Simplify, Clarify. Stop hustling, start flowing.

Simplify, Clarify. Stop hustling, start flowing.

Happy New Financial Year!

Midway through the yearly calendar and a fresh start on the business calendar is a wonderful time for reflection, refocussing and refreshing.

I am in the process of decluttering, cleaning, and refocussing in all areas of my life. It’s invigorating and exciting.

I’m asking myself these questions and would urge you to reflect deeply on them too.

  1. What do I want? What do I REALLY, really, really want?
  2. What is the purpose or ultimate outcome of getting this?
  3. What clutter can I eliminate from my life?
  4. What am I chasing after that is just keeping me busy?
  5. What am I currently pushing for that is really about seeking validation outside of myself?
  6. How can I eliminate these completely right now?
  7. How can I slow down and be more PRESENT to the power of this moment NOW?
  8. What is the ONE THING that I can do today that will make everything easier, or unnecessary?


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I have found that so often in business and life we chase after what we think we want, because we see others who have that and think, “Oh I want that too.” But seeing someone else’s external achievements and chasing that, can pull us off our own path, chasing shiny objects and neglecting our own wisdom and the action steps that would really make a potent impact.

So I encourage you to simplify and reflect on what actions are REALLY ALIGNED with your soul path… when you take aligned actions the potent impact flows, action feels effortless and results appear organically.

If you would like me to hold your hand this year and help you uncover your FLOW path to a happy, healthy body, and profitable, fun business – Email me here and tell me why you want my help.

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