Soldiering on vs. Surrender

Soldiering on vs. Surrender

So, I had a yucky cold for about 2 weeks…

From the last week of my lovely holiday, exacerbated by a night flight with a toddler on my lap, loads of work, and aforementioned toddler now jet lagged and not sleeping well when I returned. I was ignoring it, soldiering on sans Codral, (because that’s off limits when you’re preggers).  Nasal sprays, Panadol and whole-food vitamins were my only friends. 

For a while I kept my schedule the same with prior booked commitments and an impending sense of urgency on all the ‘essential’ tasks before due date.

That is until I couldn’t anymore.

My eyes were stinging and bloodshot, nose running, head pounding, and finally I listened to my body. I acknowledged that I was, in fact, sick and needed to go to bed. So I cancelled an afternoon, loaded up on vitamins, herbal remedies and garlic and sent myself off to bed.  


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Oh sweet surrender!

Since giving in to my cold and actually honouring my body with what it needed, I have been making a miraculous recovery. Who knew!?! 

It reminds me of the brilliant Carl Jung quote, what we resist persists. While resisting and ignoring my cold, I could not heal. Only when I accepted it, as inconvenient as it was, and surrendered to it, was I able to pass through the other side. 

It makes me wonder where else I am resisting?  

Where else I can simply surrender?  

And I wonder for you too.

Where could you choose to surrender the fight today and honour yourself? 

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