Resolution Evolution – Every day is a chance to grow.

Resolution Evolution – Every day is a chance to grow.

How are you going to evolve into this year? How will you step up? Who are you becoming?

It’s natural to use the holiday time to reflect and make decisions. The New Year seems to be the key (and only) time that people step back to assess where they’re headed and what habits they would like to improve.

New Year is not the only time you could do this. Every single day is a new opportunity and a new chance to be better than you were yesterday.

So if you’ve already broken a hastily made Resolution, simply throw out that old thinking that obviously doesn’t work, and consider instead how you will evolve this year every single day?

If you thought of every day this year as New Years Day, and every day you reflected on the day before and made a decision about one thing you would like to work on and improve that day, what do you think might happen?


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Some people get overwhelmed by massive goals and find them daunting instead of exciting. Everybody’s different. If you fall into this category, this strategy is crucial to your growth. Just improve one thing from yesterday.  How can I be more? Give more? Do more? Grow more?

If you LOVE big goals and intentions, this strategy works too, it keeps you from fantasising that you’ll get to the goal later, and have loads of time to start tomorrow. Acting today is what counts. Be your very best today and you will enjoy today more, be proud of yourself, and reap the rewards tomorrow as well.

If you’d like me to help you with the critical steps for New Year planning from big picture focus to tiny daily steps, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Goddess Creates event in Sydney in mid Feb.


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