Simple energy hacks for hectic times with Jason Everett

Simple energy hacks for hectic times with Jason Everett



Jason: What’s going on everybody? Dude, if you have ever thought I have a lot of energy, I just want to tell you, I found my other side of the planet counterpart on the other side of the gender spectrum, who has some wicked awesome energy. By the way, her name is Kylie. She’s hanging out with me, Kylie Ryan. I told her today, “I literally booked you on the show just because you have so much energy.”

What I love is that we’ve known each other for a while, but we didn’t know each other super well until we got to know each other a little more today. And I want you guys to hear this.

Kylie is an expert in not only energy but helping understand what are the things that get in your way personally and how do you trip yourself up. And so, on today’s interview, what we’re going to be about talking for you is how do you actually get more energy when you have more things to do. Because life, Kylie, is super hectic right now, people are freaking out on all kinds of stuff, and they’re trying to figure out how to make their life easier even though everybody’s working like 1000 hours to make sure it works.

I’m excited. If you’re excited about talking about the topic, do me a favor, say “energy excited” or “energetically excited” in the comments. And, Kylie, welcome to the call.

By the way, if you get turned off by energy that’s a little out of control, you probably won’t like Kylie and I today, so feel free flip off the video. But if you need a little bit energy, say “I need it” in the comments section because it’s about to get fun up in here, is all I’m saying.

So Kylie, first of all, just so people know a little bit about your background, talk to me a little bit about who you work with, how you do it, and just let people know what your body of work is if you will, and where you are because I don’t know what city you’re in either.

Kylie: I’m in Sydney, Australia. I am a mindset coach and coach trainer. I work with spiritual coaches and intuitives to help them get more groundedness in their mindset skills, their coaching skills, and their business basics to get off the ground. And I also help super high-performing business coaches to align and integrate so that their inner world is fully congruent with their outer success.

Jason: Huge, huge distinction, right? Making sure their inner world is congruent with their outer world. And before you get all – not you but people that are watching – get all woowoo and be like, “I don’t know about this whole mindset stuff, I’m not really sure.”

What I love about what Kylie and I are just talking about here is I want you to know that I think if there’s some people that have a mindset right now that is a champion level mindset, you’re like, “Why are some people not freaking out right now?” And it’s people who are kind of under the radar, like me, who’ve been doing things that are like, “Oh, by the way, I do meditation. By the way, I do breathwork. And oh, by the way, I have a mindset coach.”

Kylie’s one of those people who works on high-performing achiever’s mindset. And so, if you’re willing to work on a little mindset right now, do me a favor, type in the word “mindset” because Kylie’s about to unpack a mindset can of whoopass. Is that okay if I can say it that way, a mindset whoopass? I think that’d be a good day.

What are some things right now in your mind? People have said like, “Oh, well, I have all this time.” But nobody really has more time. Now I’m homeschooling my kids. I’m the maid, I’m the chef, I’m the homeschool official, I’m all these things.

Talk to me for a second about what kind of things can we do and why are we getting so overwhelmed and everybody’s in this panic mode or stress mode right now. Why are we taking on more work than ever before?

Kylie: I think we’re kind of being thrown into this cocoon. We’re being thrown into our own homes and being cocooned in our homes. I love the idea of shifting from quarantine from cocoon.

Jason: I said we need a better word than quarantine this morning. I was like, “I’m sick and tired of saying quarantine, we need a better word.” I like cocoon. I’ll take that.

Kylie: Yeah, man. We’re in our cocoons of transformation.

Jason: I like it!

Kylie: We’re in our cocoons of transformation. There’s this situation that’s happening globally. This type of thing has happened before, but it’s the first time we’ve ever been able to talk to everybody and know what’s going on everywhere.

Jason: And be able to communicate it and basically the whole globe to be relatively experiencing this at the same time. So, you in Sydney, and in China, and in Africa, and all of these other places, they’re all experiencing it simultaneously, which just never have really happened before.

Kylie: It’s wild. And mentally we’re also experiencing it everywhere. In the past when there was a pandemic but there was no internet, you would just have the pandemic and you would be aware of it in your village. But now we’re aware of it happening globally. It’s like we’ve got to contain the world inside our head.

Jason: So you’re carrying the whole world on what’s going because now you’re thinking about other countries. You and I have known each other for a while, I work with a lot of people internationally, but most people’s world is like their own little town, city, village, maybe the state that they’re in. But now all of a sudden they’re being thrusted in this world where they’re evaluating the planet and this global problem, and the problem might be in their backyard as well as these other places.

Kylie: And it’s invisible. There’s a lot of quite interesting factors that are happening. We’re being thrust into this situation where we’re needing to think on a global scale or being aware of what’s happening on a global scale. There’s this weird sense of dissonance between the natural world, like you go outside and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the pollution is down, and it’s all normal.

So on the outside it’s like we’re all cool, and inside our minds there is this impending invisible danger that’s coming, there’s this kind of sense of urgency, and also then you’re cocooned inside of your own home. And so, all of the practical things like homeschooling and making your meals and cleaning your house and keeping your business going or dealing with the job loss or whatever, all of that is kind of [blabbers] all at the same time.

Jason: Yeah. I was just talking with a friend of mine from Hawaii today and he was like, “The beaches have never been this empty in Waikiki since before island times when nobody came to visit as tourists,” because they’re literally enforcing a lockdown in your houses in Hawaii.

I really love what you said here about this comparison between the Earth is the happiest it’s ever been but mentally, internally, people are really kind of freaking out. And that’s kind of why there’s this big disconnect. So what are some things we can do? Because again, I feel like I’m being tasked in a good way with a thousand times the workload, because I’m doing these interviews and helping people and doing all these things.

What can people do that feel like they are taking on that weight of the world instead of just their local town now? What are some hacks people can do to drive their energy? I’ve been hearing some of these, but what are the hacks that you would advise? If you were sitting on the phone and you were talking to the highest power, CEO, coach, whatever you would be working with right now, what would you ask them, what you check with them on, what would you immediately go into damage control with them on?

Kylie: I work with people’s power centers.

Jason: Okay, tell me about that.

Kylie: Power centers is kind of like a normal person world for chakras or evolutionary levels of consciousness. There’s lots of different kinds of places that you can go with that. But if you just kind of think about different levels and you’ve got seven levels of power and so each level of power has a different thing that it looks after, it’s like a different department in your body. There’s Level 1 which is survival, Level 2 which is like tribe, Level 3 which is your will, Level 4 is organization and love and structure, Level 5 which is expansion and self-expression, Level 6 which is mind, and Level 7 which is kind of like spiritual expression.

Jason: So all the way down from survival to spiritual. We’re talking about this whole chain of elevating that energetic level of thought.

Kylie: Absolutely. And integrating them so that they are working in cohesion. Because if you’re just overactive in one and underactive in another then you’ll find that some areas of your life get out of balance, and it shows up in your external world.

Jason: Got it. So, if one of those things is out of balance, it shows up in your external world in the form of what? Overeating, getting stressed? How does it show up?

Kylie: It could show up in multiple ways. It could show up as Level 6 problems like anxiety, depression, worry, stress, not being able to sleep, overactive mind, thinking about all the things, doing a thousand “what” if calculations like what if this happens, what if that happens, and trying to chess play your way through life, which is very difficult right now because all of the variables are changing minute by minute.

That might then lead to you kind of going, “Oh, I can’t deal with this and I need to numb out,” so you might have some glasses of wine or overeat.

Jason: I heard somebody call it today the quarantine 15. I thought that was pretty funny, the quarantine 15, like the freshman 15.

Kylie: The quarantini.

Jason: The quarantini, exactly. Um-hum.

Kylie: Yeah, absolutely. So one of the things that I do with my high-level clients is I immediately check in on where they’re at on each of those levels to find which bit is out of whack, and then we know almost with laser precision where to go and where’s going to give the best amount of leverage to help them be in themselves and be solid, and calm, and certain, and in their kind of sense of peace and power, so that they can then go and do the most impactful actions and leveraged actions in the world.

Jason: Got it. How do you get to that?

Kylie: Let’s start with a sigh. How do you get that? Well, you can just notice where your energy is at right now. Wherever you are listening in, it’s like just taking a moment to self-check. Stopping, taking a deep breath, and grounding in. This is a bit of a woowoo term but it really works.

Just kind of imagining dropping anchor deeply into the earth, and then you’re like, “Oh, okay, I’m connected to the earth.” And when you have that anchor in place, that kind of gives you a sense of stability.

A lot of people are saying in uncertain times, in hectic times, in crazy times, in fearful times, we feel ungrounded and like we’ve lost our centre. All of the things that we used to use as our centre like our routines, or favorite things that we used to do, or favorite cafes that we would go to, or favorite people that we would talk to, all of that has been like, poof, taken. It’s like the rug has been taken out from under us.

Jason: Take that extra minute, right? I mean, again, for me, doing the breathwork and stuff like that like we’re mentioning, it’s so easy to just say, “I’ve got too many things to do, I don’t have time to literally just do that one simple thing like you said, to take that exhale.”

Kylie: It doesn’t take long, it’s one breath. And here’s the reframe on that. Everything that you do, every action that you take from a state of stress and craziness, is going to be infiltrated with that frequency of being unstable. And so, any action that you take is going to have that frequency inside it.

Jason: Like frantic or frenetic.

Kylie: Yeah. If you think of it like a machine that’s got a screw loose and it’s just like [whirring] and eventually…

Jason: Wait, are you saying that I’m a machine with a screw loose? Is that what you were insinuating? Because I feel like, “Imagine you were a machine…” I’m just kidding.

Kylie: I can be a little bit…

Jason: No, but I think there’s a lot of people. I mean, can you relate to that for a second, like that machine is vibrating because that screw is loose and it’s just not getting where it needs to go? I can relate to that. That’s a super powerful analogy.

Kylie: Yeah, I can totally relate to that too. You need to take a minute to just tighten your screws up. Take a minute, stop and give yourself just a moment of pause. We’ve got all these things coming at us from every side in terms of external stimulus – from the media, from requirements with our kids like, “Mom, mom, mom, make me a sandwich, I need a snack, let’s do our thing.” As well as emails and stuff that’s going on and Facebook – all of these different things that are kind of coming at us.

And if we don’t take a second to just create a gap between the external world and our internal space, then everything that we do will be reactive as long as you’re getting buffered here and there from all the different things, so we need to take a second to find our centre.

Jason: Hold on. You said some really good stuff there and it’s just kind of hitting for me in a good way. As you’re saying, outside the world it’s like, “Oh, look at how happy and amazing my life is,” but we are still spinning like these machines with a screw loose. And this idea that our heads are going that strong, you’re saying you take a second to actually connect to that same universal moment that things are better there, but we’re further disconnected from it.

Kylie: Yeah, absolutely. In the natural world things are actually becoming more peaceful.

Jason: It’s so interesting, right? Inside your mind things are chaotic and outside things are actually more at peace than they’ve ever been, which is interesting.

So, step one is we can take that seconds and enjoy the moment and do it. Everybody is always after what the tangible pieces are. What are the things that people can do to go, “Okay, if I’m buying this idea that I’m going to be grounded because I’m stressed out, I’m going to give myself three and a half seconds to ground myself.” What are some hot tips on grounding to kep energy right?

Kylie: Okay, so hot tips on grounding. I know it’s going to sound woowoo for people who are new to this work, but we’re just going to do it because you guys need these tips.

So, barefoot on the ground. If you can go outside and actually just put your bare feet on the ground and turn your face up to the sun and take a few deep breaths, there’s so much benefit in that and just allowing yourself to just be in nature for a second. Even if it’s just in your backyard, connecting to the sun and connecting to the earth simultaneously is super powerful, like way more powerful than your mind will tell you that it is.

Jason: Right. It seems like that’s not that big of a deal. I’ll tell you, I’m barefoot right now, I’ve been outside multiple times today to do that exact same moment. And I think this is kind of the secret stuff that when you’re talking to people they don’t tell you because they think you’re going to look at them a little funny.

Kylie: Or it’s too simple or something.

Jason: Yeah, it’s like it’s too basic. I think just that idea of being able to be barefoot and go outside, put your feet in the dirt… By the way, none of the cement, none of the concrete, none of the asphalt. Put your feet in the dirt, grass, something like that that’s actual organic material, not something created, and go and do that.

And, again, it sounds silly to just say, “Look up and let the sun hit your face.” But if you think about those moments when you’re on the beach or when you are in a spot where you are just enjoying the sun and you’re barefoot and whatever, how happy are you in the moment?

I think sometimes we forget that even when we’re in the stress and strain of our video conferences everyday and all of these things we’ve gotta get done, we’re trying to save the planet literally, or what our perception of the planet is because the planet’s happy, but our worldview is that same powers available from barefoot outside in the dirt. Like, how easy is that?

And I just want to say, try it. If you don’t believe it, try it and see just how it feels for you. If it sucks then don’t ever do it again, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to suck.

Kylie: It’s going to feel good. And your mind might be telling you these stories like, “Oh, this is stupid” or “Oh, whatever.”

Jason: They are. They are going to tell you it’s stupid. They’re gonna say, “Kylie and Jason are bonkers. They are the ones who have screw loose.”

You mentioned this thing. Between their inner world and outer world, people are always trying to find that balance and all those things. What’s your thought on that piece?

Kylie: There’s this really interesting strategy for when crisis happens and things seem to be going crazy. There’s this 3-step strategy around minimizing the crazy crisis inside our heads. Obviously it’s happening on a global sale, but this could happen anywhere in your life at any point in time. The way that we take a problem and we make it really fucking crazy is by making it personal, pervasive, and permanent.

Jason: Somebody type that on the chat for me so I don’t forget it.

Kylie: Personal, pervasive, and permanent. This is what’s called an awfulisation strategy. It’s like how to make a mountain out of a molehill. In order to unwind this, we need to know the structure of how we do it. We make it personal by going, “Oh my god, this thing is happening…”

Jason: And it’s going to happen to me. It’s in my neighborhood, it’s in my yard. We’re all going to die.

Kylie: “We’re all going to die. What if my family dies? What if I can’t pay the mortgage? What if I can’t support my kids? Oh my god!”

And not just that, not just “It’s going to happen to me,” but, “This is my fault. I should have prepared better. I should have planned better. I should have been a better husband. I should have done more in my business to have more savings. I shouldn’t have done this. I am responsible for this.” And so you kind of start beating yourself up about it.

Just take a deep breath. When that happens, just take a deep breath. By doing the long exhale we’re activating our parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us to just let go. There’s some science behind the sigh.

In order to unwind the personal piece, you go, “You know what, this is not just about me, this is not just happening to me, and this is not my fault. This situation is happening collectively. It’s not just about me. It’s not my fault. And there’s also an opportunity for me to move forward on this. There’s an opportunity for me to transform and learn new things from this.”

So it’s not about blaming the self but it is about going, “Okay, with compassion and love, how can we learn from this and how can we grow from this?”

That’s what the first one is, personal, unwinding the personal thing. “It’s not all about me. It’s not my fault.”

The second one is pervasive. The pervasive thing is happening all over because this issue actually is pervasive. It’s affecting business, it’s affecting the economy, it’s affecting the things. It seems like it’s everywhere, but it’s not everywhere. It’s only everywhere when you read all the news and you’re focusing on that thing.

What you focus on expands and there is a lot of information coming into us going, “Everything’s bad. People are dying.” And that’s not to say that they’re not, they totally are and that’s awful. We can feel sad and grief and all of those things about that. And that’s not the only thing that’s happening. It’s not the only thing.

There’s also birds singing, there’s also pollution is going down, there’s also the opportunity to have cuddles on the couch with your kids on a Wednesday at lunchtime. There is an opportunity for other good things to be happening and for you to be focussed on the other good things that are happening.

It requires some mental discipline to go, “It’s not all bad out there. There are also good things happening right now for me in my world. There’s also good things happening, so it’s not everything.”

Jason: So, number one is personal. “It’s not my fault. It’s happening to everyone.” But the pervasive is it’s not everywhere. It’s not everywhere, it’s not everyone, it’s not everything. There’s other things that are happening at the same time. I love that

Kylie: Yeah, it’s just this area. Even if it’s just the economy, right? It’s just industries in the economy, like some businesses are booming right now. It is just particular areas and particular places in the world that are experiencing this really hard, but there are other people and places and experiences internally and externally where there are actually good things happening.

Jason: What about this last one, this permanent piece? I don’t mean to rush you. I just want to make sure we got through these, because I think this permanent piece is where there’s a hard reality for people that are saying, “Well, but we don’t know the end,” so therefore it then feels permanent.

Kylie: Uh-huh.

Jason: There’s all these fake dates out there. There’s all these fake dates like, “Schools are going to be open on this date, so it’ll be fine.” But then it moves and then it becomes more and more permanent in most people’s minds. How do you handle that one?

Kylie: Our sense of permanence is like, “We have this problem now and it’s always going to be like this” or “It’s going to get worse.” It’s like “always” or “forever”. Using that kind of language like, “We’re never going to be able to go on a holiday again. We’re never going to be able to go out of our houses again. Oh my god, are we ever going to be able to catch a plane again?” All of these, right?

Jason: That’s the truth, by the way. Do #truth if you had some of those thoughts because I was like, “I’m going to get to travel again, right?” I’ve had that thought. I was like, “We were supposed to go on a family vacation to Europe and I’ve never been to Australia. There’s just so many things that need to happen, but that cannot happen.”

So, yeah, if you’ve done that, do me a favor and say “truth” in the chat. That’s where people are at.

Kylie: That’s where they are at now. What’s happening there is that they’re taking this current situation and extrapolating it out through time and imagining negative events happening out in the future, so they’re going, “Okay, they’re taking this problem and we’re going to expand this problem out through time and make it permanent.”

And what history tells us is that no problem is permanent. Even if some people die… obviously that’s sad. But even if bad things happen, it doesn’t happen forever. This too shall pass. It is going to be just for a period of time.

Even if it does change the face of how we relate to each other, even if it does change the face of the economy globally, or the way that we travel, or the way that things are done, things will come back to a new level of peace and cohesion and balance. There is the contraction and the expansion that is just the natural order of the universe. We will return to a sense of calm.

And the other way to kind of unwind this permanent is like going, “Okay, I’m imagining all these negative things happening out in the future. What if I went out to a time in the future where this is okay again? Maybe I am catching a plane and going on a holiday.”

Jason: Just allow yourself to see it, really.

Kylie: Just allow yourself to see it, allow yourself to imagine the time where this is over, and allow yourself to be in the present moment. So often our worries and concerns and thoughts and fears, they’re about the future. It’s a non-existent future.

Jason: Yeah, you’re thinking about something that doesn’t even exist yet and you’ve created a totally alternate reality that doesn’t exist. This is the Back to the Future moment of like you’re already living in a future that hasn’t happened. Right?

Kylie: That’s right. You’re stressing yourself out, and you’re giving yourself all of the cortisol and the stress and the crazy adrenaline.

Jason: Like it’s happened without it actually happening.

Kylie: As if that were real, and so you’re making that real in your body.

Jason: Yeah. So, guys, if you’re thinking with this and this has been really helpful for you, do me a favor and say “helpful” in the chat or just tell Kylie what has been the most helpful for you to get from her today. Again, I’m doing these videos as often as I can just to make sure you guys connect with different people, because here’s the truth: some of you guys are going to connect with Kylie, versus some of you might connect with me differently, versus some of you might connect with Rhonda Britten who we had on or all these other people.
Kylie, I just have to say thank you because I think just this whole area of personal and pervasive and permanent and giving us tools to handle it is so valuable. If this was the only thing you could tell people, if you could tap them in the shoulder and let them know one quick thing if they were stressed out that they could do, what would be one quick thing and then we’ll wrap this bad boy up?

Kylie: [Sighs] I’ve been doing it all the way through. Drop into your feet on the floor. Just connecting in to your feet on the floor. Wherever you are, you don’t need to be barefoot, just connect in to the feeling of your feet on the floor, your hand on your heart, and take a deep breath. And if you can feel your heartbeat and you can feel your feet on the floor, just know that you have everything you need to meet the next moment with grace. You have everything you need right now to meet the next moment with grace, and you just take it moment by moment.

Jason: I love that. Kylie’s got two kids. You said five and seven, right?

Kylie: Five and seven.

Jason: You’ve been doing that. you’re still running your business, you’re still doing Zoom calls from random people from the US, you’re still doing all the things that you’re doing, and you’re taking the time to be grounded and stay connected to do that.

Thank you so much for being on today. I’m super grateful. People who want to track your information down, obviously I’ll tag you in this, but what’s your insta, do you have a Youtube channel, what do you have that people can go check out and snoop some more Kylie if they love you?

Kylie: My Mind Coach is my thing, so, My Mind Coach on Facebook, @mymindcoach on Instagram. That’s me.

Jason: So, check out for Australia. If you didn’t know that was how that works, they do have a .au down there.

Kylie: I have the too.

Jason: Perfect! Shoot it out down there. Do me a favor, guys. If this video helped you, please share it with somebody or tag somebody in the comment section that you know needed to hear it. Thank you guys so much for just being a part of this.

If you want more videos like this because they’re helpful, do me a favor and say “more videos”. Because the more you guys comment, the more you interact, the more you share, the easier it is for me to put out more content like this.

Kylie, thank you so much for sharing your energy with us. I love that you went on a high energy, and then you had this super calm energy, and I love your ability to play inside that energy. It’s been awesome to play and hang with you for the last little bit. I hope you have an extraordinary rest of your week. Thank you so much for being on.

Kylie: You too.

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