Change your body and life by mastering your mindset and thinking.

We have a range of options to help you break through your mindset barriers with myself and my coaching team. My online programs all include coaching and hypnosis to create lasting change to your behaviour without willpower or deprivation. If you want 1:1 coaching check out the VIP packages below.

Kickstart Motivation.

Just $97! Powerful 30 day kick-starter course.

Kickstart-PackNeed more motivation? Just want to stick to a diet? You need Kickstart Motivation. This is the first step to changing your mindset and creating slimness. Break your diet-thinking and learn how to love your body to slimness with this easy 4 week audio coaching course. Simple, and dramatically effective. Kylie teaches you the core lessons you must know to stop dieting and learn how to lose weight from the inside out. This instantly downloadable audio course includes 4 audio coaching sessions with corresponding workbooks, and 4 transformational hypnosis sessions to change your mindset from within. Plus 2 bonus emotional release sessions directly from the advanced Goddess Body Quest course to help you shift your emotions, and create more peace and wellbeing.

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Emotional Eating Mastery

Learn how to stop eating to soothe and comfort yourself!

If you food is the best solution for your when you experience emotional stress, then you will always struggle with your weight and with eating. In this course, I teach you in short, powerful video coaching lessons each day over 30days a new insight that will help you to reprogram your thinking about food, emotions and your body so that you can finally master your eating and your emotions. This course includes 10 powerful bonus hypnosis sessions designed to transform your thinking and rewire your habits. This course is delivered via a private facebook group, so it is easily accessible from any device. 3 Month support program with 1:1 coaching sessions and online support.

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Habit Mastery

Overcome perfectionism and master your changes.

Join the anti-diet revolution and discover how to change your habits with scientifically proven methods. Use this course to break perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking, that leaves you tired, frustrated and exhausted from trying to change. The problem is you are trying to change too much, too quickly. In the Habit Mastery course you learn how to leverage your change and build self-belief by mastering one habit at a time.

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Consciousness Activation Class

Advanced Spiritual and Energetic healing class.

The Weightless Woman Consciousness Activation class is for the curious seeker of the unseen realms. For those who are deeply interested in the activation of their potential and in clearing karma, and energetic blocks and attachments that are holding them back from living their best self. This class includes 9 powerful recorded lessons and energy healing protocols to help teach you about the true history of humanity, and clear the blocks to the embodiment of your higher self. Clearing money blocks, relationship issues, co-dependancy, drama, and discovering who you really are. This course creates massive life changes, and unleashes your Divine energy.

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Goddess Body Quest Private Coaching

Complete Mind & Body Transformation program.

When you want to create a lasting life change, heal that past baggage and unleash your best self, the Goddess Body Quest is for you. This program includes 8 life-changing modules of coaching and NLP to learn how to uncover and release your self-sabotaging thoughts and reprogram your mind and body for success. The GBQ program includes over 40 video lessons, journalling playbooks, and 20 audio hypnosis sessions to reprogram your mind, relax and build new healthy habits easily and effortlessly.

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Mindset Mastery Mentoring

1 year NLP Practitioner Certification

Advanced personal & professional development

Imagine being given a manual for the human brain. For YOUR brain. Imagine learning the tools to understand human behaviour and create change in ways that seem like magic, but in fact, have a secret structure and abide by simple rules. NLP gives you this manual. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is results-driven communication skills for change, leadership, sales, and transformation. Kylie’s NLP Practitioner Certification program is like none other available anywhere in the world. 6 months of support, training and mentoring means that half way through the course you are beginning to see clients and create a return on your investment in the training. One of our students created a 300% ROI in the month after graduating!  You could even recoup your entire investment before the course is complete. This program is a spiritual transformation. You will learn how to hold hands with your clients and walk them through the darkness and into the light. To help them see the greatness within themselves, you must also see the greatness within you. This program has very personal interaction with Kylie and is available by application only.

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