Shedding and Growing: Kylie’s Life Update

Shedding and Growing: Kylie’s Life Update

Have you been on a big  journey of change this year? Letting go of the old, and starting the new?

I have, big time. This personal life update has been a long time in the making, like 18 months or so. And it will be a little different to a usual post.

According to numerology this is a 1 year, and last year was a 9 year. Which means that 2016 was the year of completions of projects, relationships, identities from the past 9 years, and this year, 2017 we are planting the seeds of the next 9 years worth of projects and life cycles.

Like those gorgeous autumn leaves, we need to shed the old stuff, to go through winter, and make space for the new, fresh life to come through.

I looove this short video by Rabbi Dr. Abraham. There is so much wisdom in here and peace to be gained if you’re going through the uncomfortable stages of growth right now. Sometimes growth is a bit painful. Letting go of the old can feel scary, but is necessary to make space for the new.

How does a crab grow? It’s got an exo-skeleton, so how does it get bigger?

It has to get super uncomfortable and cramped in it’s old shell first. Unbearably uncomfortable… then it sheds its shell and goes into hiding while the new shell hardens around it. When I first saw this I breathed a sigh of relief, because some parts of this years growth have not been easy.

I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 18 months.

Shedding, releasing, staying under a rock and now hardening with my new, improved, bigger shell, ready to take me into my next phase of growth.

There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

One of my awesome NLP graduates Kat said to me while we were having a celebratory dinner one night recently. “I feel like there’s lots thats been happening behind the scenes. What have you been doing?”

Here’s a quick run-down on what’s been happening for me personally the last year.  I have had some intense personal processing to do myself. I was a little cramped up crab, and have been sort-of in hiding while I’ve been shedding my shell and growing.

To have integrity in this work, I must lead by example.

In order to lead you through transformational change as a teacher and coach, I must do the work myself. If I am to facillitate your healing of childhood, ancestral and soul karma limitations, and step into your Greatness, I must heal myself, and every new level of growth I achieve, comes after an intense up-levelling of identity.

This past year and a half I have invested in 4 different coaches and healers to help me clear and heal my own next layers, so I can be a clear channel to support you through your growth.

You might wonder why I choose to see other coaches,  when I teach people how to coach?

And the simple answer is I absolutely believe in coaching to help you grow exponentially.

I believe in it for you, and I believe in it for me.

I know that everybody has blind spots. I had been outgrowing my shell, and it was time to up-level big time. That meant I had to get vulnerable, allow myself to be nurtured as a client and shed my old identities in order to create a new one.

Four amazing experiences have occurred as a result of this inner work.

1. I have created renewed joy and love in my marriage and had a second honeymoon holiday.

The 5 year long exhaustion of having two young children and the massive shape-shifting body changes of pregnancy, natural birthing and breastfeeding had taken a toll on me. Late last year my husband and I were just going through the motions of daily life, happily playing with kids, and doing family stuff, but without much quality time for each other, both pretty tired.

I realised that I had diverted a large amount of my creative drive into my children and business, and my poor husband wasn’t getting much of my attention. I read an awesome book “Stealing Fire” and among many “aha” moments one was the idea of Spiritual sex. So that’s what we’ve been doing; conscious, intentional and energetic connection.  It’s awesome, and I highly recommend it. I’m pretty devoted to my spiritual growth and will do whatever it takes to grow in this area. When I linked up my spiritual growth with my sex drive in my mind, viola! Magic happened.  Hooray! Your second chakra is directly linked to your libido, and your creative power, when one gets a boost, so does the other. So as a result of this intentional change we have totally up-levelled the awesomeness in my marriage.

We even had an amazing second honeymoon getaway and friends wedding in New Zealand in May. Yay!  We had 10 whole days of hanging out adult-time, first a few days at a friends wedding on Wahieke Island, and then on a road trip through South Island. It was amazing. Our beautiful children were spending some time with their awesome grandparents and we had some magical time together to talk, sleep in, and re-connect with each other the way that we did before we had children. Just what we needed.

We got to spend some amazing time with our dear friends at a Wedding. And we were enlisted to sing the gorgeous bride down the aisle, so we had began practicing music again, which was how we met and fell in love. So special!

Our campervan road trip was amazing. We ran to the top of a smallish mountain at Lindis Pass on a whim, and our lungs nearly exploded at the top. There was loads of time for spontaneity and fun.

Our word of the trip, was “wow” the scenery just blew us away everywhere we went, this was a really fun bike ride we enjoyed together. You might remember some of the facebook videos I posted while I was away.  Here’s one on the difference between critique and criticism. 


2. New Business Partnership Sisterhood

I have aligned in a partnership with my long time business bestie Bianca Aiono, and together we are growing My Mind Coach from a one woman band; “Kylie-Show”, into a Coaching and Training Company that can stand side by side with international leaders in the space. I realised that in order to fulfil the vision of what I’d love to offer you, while being a mum of two little kids, I just can’t possibly do it all by myself working part-time. All it takes is one bout of gastro or flu going around the family to throw out my plans by up to a month. Even with an amazing team working with me, my vision alone was not big enough to do honour to what is possible. In the past 6 months working with Bianca, we have been fixing lots of back-end systems and re-imagining an even bigger vision, while bringing a lot more structure to how we operate, so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel every day. Phew! It’s amazing having her as a business partner. We have been able to mirror back and celebrate each other’s strengths and fill the gaps in our weaknesses too.

3. New Spiritual gifts & Woo-Woo Abilities

I have dramatically deepened my Spiritual Awareness, completely upgraded my chakra system and opened even more up super cool extra-sensory abilities that had been shut down since my early teenage years.  I have found two amazing Spiritual Mentors who I trust implicitly, who are both the embodiment of integrity and grace who are teaching and guiding me to bring out more of these abilities in my work and teaching. The changes I am blessed to facilitate are really magical since some “internal upgrades”, and I’m so excited to share this magic with you.  Soon I’ll even be able to share my mentors with you in some events and trainings coming up in 2018! So beyond excited!


4. Soul-Sister Support Circles

I have created around me some amazing circles of sisterhood that have been there to witness my growth, help me dry tears, and cheer me on when I have had massive wins and breakthroughs. I have 3 amazing sisterhood circles (some people might call them just friends, but’s way more precious and intentional than that) who are grouped around similar missions and interests, and we share insights, lessons, and wisdom as we grow and learn through the day to day challenges of running businesses and doing life. What I’ve realised is that these circles are a huge part of my sanity and success, and Bianca and I are going to create one that is just as awesome for you! The awesome thing about the a soul sister circle is that the people inside it get you in a way your regular friends and family don’t, because the circles are around a specific topic or intention, everyone in it is working towards the same outcomes, so you really understand each other.

Here’s a pic from a recent full moon beach ceremony at our Ambodhi Retreat.


I totally believe that these awesome experiences are a direct result of the deep healing work I have done on mind, body and spirit.

I wonder if you’ve been feeling like you have been shedding old things and starting fresh?

(tell me in the comments below!)

A lot of people I talk to seem to have been going through some big life changes recently. And it’s not surprising, in my 1111 Activation Course, I talk about how the Earth is going through a BIG system upgrade herself, and all humans are coming along for the ride. In many ways it seems like the world  gone completely crazy. Eckhart Tolle says that the Earth is in the birthing pains of creating a whole new world. I truly believe that is so. Even in spite of many horrors and tragedies that are shown on the news, there is incredible uprising and unification happening in spite of and because of these challenges. Even in pain there is joy and support.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

In Australia we are largely shielded from many of the happenings on the other side of the world, but we can still make a difference.

We can support in the usual way, by sending money and prayers, but have you considered healing the world by healing within…

If you feel compelled to help, assist and make a difference to heal the suffering on the other side of the world, absolutely do something about it, take action. And heal the suffering inside yourself so you can step into your own Greatness and really shine your light in a big way.

It’s often much easier to help and fix things “out there” and feel like you’ve got it all together.

But the truth is, we all have shadows that can be healed, and goals and visions that are yearning to be birthed into the world.

In order for that to really happen, we must look within and allow our identity to grow to the capacity that can hold those new realities in place.

What does that mean?

If you want to start a business, but you’re thinking about your business with the mindset and identity of an employee, you’re going to struggle.

If you want to be fit and healthy, but you’re coming at your fitness program with a diet mindset, you’re going to find you can’t sustain the journey and won’t get the results.

If you want to have more intimacy with your partner, but you are so committed to the identity of your Career, or Mother, Sister, Daughter, or Friend that you never let go and give yourself permission to feel the abandon, vulnerability and passion of Lover, then you’re going to find yourself all dried up with no body to play with…

Healing the world begins with healing within.

The violence that is happening in the world at the moment is a reflection of thousands of years of human thoughts. Thoughts of violence, greed, justification. Thoughts of judgement. Thoughts of separation. It all begins with the original thought. I am me, and you are you. We are different. We are separate from each other. We are separate from the Source of all life (what some might call God or the Universe, or Energy; though this goes beyond religious doctrine).

This is the original distortion from which all the others flowed. We are not connected.

So we can heal all the other distortions by healing the original one.

When we remember we are connected, to each other, and to the Earth, we start to do things differently.

We start to treat each other differently. We start to look for ways we can help our fellow brother or sister, regardless of their skin colour, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other way we have labelled our differences.

We start to find the beauty in ourselves and others, and judgement becomes replaced with compassion.

I have been witnessing this first-hand in the first program Bianca & I have been running together, the Back on Track in 30 days program. It is simply breathtaking how these ladies are shifting when we bring in healing of the Divine Feminine, and a container for sisterhood, a place for women to come together and share and learn from each other.


“My results have exceeded my expectations. 4 weeks ago it felt almost impossible. Now… I am being kind to myself, being proud of my achievements no matter how small. I am moving more and being more active; and on the days I don’t I am not beating myself up about it. I feel lighter with more energy and my skin feels softer and my nails are growing. I can look in the mirror and see my beauty rather than my flaws.
My success has come from believing in myself, knowing I am worthy of self love. Now I feel like I have some skills and knowledge to continue on this path forever.
If someone was interested I would say DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR!  You’re worth it!!!
I love the idea of a sisterhood…to be a part of it excites me!! Thank you for all your lovely words of support – Brook

I signed up for BOT30 because I had tried and “failed” with so many other weight loss schemes. I was skeptical but figured what have I got to lose? 
I’m such a different person now.
I’m healthier, happier, a dress size smaller in a month without even trying and overall now have this clarity and awareness that has enabled me to take control of my life. I’m excited to wake up each day and see what adventures it has in store for me! 

Before BOT30 I didn’t realize how dark and empty I felt within. Carrying all this negative energy which was acting like a road block in my life and weight loss journey. 
This path of healing and self discovery has opened so many doors revealing to myself who I truly am, not to who I falsely believed I was. The knowledge and wisdom these beautiful women (aka life coaches) share with you is truly life changing / life saving. 
The support of the sisterhood within the group is absolutely uplifting and empowering.
This will seriously be the best investment you will ever make in your life for literally just the price of a coffee a day. I will definitely be jumping on for the ride again in the future!!
I just want to say thank you Kylie, Bianca and Sascha.  You gorgeous beings are an absolute God send. You will never know just how much you have helped me. 
Even I had no idea how deep in despair I was!! I will always be truly grateful  – Robyn

These amazing ladies joined us for the Back on Track in 30 Days program, which we will run live a couple of times per year. Seeing these ladies massive mindset shifts in this mini-program is why I’m SO excited to share with you our next live event. The level of change we can facillitate now is simply breathtaking, and we want to do it live, in person, meeting and hanging out together.

We’re going to be holding our first Weightless Woman Summit on  11-12 of November. My intuition has been telling me over and over I must hold an event and run a healing on 11/11. And so it is!

I know it’s just over a months notice, I wanted to send this out a few weeks ago, then we all got the flu in my house, and I didn’t get to tell you till now! Eek.  Better late than never! 😉

This event will be a chance for you to meet new friends. Unplug and hug ladies that you’ve met online, and get to know each other with some deep healing and visioning work with me, some inspirational case study interviews, and some fun and movement too. Would you like to come? I hope so! The details of the event will be released shortly, but put it in your diary, Sydney 11-12 of November. If you can’t come to this one, there will be another one in mid-Feb next year in Twin Waters in QLD too. Hooray!  We’re creating a regular annual schedule so you can know when to expect our events coming up in the future.


Wow that was a long post, maybe a bit TMI for some, but I felt it was necessary to share what’s been happening for me personally, because so much of it impacts what I’m able to deliver for you. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to and what growth you’ve gone through this last 18 months, because I’m betting you’ve had some big leaps forward too. Tell me in the comments below…


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