Self-Care for Busy, Exhausted Mothers

Self-Care for Busy, Exhausted Mothers

Mothers need a LOT of care. The problem is so often these mothers are so busy caring for everybody else, they forget to look after themselves…

Unless we prioritise self-care and time-out, it often doesn’t happen.

You might even be a lucky one that has wonderfully thoughtful family or friends.  Even so, your family and friends can give you offers, gift-vouchers and offer help, but until you actually say “YES, it’s time for me to invest in ME now,” nothing will happen.

These two videos I shot for you last week are after I had a hair-salon blow-dry leading up to an event, and an incredible Massage/ Chiro/Physio session.

I often am running out the door before events wishing I had made the effort to get up earlier and blow-dry my hair. This is rarely a priority for me, but it was an absolute joy to give myself the gift of a blow-dry the day before my recent retreat, so I would wake up with beautiful hair, and save time getting ready. (haha, check out my funny hairflick at the start)  So I’m committing to great hair by my hairdresser before all important events.


And then after the amazing retreat I gave myself the gift of a massage session to decompress the body and calm the mind. It totally blissed me out, you’ll see in the video below. I was going to edit it, but I thought watching my slow breathing and spaced out massage talk might inspire you to go, or at least make you laugh!

Immediate results when you release and let go of tension.

The incredible thing is, in the session I was focussed on allowing myself to step back into my identity as a WOMAN,  and LOVER, not just Mother, Wife, BossLady, Coach and General Fixer of Problems.

That night my incredible husband treated me to another massage, (I wasn’t about to stop him, cause it was soo good!) and to put it mildly, my intention I’d held for the session came to fruition that night. (wink, wink)

Mothers need self-care to reclaim “Woman” & “Lover”

(and keep their loving, hard-working husbands happy!)

In order to juggle the many roles that we do, we MUST carve out self-care time that is not just about going to the gym. To truly give back to ourselves and fill up our cup, so that we have space and capacity to relax into the feminine energy of Woman & Lover. If we lose our identity as a Woman and as a Lover, in between work calls, meetings, breastfeeding, nappies, and rocking babies to sleep, then eventually our relationship will suffer, and we will lose core parts that make us whole. We will lose our ability to relax into receiving pleasure and fun in our lives, and that’s when we can become “brittle” and snappy.

Check out this amazing poetry post from Danielle LaPorte:

She started cutting up her fruit instead of biting it whole. She stopped wearing perfume and celebrating what only women can celebrate. She let the day-to-day become her cause, and she drugged her inner activist with conformity. She stopped circulating her wishes. She forgot. She forgot that:

if she fully admitted to her desire,
if she leaned back on the universe,
if she opened her heart, and her eyes, and then her legs
the power of her truth would come rushing in.”
– Danielle LaPorte

If you think you don’t have time for it, that’s when you need it the most.

I challenge you to commit to an extravagant act of self-care this month!!! Post your commitment below. I’d love to hear all about it!



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