Say Hello To A Better You

Say Hello To A Better You

Spring time is around the corner, with bursts of warmer breeze, peeks of sunshine and thoughts of summer holidays bringing about a more inspired way of thinking.

As winter comes to a close, it’s natural to want to shed off old skin and reveal a fresher, happier you. Perhaps you’re entertaining thoughts of getting fitter, shining brighter and generally stepping out into the world with hopes to make it a better place.

And in the spring time, this is possible! Here is our guide to ensure that you get sparking from head to toe – and feel enriched in both body and soul.


1. Start gradually waking up 15 minutes earlier

Have you noticed the morning light creeping into your window earlier of late? As the days get longer, it’s important to sync your sleep cycles accordingly. Not only is rising earlier better for you, there’s so much great stuff you can do for yourself in that time! Enjoy some stillness with a cup of tea or flick through your favorite art book. There is plenty of time for a walk or mindful meditation. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.  The point is, you have now created some sacred extra time to invest purely in yourself.


2. Do a pantry spring clean

Crumpets? Jellies? The comfort foods of winter can creep up on us. However, it’s time to meet the spring time with more greens, juices, lighter soups and smoothies. As you focus on the best version of being you, ask yourself, “What would she eat?” Then be discerning and throw away anything that makes you feel flat, stodgy or simply doesn’t support your summer best.


3. Shake up your fitness

If you have been regularly exercising through winter – good for you! However, if you could use a bit of a fitness buzz again, why not ease back into the Nikes with something new, fun and exciting? It could be as simple as changing the route on which you jog, or joining group exercise classes. Training with a friend could also provide new challenges as you play around with new techniques. And if you really want to splash out, why not hire a personal trainer – at least for a month.


4. Explore a new mindfulness technique

Meditation can exist in many forms, so don’t worry about finding the ‘ideal’ routine. For some, a few pages of journalling every day does wonders to clear the mind. For others, it’s downloading a meditation app and letting the relaxing instructions guide you. Whatever your flavour, you can try one and all – and settle on what feels right for your mood or temperament. Mindfulness, which ever way you arrive at it, will help you feel more balanced, increase awareness of simple pleasures and help you make the most of the here and now. Why not give it a try?


5. Stretch your mind

Someone once said that reading is travelling to other worlds – and there are plenty of other famous quotes on the virtues of reading. If you tend to read the same type of book over and over (hello, personal development!), now is the time to get into the classics, mysteries or maybe even National Geographic. Reading will fire new neurons, expand your mind and make you a much better conversationalist. If you really want to take the brain food to the new level, why not study a new skill, pursue a new career or even do an a distance course in your area of interest? Just make sure you’re learning something new every day and the world’s your oyster.


As you can see, being a better you is all about shaking up your routine and stretching yourself to new horizons. When your mind is filled with new ideas, your muscles are moving in new ways and your belly and heart are nourished, it’s impossible not to feel a new burst of positive energy – and see it come back in wonderful ways.

AlinaAlina Berdichevsky is a personal branding coach and regular contributor to the Open Colleges Careers blog. When she’s not writing about leadership, communication and success, she loves reading about inspiring women in history, working on her soufflé and of course – perfecting an inner zen.


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