Show up day after day and focus.

Show up day after day and focus.


I’ve been building to this realization for a while. Intellectually I know it, and in many areas of my life it’s nailed. But it hadn’t sunk in with my writing yet. And so my weekly posts have become somewhat weekly-ish. My apologies.

Today I commit to a writing schedule. I will publish for you twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. My latest blog crush is with James Clear who writes on productivity hacks and habits and is an excellent, consistent publisher. Seth Godin is another excellent publisher, a blog post a day for years and years now.

James said that he recently learned this ‘Amateurs wait for inspiration. Professionals show up and do the work regardless.’ Then a few days later I overheard an interview with Damon Albarn of Blur, Gorrillaz and solo album fame. He’s a prolific songwriter. I heard him say, I show up like its a job. 9-5 I write. Ok, ok I’m listening universe. Show up. Write.

It’s easy to get distracted as an self-employed entrepreneur. There’s always some kind of shiny thing desperately calling for your attention.

And it’s that way in life too isn’t it? Regardless of what you do, and who you are. There are always many more things calling for our attention than we could possibly attend to. And so focus is key.


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One of my recent NLP coach mentee students said she admired my focus. I can definitely focus when I need and want to. And I realized that my ability to focus is directly proportional to my ability to ignore.

That’s right ignore.

I need to ignore everything else, in order to focus on one thing at a time. Ignore the washing folded on the table that needs putting away. Ignore the emails from people asking me things. Ignore the vacuuming that needs to be done. Sometimes I even ignore my bladder to finish something off when I’m in the flow of productivity.

To show up and commit despite other things that ‘need’ me.

The only things that can supersede my ignoring ability are if my kids are in trouble or hurt. Everything else is ignorable.

And so I commit to showing up and publishing twice a week, regardless of what’s happening in my life, because I’m dedicated to sharing the wisdom I acquire to help you live more empowered life, and because I’m dedicated to building a significant body of work, building my business, and building wealth and freedom for my family.

The key is that this task is in the important but not urgent category. It doesn’t clamour for your attention. It sits patiently on the side saying ‘hey! I’m here to help you when you’re ready to invest in yourself.’ It’s the little reminder in your mind. The shoulds that you might sometimes think about…

What would you like to commit to that is important but not urgent that will move your life forward?

Tell me in the comments below. If you’d like help implementing your focus you might like my Habit Mastery course.

You know mine. I’ll be publishing.

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