Promoter or Prostitute – Body & Business

Promoter or Prostitute – Body & Business

When is it “okay” to be a self-promoter and when is it just sleazy self-prostitution?



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In this podcast we call “The Prostitute and The Promoter” we explore these ideas below (and many more):

  • When are we sacrificing and prostituting our values or ourselves? And when are we actually just being a talented, embodied self-promoter that has the greater good in mind?
  • Sharing Bianca’s story of how she used an indecent assault as a child to go from victim to victor and protector for women – but it created a split in her that made part of her reject men and her female form
  • What’s the difference between creating flow or just being flat and lazy?
  • When is it called “commitment” and “showing up” versus forcing and hustling out of fear and scarcity.
  • The 4 major archetypes of soul stamina that we kind of use to build our strength so that we can embody our mission more fully
  • The subtle frequency difference between using your body and embodying your higher truth
  • What really aggravates us about the coaching industry and the lesson we learnt in the reflection of the lack of congruence in other professionals
  • The hidden gifts of the Prostitute Archetype and how she can morph into the Heroine
  • The certain conditions Kylie would be willing to meet to fulfil her vision, even if other people saw her as a shameless self-promoter
  • How stepping into a larger leadership vision has made Bianca less cagey and less selfish about how people are allowed to interpret her message


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