Setting Goal Deadlines

Setting Goal Deadlines

“There are no impossible goals only unrealistic timeframes.”

Can I lose 10kgs in 10 weeks? Yes and no. It is possible for some people to lose this amount of weight in this time. However I would not recommend setting yourself that type of goal for now.

When setting an ideal goal date, you want to walk the line between something that gives you enough time to be motivating and inspiring and not so much time that you become lax and lose focus.

The recommended average weight loss is 500 grams per week. Half a kilo. Yes some people can do more, some people do less, (and don’t mention Biggest Loser, let alone compare yourself to the results of the contestants. That show is not reality, their “weeks” are usually more than 7 days)

Setting a goal needs to inspire you, and motivate you, not terrify you. There are NO impossible goals, only unrealistic timeframes. So when you’re setting your outcome goal, make it BIG, a big stretch, something you can imagine peeing your pants with excitement when you achieve it.  Your ultimate outcome.

Set the outcome first, and then after that, work out when is realistic to aim to achieve it by, for you, with your lifestyle, your other commitments and how dedicated and disciplined you’re prepared to be.

I recommend that your weight loss happens as a natural by product of your healthy actions and lifestyle shift of self-love.  When you achieve weight loss like this it doesn’t even feel like weight loss. It feels like JOY. In comparison; killing yourself to achieve some figure on the scale by certain date usually sets you up for a blowout as soon as you’ve got there.


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So when setting your time line for your outcome goal keep this in mind. If the date terrifies you and you are already thinking that you’ll fail and be disappointed – don’t set that date. Double it. Give yourself plenty of time to achieve it.  You are better off setting a longer goal and then over-achieveing on it, than setting a shorter goal time frame and setting yourself up for crazy dash attempts and crushing disappointment.

This counts twice as much if you are setting goals for the first time, or if you have set goals in the past and “failed” to reach them. Your goal achievement point needs to feel like a guideline, not a deadline. If this is the case and you have a massive goal or a LOT of weight to lose then you might not even want to set and exact date at all, simply focussing on some date in the future I’ll achieve this… If you feel like  “I’ll just keep going till I achieve it.” then you don’t need a goal date. If on the other hand, your personality type needs a goal point to aim for, set a date. Better yet book in a photoshoot, and event or go on a holiday, something that gives you extra accountability and focus.

You want to give yourself the experience of success. The feeling of drive and a deep towards pull. This is your life. Not a competition. Your goal needs to inspire you. Have I said that enough?

So ultimately you need to gauge how your goal date makes you feel. AND always remember that you have permission to refine and adjust your date as you get closer, when you start getting feedback from your body about what’s working for you and what’s not.


PS – This post is taken from my advice to my beautiful Goddess Body Quest round 1 team, and I’d like to thank them for inspiring it.

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  1. Thank you Kylie Ryan this is a much needed re-read this week – as my goals are crazy tight timeframes & then I set myself for failure and have more proof that I can't achieve the goal. So now it is about overall change 🙂 transformation of my mind and body – my goal needs to be present – but manageable – so this month was about returning to the gym and finding a PT – all done 🙂 returned to a RPM class last week – loved it and have a PT session tomorrow 🙂 it is all workable 🙂 it is about decreasing my body for vitality and health clothes to be bigger on me and toning my body 🙂 the Kgs will come off as I love life more 🙂 INCREASE my life to the upgrade I deserve and all thanks to you 🙂

    • YAY Selina! I just saw this comment now lady, sorry. You’re bang on, Big ultimate outcome goal. Small, tiny process goals day by day will get you there.. All thanks to you. You did the work, I just showed you the way. xxx


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