Rachel Murray Case Study - From corporate to full time solopreneur in 12 months

NLP Legacy Leaders Graduate Rachel Murray shares her story – from graduating just 6 months ago, to being able to leave her corporate job to work in her coaching business.

What’s most incredible is Rachel knew nothing about business and started from scratch halfway through the course last year! Watch Rachel’s inspiring journey.


Kylie:  Welcome everybody! It is awesome to have you with us. Today I would love to share with you the story of one of our most wonderful graduates, Rachel Murray or Ari Kala. What do you prefer me to call you, darling?

Rachel:  Rachel’s fine for now. I’m still in the transition stage.

Kylie:  Transitional name stage. I like that. Getting people to know your new name. Beautiful! You graduated last year from the NLP Legacy Leaders program – and I’d love to just share your experience, because you’ve had such an incredible transformation and been able to really step into your leadership as a coach, as a healer, and as a thought leader in your own space.

I’d love to share where you were when we first met, what’s happened, and all of the choices you’ve made (probably not all of them but some of them) and share the possibilities. So tell us a bit about your story.

I’ve known my whole life that I was here to help people, but I just didn’t know exactly how.

Rachel:  I was feeling very lost working full time in law in Sydney CBD. At one point in time I thought that’s what I wanted to do, but I was very lost. I’ve known my whole life that I was here to help people, but I just didn’t know exactly how. I’d look into being a lawyer, being a naturopath, being a doctor, all those sort of things, but nothing just really fitted fully.

And so, out of my desperation I started just sort of looking into alternative healing. I was very fortunate that my family was into that sort of stuff when I was growing up, so that sort of gave me the platform to delve into that side of things.

Before I knew it, I’ve magically met Kylie in some weird circumstances. I’ve done a course on NLP a few years ago and hypnotherapy but haven’t done anything with it because it wasn’t grounded enough. It was like get in, learn it and get out. It’s like, “How do I actually use what I’ve just learnt?” because there’s so much involved.

So when I found you, it just was really fitting that it was going to help me ground my information – because I’ve always been very sort of up with the fairies and not being able to bring everything I know down into the world and share with people. I started that and had an amazing time.

Since then, I started my business before I even finished the course.

I was a little bit intimidated because I didn’t have my own business or anything. I had no idea how to run a business, no idea about marketing, no idea about working with clients. So I was very outside of my comfort zone. But it was very beautiful to go through the process of having a mentor that had that spiritual element and that holistic element, as well as the very grounded science-based element as well. So that really helped me to conjure that for myself.

Since then, I started my business before I even finished the course. Halfway through the course I started and just started putting myself out there. And I went through a whole heap of transitions with that. Once I was getting to know myself, it kept evolving. And now I’ve gotten it to a point where i’ve got really grounded solid message.

I’ve moved out of my job completely, left an unfulfilling relationship I was a bit stuck in, moved out of Sydney, living somewhere much more quiet, much more suitable for me, and have found my soulmate – and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. All in less than a year.

Kylie:  It’s so amazing! It’s really wonderful. I think it’s really interesting to share that part that you had such a really strong and well-developed psychic and spiritual skill, and just kind of didn’t have any way to bring it into the world and kind of ground all of that incredible intuitive gifts that you have into a way that you could serve your clients or future clients and look after yourself as well. And I feel like NLP was a good bridge for that – for the spiritual into the world.

When you allow yourself to delve into how deep it can really go, it opens up so much magic for you.

Rachel:  Yeah, it’s the basis now of all the healing work that I do and everything else just comes up into it, just adds on to it, but it is the most profound healing tool. I struggled to understand at first how it was a healing tool, because people use that in corporate environments and in sales, you know, ads and stuff – and so it was hard for me to envision that at first. But when you allow yourself to delve into how deep it can really go, it opens up so much magic for you.

Kylie:  I’m so thrilled for you! Everytime I see one of your posts, I’m just so proud. It’s really wonderful. So if you were talking to someone that is also right now considering being a coach, or starting their own business, or maybe in their own unfulfilling job and would like to kind of start life that’s a bit more meaningful in coaching or in NLP, what would be your advice around that?

Rachel:  My advice would be just to get over yourself. Like, how long are you going to stay stuck by your fears when there’s so many people in the world that need your help? And you need your help. It’s like having to come to that sort of event horizon of “Am I going to stay where I am? Where will I be in 20 years time if I do that? Or where will I be in 20 years time if i face my fears and step into short term vulnerability for massive payoff? In all elements, abundantly: happiness, freedom, love. It trickles into every facet of life.

Kylie:  Yeah, absolutely. And that’s been the coolest thing, is that people that really embody the NLP experience, it does change every aspect of your life – from your health, to your relationships, to your career and your family. It’s just been so wonderful to see how well you’ve rolled with that change and just embraced it and gone with it. And I think that’s such a testament to your spirit and your faith in being able to really optimize and leverage all of the insights from NLP.

Age is a barrier that you helped me break through as well.

Rachel:  And I think age is a barrier that you helped me break through as well. In speaking to a lot of potential clients and even clients that have come on board, a lot of the time they think they are too young or too inexperienced to do anything. Because we’re sort of moving in from the healers and lightworkers and whatnot that are older now, and then there’s sort of a new wave of us people coming through. But this new wave of people are still very unsure of themselves and are heavily limited by their programming and whatnot. And so, yeah, it’s just realizing that age isn’t a factor.

Once I got over that hurdle for myself, most of my clients started to be like almost twice my age. It’s a really beautiful thing to experience when you shift your own beliefs and see how it actually shifts your life around you. It’s amazing to experience.

Kylie:  So incredible! I’m so happy for you and so proud of you, because I can see the difference that you’re making in your niche and the people that you’re helping. Can you talk us through your journey of discovering your niche and finding your voice and your name as well?

I really just had to embrace my weirdness.

Rachel:  Yup. At first I always wanted to be a bit eccentric and a bit different – but I was also still stuck on not being too eccentric, not too different. I started off doing soul purpose coaching and got a few clients doing that and whatnot, but I just found it was still too broad and there were a lot of people calling themselves soul purpose coaches and people weren’t fully understanding what that is. So I really just had to embrace my weirdness.

And that’s become one of my big things now that I help people do, is really help people embrace their weirdness. Because their weirdness is their unique message, it’s their unique frequency.

We grow up being told “oh, you’re weird” and being sort of made to fit into society – but when you can break out of that, that’s when you bring amazing things into the world to help people with.

It just started to become more and more a thing that the people that were gravitating towards me were sort of psychic or healers and stuff like that. The more I delved into NLP, the more I realized how much you can use NLP to bring out those abilities. Because we all have them, they’re just blocked off – and I went through that journey myself.

The more I delved into NLP, the more I realized how much you can use NLP to bring out those abilities.

I was a young child and I had many psychic abilities, and then going to school you realize that that’s not normal and so they get shut off. And so I help people now removes those blocks so that they can reclaim those parts of themselves and use them to help them in all facets.

Like, you don’t need to be a healer or have a woowoo job. It can help in any sort of industry and any sort of business because it helps them to really attract what they want into their lives when they have that part of themselves grounded and known, because it just helps to steer them on the right path all the time.

When I realized that that’s what I was here for and I changed my logos and changed my name and everything and just got over myself, I was like, “Damn.” Things just started to fall into place finally. And that’s when I was able to leave my job and delve into this much more deeper and, yeah, really experience this as my full soul calling.

Kylie:  It’s amazing and so wonderful to know that people can unleash their psychic abilities. They don’t necessarily have to be going out and being a healer or a coach, but they might bring that ability into their corporate job, or into their business, or into their family and in other ways, and just giving people the opportunity to do that.

You’re a psychic empowerment coach. That’s the title you’ve got. I love it because there’s so many people that are blocked in that way and that need that help. And so, if someone is watching this and would love to work with you and unblock their own psychic skills and abilities, where can they find you?

It’s always really important to make sure that you’re a vibrational match when you’re working with this sort of stuff.

Rachel:  I have a Facebook page which is called Cosmic Unity with Rachel Murray – Psychic Empowerment Coach. Or my website, it’s www.cosmic-unity.com. You can just send me a message and we can chat and see if we vibe.
It’s always really important to make sure that you’re a vibrational match when you’re working with this sort of stuff. But yeah, I would love to hear from you!

Kylie:  Amazing! And if someone’s thinking about doing the NLP Legacy Leaders Program, just thinking about being a coach, what would you say to them?

It is worth every cent.

Rachel:  I would say, it is worth every cent. I’ve even spoken to a few people lately who were signing up to do 7-day courses and paying like $4000 or $5000 for those. And I could not imagine doing a 7-day course and coming out of it and having the skills that I have now, because there’s so much you need to learn. And it’s not just learning it, it’s embodying it and integrating it.

And it’s practicing over and over and having that supportive network with you, like we did in the course that you did. So many intensive days and then time away to integrate it and practice it out in the real world, and then come back together and do more intensive.

It’s very much worth the time and the effort to spend more time mastering your craft rather than just sort of grasping it and just hoping for the best. Your life will be the best when you put it in the best.

Your life will be the best when you put it in the best.

Kylie:  Thank you, Rachel. I’m really, really excited to share your story with the world. I’m just so excited for where you’re headed and all the people that you’re going to help as well, all the people that you’re already helping. And I can see inside your Facebook group as well, you’ve got a beautiful Facebook group, you’ve got free challenges and support and videos that you’re helping people with. So yeah, get on board and unleash your own power.

Rachel:  Beautiful!

Kylie:  Thanks, Rach! Appreciate it!


Rachel, we are so proud of you and your dedication to helping your clients and living your richest, most meaningful life and contribution.