the process.

You will likely set new boundaries. Say no to certain things. Feel some uncomfortable emotions. Let go of things that are not longer serving you. Start new things that you desire to do. This all sounds good in theory, but in practice it can be emotional and sometimes disorienting. That’s part of the process of loosening up the places that are stuck to create space for what needs to shift. Even though it can sometimes feel intense, it is ok, it will pass and is a part fo the process for some people. I will be here to support you through the process – that is exactly what the voxer access in between sessions is for, so I can help you to stabilise and stay calm if something comes up between sessions.

Just know that you’re signing up for systematic transformation. It’s not always rainbows. Sometimes a hurricane comes first. But you can be certain that anything and everything that transforms as a result of this work is for your best and highest good and the good of everyone you come into contact with.

The first step…

The first step for us both before committing to the full process together is for us to have a conversation to see if we’re a fit to work together. You can apply here to see if you’re eligible for the coaching process. There is no obligation or pressure in this call, simply a meeting to see if it’s a fit to work together or not.

Apply HERE for a consultation

Personally, I’d like to add that adding the Spiral Method into my already extensive 20+ year coaching toolkit has been profoundly transformational for me too!

It has allowed me to finally heal some identity conflicts and deeply unconscious wounding that I have been working on for over 20 years with other methods and having only partial success.

I now feel more fully myself, more brave, more courageous in my vulnerability, more truthful and powerful in my self-expression than I ever have. I have a profound conviction in the power of this work. It is Spiritual Contract work, and working with me is an invitation to call your Soul into your body and integrate your Higher Calling into your business and life.

It is definitely not for everybody. This is not something to dabble in or try out. It is for those who are 100% committed to being their best self and doing what it takes.

If you’d like to come on this transformational journey with me, I’d be honoured to guide you.

Apply HERE for a consultation

with appreciation,