Scarcity & Competition is Unnecessary

Scarcity & Competition is Unnecessary


Hey guys! This is a video for coaches and practitioners who are starting out or side hustling their coaching business – and they’re afraid to speak their truth and get out there because they think, “Someone else is already doing the thing that I want to do and there’s too many other people out there doing what I want to do, so I can’t do it.”

I remember when I first started coaching 15 years ago and I was trying to decide on my niche… I had a really successful weight loss story, I’d lost 30 kilos, and lots of people were asking me and kind of wanting me to do weight loss mindset coaching with them.

I was really afraid to claim that niche because one of my mentors, a man, worked in weight loss coaching in a different kind of capacity – but he also worked in that niche.

I was like, “Ooh, I can’t do it. That’s his niche. I can’t step in on his territory.”

And so, I really held back from doing that for a long time.

Even now, like transitioning and really claiming my space as a mentor and professional trainer and collaborative space holder for coaches and practitioners, even now there was this kind of resistance in me to claiming this niche.

So I know the feeling of not wanting to claim your niche because you feel like, “Ugh, someone else out there is doing it. What if they think I’m copying them? That stuff has already been said, so I can’t say anything new. I’ve got nothing new to add to the conversation.”

There’s plenty of clients to go around.

I just looked up a few stats because I know that life coaching and personal coaching, let alone practitioner fields of healing, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

There’s 7.7 billion people on the planet right now – give or take a few – and the ICF, the International Coaching Federation statistics say that there are 53,000 coaches.

Not all practitioners and healers are registered with the ICF, so let’s say double. Let’s say even triple.

150,000 coaches, healers, practitioners that are working in the personal development space that may or may not be a part of some kind of regulated group.

Let’s even say quadruple it.

There might be 200,000 coaches, practitioners, healers of some sort or another in the world and 7.7 billion people on the planet, so there’s plenty of clients to go around.

In the US alone, the statistics are the self-improvement market created 9.9 billion dollars in 2016 – and it’s growing at 5 percent each year.

There’s like over $10 million just in the US in the self-improvement market. So there’s plenty of money that people in the world are spending on improving themselves and there’s plenty of people that need help.

Actually, when you look at it in comparison to the amount of people on the planet, the amount of coaches, healers and practitioners out there is not that many. So there’s plenty of people to go around.

There is absolutely no need for scarcity and competition feeling in amongst our profession.

There is an abundance of clients. There is an abundance of ways to say a different thing. There’s only so many clients that you personally can take on to help.

When I was doing weight loss coaching and I started teaching other personal trainers and coaches my weight loss coaching methods, some people went, “Why would you teach them that? They’re now going to become your competition.”

And I was like, “Well, there’s plenty of people that need this work. So me teaching my methods to other people is only going to help the industry – and it’s only going to help the people that need helping.”

So I think there is a lot of space for collaboration and sharing of ideas within our personal development field for us to share and collaborate with each other, because lord knows there are people that need our help.

There are too many people that need our help that are not getting our help – because coaches and practitioners are too busy playing their own mind games with themselves and holding themselves back from being seen, for fear of being judged, for fear of stepping on someone’s toes, for fear of saying the wrong thing, for fear that they don’t have enough certifications, for fear that they might be judged by their family and friends, for fear that they don’t have enough life results or skills in their own life, and like, “Who am I to help other people? Because I haven’t got everything in my life sorted out.”

Here’s the thing…

If you had the skill that you can help someone with and you are a master of that particular skill – you may not be the best in the world – but if you have a level of skill and expertise that it can help someone, it is your duty to help people with that skill.

People need help. If you have an ability and a skill to help people, goddammit, help them. Get over yourself and get yourself out there and let people know what you can do to help them. Because when you do then you get to help people.

And so, I find that this shift, when you stop focusing on yourself and worrying about you and what other people might think of you, and what your family might think of you, and what the person down the street or the coach down the street or the person that was in your training might think of you, when you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about, “Well, who is it that I want to help and how could I help them?”

When you start thinking about the other and your client and your potential clients, then you can start to get excited and passionate about the pain or the problem that you can help people with rather than yourself and your own fears.

When you get yourself and your own fears out of the way and start thinking,

“Gosh, I want to help people with weight loss.”

“I want to help people with their relationship.”

“I want to help people with their money mindset.”

Or whatever it is.

With their health and well-being, with their spiritual growth.

Your niche is only limited by your capacity to be creative and think about it.

When you start to think about who it is that you can help and how you can help them, you are doing the world a disservice if you do not allow those gifts to be shown and offered to the world.

And so, we as coaches, practitioners and healers, we need to get over ourselves, get over our own fears. We need to get over our own fears and limitations.

Work with someone. Work with a colleague to get through our own stuff so that we can deliver our gift of service to the world. Because lord knows the world needs our service.

The world needs us to stand up and be a beacon of light to help people with their stuff, to help people through their shadows so that they can live great lives as well.

You don’t need to be the best in the world at whatever the thing is that you’re doing.

Yes, there may be hundreds or even thousands of other practitioners of your particular modality that might even work in a similar capacity. But the way that you say a particular thing and your unique life experience and the stories and metaphors that you use to explain things might be the exact thing that some person needs to hear, in the exact way that you say it, with the intonation and the capacity that you have to say it.

The world needs you to say it in your way, not someone else down the street or the person who is sitting next to you in your training room. They need you to say it in your way with your unique service, with your voice, with your energy, with your unique codes.

The world needs our service.

There’s plenty of people that need our help. The world needs our service. And it is time for us as healers, coaches, practitioners, intuitives.

We need to stand together and support each other to get the word out to the people that need it – because people need our help and we can help them.

So we need to get over ourselves, get over the idea of scarcity and competition.

There is an abundance of clients, there is an abundance of people that need our help, so we need to go and help them.

That’s it. That is my thoughts for the day.

This is a growing industry, so claim your piece of the pie.

Get what is yours in fair exchange to help serve yourself and your family by delivering service to the world.

A great money mindset mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas, who’s an Australian coach and money mindset mentor who’s supremely successful and is having a launch right now of her money boot camp, she says, “I serve. I deserve.”

And she’s very much about us getting out of our own way and delivering our service to the world.

Another great business coach mindset mentor says, “The world needs that special thing that only you have.”

You might recognize that as Marie Forleo’s quote.

The world needs our service.

The world needs our service and we need to get out of our own way and deliver that service to the world. And when you serve you will get your fair exchange.

If your bank balance is not the way that you want it to be then deliver more service to the world. Start showing up and delivering service.

When you deliver more service, then you are putting energy out into the world to create good. And with an intention of creating good, then it will come back to you.

And so, yes, you need to create offers. And, yes, you need to create pathways for that money to come back to you so you can receive it in turn and charge appropriately for your services. But you can start showing up and delivering your service to the world for free on Facebook.

There is no barrier to entry to just putting some videos on your business page or on your personal profile to start delivering your service to the world.

And if you don’t know who your niche is or who your person is that you want to serve, just start.

Just start with something that you’re passionate about.

Instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis going, “Who is it? What is it? How do I do this? It needs to be perfect,” just start with something.

My first coaching business niche all the way back like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of blog posts ago, I thought I would be a Gen Y coach when Gen Y was a thing.

Then I went through being a weight loss coach. Then I went through being an NLP trainer. And now I’m doing mentoring and professional training for coaches and practitioners and healers.

So just start with something.

And as you get into motion then the clarity will become clearer – because you’re in motion.

If you wait for things to be perfect before you get started, you’ll never get started – because they get perfect by taking action.

That’s my thoughts for the day. I hope it serves you to get out into the world and deliver something that is of service today using your unique gifts.

I will keep you updated on the Growth Collective for coaches, healers and practitioners. It is coming soon. Keep on top of it.

I will be back here soon with some more offerings and inspiration for coaches, healers and practitioners so that we can collaborate and share our gifts with the world.

Because the world needs us to stand up and stand together.

Big love. Have an awesome day.

Speak to you soon.

Kylie x

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