Homes-study Courses

Kickstart Motivation Program

Get clear on your body goals, kickstart your motivation for lasting weight loss and body confidence.This is the original audio course of 4 x 1 hour audio workshops, & healing hypnosis. It is a great place to start the journey of change. You will learn about mindset, goals, values, time management, and how to keep your motivation high to achieve your body and fitness goals. Home-study course.


Emotional Eating Mastery

This bite sized 6 week course will help you to rein in your cravings and learn how to manage your emotions without food. Short, powerful daily videos will be emailed to you each day to teach you how to to master your mind and tame the beast of your emotional eating. Home-study course.


Goddess Body Quest 

You know that your body is a temple right? What if uncovering your beautiful goddess body was less about the latest ab-master, paleo diet or tabata routine, and more about healing the old emotions, wounds and beliefs that have caused you to feel unsafe in your body. The inner weight that makes you feel like you need to hide your body in a layer of protection to keep yourself safe and invisible from the harsh world. This is my original flagship mind-body transformation course, and is a deep dive of personal growth that is aimed at changing your body, but will end up shifting the course of your life for the better! 8 powerful modules & over 20 healing hypnosis audios. Home-study course.

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1111 Consciousness Activation

We live in a world that goes way beyond the things we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This 1111 Activation is a deep healing of the layers of your mind that go beyond this lifetime. This course contains powerful sacred geometry codes, advanced metaphysical and esoteric teachings, & Karmic Healing meditations and the insights into the hidden history of humanity, that will help you to navigate your 3D existence with more peace and clarity, and stand up as a way-shower in this critical time of Planetary Ascension. Home-study course.

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