Change your body and life by mastering your mind.

After over 30 combined years coaching thousands of women to transformational results in their mind, body and life, we have figured out the best way to support you to create a change that lasts. So we only offer one option to work with us – the one that’s going to work, permanently.

Instead of offering you piece-meal short programs and band-aid solutions to this chronic mind-body-spirit issue, we have created a 3 phase, 3 year transformational journey for you to embark on.

Body Confidence Project is phase 1, the first year. While you will have quick wins and immediate shifts in your mind and body, you will also learn how to master the foundational habits to transform your body forever, and heal your inner critic so you give yourself permission to truly shine.  When you claim the power to live in your best body, you find the power to truly design your destiny.  Then a whole world of magical options open up for you.

When you have mastered your relationship with your body, then you may be invited to join us for Phase 2 – Warrior Goddess Uprising, where you activate and unleash hidden archetypal power, and finally Phase 3 – Legacy Leaders to embody your life mission and purpose as a change-maker.


Body Confidence Project


Join us for the powerful 12 month mind-body transformation program, the Body Confidence Project. In the first 90 days we will help you to recover from a lifetime of diet programming and “love your body lean” by building foundational habits of health so you can enjoy “lifestyle weight loss”. Over the following 9 months we support you with deeper and more advanced practices of self-love, emotional healing, feminine power and self-awareness that upgrades your mindset, and builds a legacy of lasting body confidence and power.

Instead of falling for the next fad diet when you can’t fit into your jeans, join our community of Queens and commit to lasting, life-long health.

  • Overcome the critic in the mirror.
  • Break free from a lifetime of self-judgement diet propaganda.
  • Transmute chronic stress & inflammation with Bianca.
  • Build sustainable, healthy habits to create “lifestyle weight-loss” (you can still eat pizza and chocolate!)
  • Master emotional eating, by learning how to leverage your emotional ups and downs with Kylie, so you never need to eat your way through stress
  • Access our massive library of weight loss mindset and motivation programs to teach you, coach you and help you shed the layers that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Receive weekly coaching and accountability support from Kylie, Bianca & the MMC team of expert transformation coaches. For the entire year!
  • Change your unconscious programming with our epic library of over 50 hypnosis / meditation audios you can keep with you always to help you calm down and relax. These are a favourite.
  • Find your sisterhood of ambitious, world-changing boss-babes, and connect 24/7 in our private support group.
  • Get 2 tickets to the bi-annual “Design Your Destiny” transformational goal setting and re-alignment weekends.
  • Optional to upgrade to private 1:1 coaching with the coach of your choice.


This program is by application only.

We do not accept everyone who applies in order to maintain the caliber of the group.

If you’d like to find out if you’re a fit, so you can have us as your coaches and support team, apply here.

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